Yoga has been an integral part of our Indian culture. But it is quickly gaining popularity globally. Mudras are an essential part of Yogic practice that helps balance the five elements by enhancing smooth energy flow. Vajra Mudra imbibes a fiery thunderbolt quality in our body with its simple yet powerful hand gesture.

Vajra is the weapon of Lord Indra and has indestructible diamond-like qualities. You will be able to feel the surge of pranic energy and elimination of laziness with the practice of Vajra Mudra. This Mudra is also called Bodhiyangi Mudra because it helps transform ignorance into wisdom.

Let’s Know The Vajra Mudra Meaning :

Blood is a very important constituent in our human body. Most of the internal functions of our body is dependent on blood. How pure and how clear your blood is determines your health status. And in this road to achieve healthy blood vajra mudra plays a very pivotal role.

How to Do Vajra Mudra:

With these simple steps, you can follow to perform the Vajra Mudra efficiently:

  • Sit down in sukhasana, padmasana or vajrasana, making your body relax. You can also sit in a chair with wall support if you cannot sit in any of these yoga poses.
  • Bring both of your hands onto the kneecap or lap while closing your eyes.
  • Make sure your palms are facing upward.
  • Now bend your little finger, ring finger and middle finger and touch the tip of the thumb with these fingertips.
  • Here the little finger applies minor pressure, and the ring and middle finger apply primary pressure to the thumb tip.
  • Point your index finger outward while extending it.
  • Now bring the awareness to the mouth while you hold the hands in this finger arrangement.
  • Now press the tip of your tongue against the palate while rolling your tongue back and up.
  • The Vajra mudra is a combination of both finger and tongue postures.
  • Remain in this position for about three minutes while breathing gently.
  • Now gently unfold the fingers one by one while releasing the tongue lock slowly.

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Tips to Perform Vajra Mudra:

Here are some of the tips you must keep in mind while performing Vajra Mudra to get efficient results at the comfort of your home:

  • It is essential to keep your body relaxed when performing any mudra.
  • Make sure you don’t practice Vajra Mudra for an extended period because it might cause dizziness.
  • Limit the Vajra mudra session to about two to three minutes – three times a day for people with high blood pressure.

How long do you hold Vajra Mudra?

Start with five minutes of holding Vajra Mudra if you are a beginner. After that, you can further stretch the practice of Vajra Mudra for up to 45 minutes per day with regular practice. For effective results, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and juices.

Best time to practice Vajra Mudra?

The advantage of performing Vajra Mudra is that you can do it anywhere and any time of the day. But the time between four to six AM is the perfect time to perform Vajra Mudra to get effective results. Any mudra, for that matter, doesn’t give instant effect because you need to practice it regularly.

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Benefits of Vajra Mudra:

We have listed out all the benefits associated with practising Vajra Mudra regularly:

  • Vajra Mudra stimulates the body’s circulatory system since its governing force is the air. Therefore, people with low blood pressure can benefit from practising this Mudra.
  • If you are sitting long hours in a desk job, Vajra Mudra helps remove your body’s stiffness and tiredness.
  • It also helps speed up the toxic elimination process in the body with the detoxification gesture.
  • Vajra Mudra also helps purify the Nadis by detoxifying your lungs with deep breathing through the nostrils.
  • Vajra Mudra also helps strengthen the pancreas, spleen and stomach by supporting the earth element in your body.
  • This Mudra also helps jump-start things with enthusiasm when you feel sleepy or lose interest in things.
  • Vajra Mudra increases your heart’s intake capacity, regulating blood circulation and relieving heart functioning.
  • You will cut down the stimulants like coffee, tea and tobacco by practising Vajra Mudra.

Without further ado, imbibe the quality of thunderbolt force with regular practice of Vajra Mudra, which is a simple yet powerful hasta mudra. This hand gesture helps purify the nadis by encouraging the flow of pranic energy while getting rid of laziness. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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Disclaimer: The content presented in this article is based on research and not a replacement for professional advice. Please consult a certified healthcare professional if you are unsure.


1. Are there any side effects of performing Vajra Mudra?

Ans: There are no significant side effects for any mudras. But make sure you don’t apply too much pressure to the fingers because stress might make your mind unstable and restless.

2. Can anyone perform Vajra Mudra?

Ans: Yes! There is no age restriction to perform Vajra mudra. But if you are uncomfortable while performing this Mudra, stop doing it immediately.

3. How does Vajra Mudra affect the nadis in our body?

Ans: You will be able to clear the blockages in Vajra Nadi that detoxify the subtle energy channels, which help you tackle urogenital disorders with consistent practice. In addition, this Mudra helps with the kundalini awakening by creating an obstacle-free path for life force flow through the chakras.


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