Valance curtains are a kind of pelmet which covers only top of window. It does not include the whole curtain. This valance can be hanged together with curtain. While sometimes few people hung valance alone. This forms part of decoration. It let you adorn your window and it is like extra embellishment. This added valance will look very stunning.

Modern & Good Looking Valance Curtains For House:

Presenting top 9 valance curtains which can catch the attention of viewers.

1. Elegant Valance Curtains For Living Room:

It is elegant valance curtain for living room with rolled over style. On both end of rod, one curtain is hanging. And on curtain rod this curtain is draped beautifully. The draped curtain is garnished with frill border which is the highlight of this curtain. Try this curtain as per your interior of living or bedroom.

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2. Floral Valance Curtain:

It is charming kitchen valance curtain in silk fabric. The pure white curtain consists of floral print. The inner fabric is of plain red colour which is giving support to outer curtain. The curtain is nicely arranged on curtain rod. Try this one near to your garden look window from living room.

3. Traditional Valance Curtain:

It is grey valance curtain having tough grey valance. Each window consists of two plain grey curtains hanging on both sides. Even the wall has same grey coloured design textures. Both windows are having swinging arm grey light curtains. Get this curtain to make professional look for your home or office.

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4. Checks Valance Curtain:

It is bedroom curtains with valance with pink simple valance having yellow pattern on it. The inner curtain is in check design with lucid fabric. The valance curtain is very finely decorated. The curtain gets complemented with big butterfly attached on rod. Kid’s bedroom will shine by these type curtains.

5. Decorative Window Valance Curtains:

This window valance curtain is made more attractive by creative box pattern on it. It is highly impressive curtain. The curtain is having compress stitch on pole. The curtain is kept in swinging arm and it will fall down when we want to cover window.

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6. Luxurious Long Valance Curtains:

This long valance curtain is so luxurious and having cosy white and red colour combination. The white curtain is hanged still and red curtain is draped over wrapped while creating layer pattern. Over red also again white curtain panelled down.

7. Lace Valance Curtain:

It is white valance curtain having lace fabric attached on it. This pure white curtain is shining bright. The end of curtain is ornamented with lace design of floral pattern. This floral lace on white curtain is appearing out to be pleasing.

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8. Lucid Valance Curtain:

It is sheer curtain with valance on two types of fabrics. The sheer curtain is transparent white inside. The outer curtain is containing awesome large print. The valance is given half-moon back cut and it also has big print design.

9. Contemporary Valance Curtain:

This curtain valance style is amazing. The blue valance curtain is having white colour criss-cross design. The window is having only valance curtain which will cover only top portion of window. This half open curtain will let you see through the window.

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As we saw, some valance curtains are plain and some are having prints. There can be number of different prints on valance. This extra curtain, known as valance, can also be used to conceal the top portion of main curtain. This will highlight your main curtain.


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