Vampire makeup can be a hit makeup look for your next costume or Halloween party. If you want some drama to be added to your upcoming costume or theme party and want to look different from others yet not so weird with all dripping eye makeup or zombie looks, then you can give this eye makeup a try.

We will show you the techniques that you can follow to create a cat-eye style vampire eyes like the picture above. Don’t think that this is just a scary eye makeup. You can actually try this makeup as a smokey eye look as well for your parties when you keep this look a bit softer.

Simple Steps To Get Vampire Eye Makeup:

Here’s a stepwise vampire eye makeup tutorial that tells you how to do vampire eye makeup. Let us see how you can get the vampire eye look.

  • Cleanse your face to get it rid of any oil, dirt or grime. This will help your makeup to last longer.
  • Pat your skin dry and apply a light moisturiser.
  • Now apply a face primer and an eyelid primer on to the eyes and also the area surrounding the eyes. Follow this with a concealer and foundation. If your concealer and foundation are a lighter shade than your skin tone, in other words almost closer to white, this makeup will look even ghostlier and better.
  • Next apply a face compact, for the base to become more powdery.
  • Now take your dark red eye shadow and apply this all over the upper eyelid. Do not apply this below the lower water line at this stage.
  • Let us move to the next stage. Take the brown eye shadow and a clean applicator brush and start applying from the crease and extending upwards but just till below the brow bone. Smudge this eye shadow on to the exterior side of the red eye shadow to blend the two well. Follow the picture and imagine as if you are creating a smokey eye look.
  • Next take your gel eye liner in black and an angled brush. Start drawing a broad and uniform line all throughout the upper eyelid and when you reach the exterior end twist the angled brush upwards. Fill in this winged pattern with colour to make it more prominent. Similarly extend the inner lining into another wing pattern.
  • Next take a black liner pencil or kohl and line the lower waterline. Extend this line to meet the inner corner wing at the nose area. You don’t need to make this meet the exterior wing.

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  • Take the red eye shadow once again and with a fine applicator brush or an angled brush, apply this below the lower waterline. Extend this till below the winged exterior formation.
  • Finish with some dark mascara or you can also use false eyelashes for a bolder look.
  • If you want then you can alter the two eye shadow colours. You can use brown in places where we have used red and similarly you can use red in places where we have used brown.
  • If you want a scarier look, then try some fake red lenses to go with this makeup.
  • For the choice of lipstick, you can either sport blood red lips with this makeup or you can also black lipstick. To make instant black lipstick, you can use your black eye liner. You can also buy drugstore black lipsticks which are quite popular these days and not as harmful as eye liners.
  • You can keep the lipstick in the middle of red and black by sporting a dark brown lipstick.

Take your vampire look to another level by introducing those vamp eye veins. Vampire Diaries is hands down one of the best TV shows of all time! Here’s the Vampire Diaries inspired vamp tutorial:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Red, purple and blue face paint
  • Q-tips
  • Small, fine-tipped paintbrush
  • Baby powder
  • Large paintbrush
  • Paper towels
  1. Dip your fine-tipped paintbrush into your blue face paint. Draw a fine, crooked line on to the area where the vein is going to be. Draw branches off of the first line in a lightning bolt pattern.
  2. Dip the brush into the face paint for more colour, as needed.
  3. Dip your brush into the purple paint. Trace over the blue lines drawn, using the purple paint. The line drawn in purple must be the same size or slightly smaller than the blue line.
  4. Dip your brush into the red paint. Blot the brush onto the paper towel, so that only a small amount of the red pigment remains on the brush.
  5. Trace over the blue/purple lines drawn earlier, using the red paint. The brush should only add a small hint of red.
  6. Blend the edges of the painted veins by smearing them slightly with a cotton swab. This helps the edges of the veins appear as if they were receding into your skin.
  7. Dip your large brush into the baby powder and tap any excess baby powder off. Pat the baby powder-covered brush onto your veins. This will dull down the bright colours of the veins creating the appearance of a thin layer of skin stretched over the veins. Tap as little or as much baby powder as you desire to complete your look.

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Your female vampire eye makeup is done and you can totally rock this look at your next party.


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