If you are a big fan of this “High School Musical” sensation then here is a guide to some of her best hairstyles which you can sport to get the classy looks which Vanessa has donned on over the time.

9 Popular Vanessa Hudgens Haircut Styles:

1. Pompadour:

Sheer volume at the top speaks lengths about this hairdo. Vanessa Hudgens pulls off the pompadour like very few can.

2. Medium Barrel Curls:

Look at those curls – they are the perfect barrel curls which when looked jointly looks like a perfect cylinder. This medium-length hairstyle can be donned on by women with thick hair like Hudgens.

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3. Side Swept Fringes:

This look has a kind of an EMO look to it doesn’t it? With all the wavy layered hair and the side swept bangs in the front, this hairstyle builds up a kind of its own attitude.

4. Long Curls:

A defined mid part and flamboyant curls this is a recipe for a perfect long curly hairstyle where you not only get to flaunt your long tresses but also some curls along with it. The curls add volume to the hair which in turn highlights the jaw line and brings out that pretty symmetrical face.

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5. Loose Bun:

Have a party to attend to and you are confused on how to style your hair? Look no further; this hairstyle is a perfect party topper. This hairstyle takes less time to style and is sassier to manage too these are the sole requirements of a party hairstyle. The hair has a tousled look to it and is pulled back and tied up into a loose bun. The hair in the front is also left on the forehead as bangs and some strands of hair are also let to flow around the cheekbones.

6. Bangs:

Well, these bangs are definitely eye framing but instead of keeping the length of the bangs till the eye brows (which most eye framing bangs are), this hairstyle features bangs which covers her eyes and the interesting thing is – it still attracts our attention towards the eyes. So, in some sense, these are a modified version of that front on eye framing bangs. The rest of her hair flows down her shoulders displaying some amazing curls and waves all over.

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7. Side Swept Short Hairdo:

Another short hairdo but this time she chose to go with a more classic and regular look rather than styling it too much. Vanessa kept it simple in this hairdo where she adopted a side part which is partly neat and also partly has a touch of shag along the sides. There are no hair strands on the face which makes it evident that she wants to show off her beautiful perfectly symmetrical face.

8. Short Voluminous Curls:

It is without a doubt that Vanessa Hudgens looks extremely cute in such short hairdos where she flaunts her thick hair. In this particular one, she not only flaunts her hair thickness but also has added on some retro curls in her hair which look elegant. The volumizing lotion did its trick by instilling an extra bit of volume to her already voluminous hair and thereby making it look even more dense and thick. This hairstyle compliments her face very well and if you have a face structure like hers then it is recommended that you definitely go for this hairdo.

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9. Long Straight Hairstyle:

Look at her flaunting her beautiful long tresses. She has her hair parted in the middle with a well-defined parting line. Her hair is brushed silhouetting her head which attains a clean and a polished look. The beautiful layers maintain an average volume all throughout the length of her hair. This hairstyle is perfect for a grand appearance at any red carpet event.

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