There are many innumerable treasures in our Indian mythology. Ancient India has given us many precious things and belongings which we if treasure well then can give us a healthy life and future ahead not only for us but for the generations to come. One such treasured gift is mudra or yoga. What do we mean by mudra? Mudra is mostly a hand of finger gesture wherein we need to communicate our inner body activities through the fingers or body movements. One mudra that can help in dealing with your water levels in the body is the Varuna Mudra. If you are suffering from a dehydrated body, constipation and dry mouth, then this article is for you. Read more to know how to use Varuna Mudra for the skin.

Varuna Mudra Meaning Steps And Benefits:

Meaning of Varuna Mudra:

Let us first begin with the meaning of Varuna Mudra is a science of healthy communication. Varun mudra is associated with mental clarity. It is also popularly known as Jal Vardhak Mudra. It is based on a simple principle that communication is very much required for your lifestyle. You need to communicate clear and fast in order to achieve a healthy and fruitful life. And that is what Varuna Mudra takes care of. Other than this, Varuna Mudra also has other health benefits. It is also known to balance the water element in the body. Water is a very important ingredient, and you must be fully aware that if you have sufficient water content in your body, half of your life is easy. Thus, Varuna mudra takes care of the same.

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Steps to Perform Varuna Mudra:

Since vaunt mudra is such a significant mudra so we need to specify in detail as to how you should do Varuna Mudra and gain expertise on it.

Below are some of the given steps in detail as to how you should do Varuna Mudra.

  • Sit in a lotus or very easy half seated position.
  • The first condition of any mudra exercise is comfort.
  • You must be in a comfortable position to do this exercise.
  • It is also suggested to sit on a mat or either on a light carpet.
  • This is because many fitness experts and dieticians have suggested that you should not sit on the bare floor.
  • The bare floor emits and brings out radiation which is not good and healthy while doing the mudra.
  • You can keep your eyes open or closed as you wish. Closed eyes definitely ensure more concentration.
  • Join together the tips of thumbs and little fingers.

Yes, that’s it. isn’t it extremely easy to do this mudra? Some mudras are really complex to do. They take time in understanding and then get expertise on the steps. There can be times when you might forget the steps. But this one is very simpler. There are no chances of forgetting the steps of this mudra.

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Varun Mudra Benefits:

Now, here is the time when we need to discuss the benefits of Varuna Mudra in detail. When you have innumerable benefits of a single thing, then only are people interested. After all, you might think that since this mudra is so easy to do so, it might not be beneficial. But it is.

Below Are Some Of The Enlisted Major Benefits Of Varuna Mudra:

  • It helps you in achieving clear and strong communication channels.
  • It balances the water content in your body by activating the fluid circulation through your body.
  • Varuna Mudra helps to revive the dehydrated cells, tissues and other ligaments of the body.
  • It brings a lustre and glows to the face.
  • It also helps in overcoming the dryness of the mouth.
  • Varuna Mudra can help in preventing pimples and acne

When And How Much Should You Do It?

Varuna Mudra should be practised 3-5 times a day. There is no such specific timing of when to do this mudra. You can do it anytime when you wish.

Precautions and Side Effects of Varuna Mudra:

Varuna Mudra Side effects are almost nil as it is completely safe to perform.


  • People who have a problem with water retention are advised not to perform this mudra.
  • If you suffer from a cold or cough, stay away from this Mudra, as it can cause discomfort.

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Varuna Mudra is one of the most effective hand postures that can deal with problems related to water. Whether you have issues with dry mouth, constipation, cracked skin, acne, dullness, lethargy, lack of taste, Varuna Mudra can come to your aid. This mudra is proven to maintain the water balance in the body and also alleviate the body from many water-related ailments. Practising this mudra can help you retain water in your torso to purify the body from toxins. Especially if you are suffering from hard bowls due to lack of water, Varuna Mudra can be very beneficial. We hope this article helped you understand the power of Yogic Mudras!


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