9 New Look Smooth Velvet Blazers in Trendy Colours

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Velvet Blazer is made up of Velvet material. Velvet blazer protects against coldness of winter. Velvet blazer is preferred to be worn in evening to enjoy the chillness of nature. Velvet blazer provides a complete formal look. It expresses the gentleness of men. Velvet blazer is available in many colors. It is plain in design. It is soft for the skin. In winter, velvet blazer is worn much. Velvet blazer stays in demand during winter to avoid sizzling cold. It provides warmth. In looking also, velvet blazer is wonderful.

Styles Blazers in Velvet for Men and Women:

Here are the 9 Fashionable Designs of velvet cloth blazers for Men and Women.

1. Perfect Blue Velvet Blazer for Men:

Blue Velvet Blazer 1

This velvet blazer is in royal blue color which is favorite color of almost all boys. Rich color gives rich look to boys. It is full sleeve with royal white color shirt and jeans. On belt, H is embossed. One looks manly in this outfit. Blue color makes everyone look handsome.

2. Men’s Velvet Blazer Latest Fashion:

Men’s Velvet Blazer

This is really awesome men’s velvet blazer. It has fur on cuffs. Plus the blazer has print. A man is looking a real man in this. Velvet blazer is suiting much to this guy with formal wear inside and Chinese moustache. This blazer is perfect for winter.

3. Women’s Velvet Blazer in Formal:

Women’s Velvet Blazer

This velvet blazer is beautiful and looking awesome on women. This red velvet blazer is matching with black clothes inside. Buttons pleated on blazer is increasing the beauty of velvet blazer. This lady is looking gorgeous with this velvet blazer and awesome white clutch.

4. Velvet Blazer with Embroidery Work:

Velvet Blazer with Embroidery

This velvet blazer has embroidery work on it. It is stitched so beautifully. The girl is looking stunning in this embroidered velvet blazer. Embroidery work will give surprising look to velvet blazer. It is glorious and sublime. White embroidery work on blue blazer suits well.

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5. Shiny Womens Red Velvet Blazer:

Red Velvet Blazer

It is red color velvet blazer long in size. The lady has worn white top and black mini skirt and red velvet blazer over it which is giving nice combination. It seems like lady is ready for party. Hot red color velvet blazer is looking haughty on this girl.

6. Mens Velvet Blazers for Wedding:

Velvet Blazer for Wedding

On wedding, black blazer is responsive. Mostly black blazer is chosen for wedding ceremony. A man is looking decent in this blazer. It is admirable and marvelous. It puts terrific effect on people’s heart. In this blazer, a man is looking attractive.

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7. Designer Velvet Blazers for Engagement:

Designer Velvet Blazer

This velvet blazer is specially designed by a designer. It is a master piece. Grooms wear such blazers on their engagement or reception. It has pretty neck and sleeve pattern. It will leave your impression forever in people’s mind. It is pleasing and alluring.

8. latest Printed Velvet Blazer:

Printed Velvet Blazer

This velvet blazer has print over it. Floral print velvet blazer will look good on tees and jeans. It is nice-looking and attractive. This velvet blazer is incomparable and ideal for young guys. It has single button on it. Printed blazer will get praised by everyone.

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9. Formal Velvet Blazer with Bow Tie:

Velvet Blazer with Bow Tie

This velvet blazer has bow tie pattern on neck. It also has one pocket on upside. Blue jacket with white shirt and black bow tie appears to be unbeatable. This pattern of velvet blazer is used by a Groom in Christian Wedding. It is ultimately a desire of man to wear it.

Velvet blazers are worn by both man and women. It looks pretty on both. Velvet blazer is most appropriate for wedding season. It adds glamour to your image. It changes the overall personality of man. Velvet blazer are the first requirement in Country where there is too much cool weather.

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