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Mesmerising Velvet Sarees Collection That Will Give A Royal Look

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Nothing can match the plush and royal look of the velvet fabric. A velvet saree feels soft and sensuous, drapes around easily, is usually wrinkle-free and the looks so great that it can be worn at multiple occasions. At one point of time, velvet was considered as a Royal fabric and was usually chosen by the noblemen. With innovation, today there are a variety of velvets available ranging from Silk Velvet to Cotton velvet, Rayon Velvet and much more. And apart from the fibre used, the variety of manufacturing processes also yields in different types of velvets.

Velvet Sarees Importance:

Velvet is a beautiful fabric that adds richness to the sari. With its aesthetic value, the velvet saree is achieving new epitomes in the textile industry. Take inspiration from the popular Bollywood diva, Anushka Sharma who wore a flaunted a beautiful maroon Velvet Saree is one of her wedding functions. The sheer use of shiny rich velvet in the saree adds the grace to the saree. And the most beautiful part of velvet saris is you don’t need to put many efforts in designing of the saree as the fabric itself is so rich that it, as it is, adds to the grace of the saree.

Velvet Sarees Features:

The following are some of the features of velvet saris:

  • Mostly a combination of silk velvet and cotton velvet is used for the velvet sarees.
  • Velvet can be coupled with various fabrics such as net, georgette, silk and all of them make a perfect combination.
  • Generally, cutwork or embroidered border go well with a velvet sari.
  • The look of the plain velvet is very elegant, and hence there is rarely any work seen in the middle of the velvet except for the borders. za

Exclusive and Attractive Designs of Velvet Sarees with Images:

The feel and look of a velvet sari are so amazing that it can never go out of fashion. Check out the latest velvet sarees for you to rock this wedding season.

1. Velvet Saree With Stone Work:

Velvet Sarees

This is a beautiful royal blue velvet sari with stonework. While the pleats of the saree are in a maroon self-textured jacquard velvet the pallu of the saree in contrasting royal blue makes it an apt saree for any wedding or royal party. It is one of those sarees that will drag all the attention to you making you the limelight of the party. Stitch an elbow-length gold or maroon blouse with it, and you are good to go.

  • Saree Design: Velvet saree with stonework
  • Fabric Used: Silk Velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Party wear, Wedding wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all the body shapes

2. Full Velvet Sari:

This beautiful black on black full velvet saree will make you look nothing less than a diva. The lightweight velvet fabric like the one used in this falls beautifully without doesn’t make you look bulky. The fully embroidered blouse beautifully complements the saree making it needless to add any piece of jewellery. Subtle yet trendy this beautiful full velvet saree is a must-have in your party wardrobe.

  • Saree Design: Full velvet with a semi-stitched fully embroidered blouse
  • Fabric Used: Velvet for saree, raw silk for blouse
  • Occasions to Wear: Any evening party
  • Suitable Body Shape: Best suited for the learner physiques

3. Velvet Party Wear Saree:

The saree here is a rich velvet half and half sari with the other half being rich georgette. The navy blue velvet in pallu with a grey border and grey georgette in pleats beautifully complement each other. The grey lace here used perfectly justifies the other half of the saree. This is a beautiful way of making the appearance of the velvet less heavy and wearable for those who were inhibited by its thickness. This saree has a grand look and is perfect for all types of occasions.

  • Saree Design: Half and half designer
  • Fabric Used: Velvet and georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Party, wedding, bridal ceremonies
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all the body shapes though best suited for the ones with a leaner physique

4. Net Velvet Saree:

This net velvet saree as you can see is from the Sabyasachi collection which was featured at the grand finale of the Lakme Fashion Week. Net and velvet are a great combination and complement each other well. The Net sari with a velvet pallu like the one in this would be killing and will be a show stealer no matter where it is worn. The embroidery in the pallu is so exclusive and exhaustive that it can be easily worn by the bride to be in one of her main wedding functions.

  • Saree Design: Net and velvet half and half saree
  • Fabric Used: Net and Velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding, launch events, formal evening parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all the body shapes

5. Velvet Half Saree Design:

Velvet and net complement each other perfectly, and this beautiful saree is yet another proof of the same. This gorgeous red velvet sari is combined with a self-textured beige net and frills at the border which makes the saree look light in weight yet classy in its looks. With the frills at the border, the heaviness of the velvet gets countered, and also its dark colour gets some profile. Just pair it with some light jewellery maybe a choker and jhumkas and you are good to go.

  • Saree Design: Designer velvet half and half saree
  • Fabric Used: Net and Velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding, Special occasions, formal party
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body types

6. Latest Designer Velvet Sari:

This is the latest combination velvet saree very rare to see. The very look of the saree will steal your breath away. The superior quality silk velvet in deep red with perfect use of heavy gold zardozi border to tone down the redness and the inner half being the creamy brown banarasi georgette – what a combination!! And if this is not enough, the boat-necked contrast designer blouse will complete the look if this saree. A saree like this is so rich that it should not be burdened with any extra add ons – No jewellery, not even jhumkas. A perfect saree for the bride to be or even for her mom in her daughter’s wedding; there is no age bar for this saree.

  • Saree Design: Velvet – Georgette half and half designer saree
  • Fabric Used: Silk velvet, banarasi georgette
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding, Evening parties, fashion weeks
  • Suitable Body Shape: Best suited for slimmer women

7. Velvet Brasso Saree:

This maroon and beige half and half embellished velvet sari with Brasso woven design in the pleats makes this saree perfect wear for any occasion. The beige embroidered taping with maroon motifs perfectly complements both the fabrics as well as their colour combination well. You can step up or down the richness of this saree with the piece of jewellery you pair it up with. For a regular occasion simply pair it with a small pendant set while the same saree can be made wedding wear by complementing it with a heavier piece of jewellery. A perfect maroon velvet saree for you to rock this wedding season.

  • Saree Design: Velvet Brasso half-and-half
  • Fabric Used: Velvet, Brasso
  • Occasions to Wear: Parties, wedding ceremonies, any small or big occasions
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suits well for all the body shapes

8. Velvet Silk Saree:

When it comes to sarees, velvet and silk are the two extremely rich options. We have seen people pairing a raw silk saree with a heavy velvet blouse and vice a Versa, but this saree is an epitome of all combinations with both the rich fabrics being used in the same saree as half and half. The inner half the saree is made of rich gold shimmery silk while the pallu is a royal blue velvet with gold motifs. The navy and gold cutwork border only adds to the richness of the saree. Pair it with a long jhumkas and a designer neckpiece, and this saree becomes perfect to wear for any wedding or similar occasions.

  • Saree Design: Silk and velvet half and half
  • Fabric Used: Velvet and silk
  • Occasions to Wear: Wedding or any similar occasion
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all body shapes

9. Plain Velvet Sari:

This saree will shut all those mouths that feel that it’s not a good choice to wear a plain saree to a party. How you pair that saree with the blouse and jewellery is what changes the whole game. When a saree is like the one above and is made up of fabric as royal as the Velvet, then nothing can stop that saree from looking anything less than classy. Just pair it with a designer long blouse of the contrasting colour and step it up with a beautiful neckpiece and you are party-ready.

  • Saree Design: Plain Velvet with thin gold border
  • Fabric Used: Velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Any formal party, get together
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all the body shapes

10. Velvet Lace Saree:

This beautiful net sari in heavy sequin work is perfectly decked up with a simple contrast velvet lace and velvet blouse. This simple looking saree gets its elegance with the plain velvet border. Sometimes simplicity is the best solution, and this saree is a perfect example of it. Any work border of in the place of this velvet border would have killed the beauty of this saree. Though inexpensive such sarees brings a perfect grace and makes it ideal party wear.

  • Saree Design: Net sari with velvet border
  • Fabric Used: Net and velvet
  • Occasions to Wear: Any party or wedding
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable for all the body types

Which Blouse is Suitable For Velvet Sarees?

A saree simply cannot be worn without a blouse. Choosing the right blouse for the saree is so important because it is one that can make or break the look of the saree. The following are the various types of blouses that go well with the velvet saris.

  • Matka neck backless raw silk blouse
  • Embellished raw silk blouse
  • Embroidered art silk and faux georgette blouse
  • Designer stone work blouse
  • Hand-painted embroidered blouse
  • Rich jacquard blouse with hand embroidery
  • Maggam work blouse
  • Sleeveless boat neck velvet blouse
  • Velvet blouse with an illusion neckline

How to Style Velvet Sarees?

  • Always choose a velvet that is less heavy. A full cotton velvet will make the fabric very heavy to wear while full silk will make it extremely warm. A combination of the two is thus best for a saree.
  • Never choose a velvet blouse with a velvet sari except for a sleeveless one.
  • The fabric itself is so rich that you just don’t need to overdo the look.
  • Keep it as simple as you can to enhance the elegance.
  • A simple diamond or a gold choker goes well with a velvet sari.
  • Keep the pallu of the velvet saree falling to enhance its look
  • Let your hair loose or simply curl it.

The velvet sarees are one type of sarees that are always in trend and never go out of fashion. The fabric is so soft and the fall of the saree is so breathtakingly beautiful that it always gives a rich look. Your saree collection can never be complete without having a velvet sari in it. So, what are you waiting for? Just choose one of the patterns mentioned above and get one for your collection as well.