Velvet is the fabric this is in line with fashion and gaining popularity among females. Velvet is the fabric which is weaved from a different type of fibres like cotton, silk, polyester, nylon and many others also. A velvet skirt lends a distinctive look and has a soft feel when worn. The skirt appears very pretty on every female and is also easy to maintain.

Comfortable and Best Velvet Skirt Models for Ladies:

Velvet skirts can be worn on any part of day and occasion easily gets that striking and awesome appearance. Let’s have a look at top 9 simple velvet skirt designs.

1. Lovable Draped Velvet Skirt:

Every woman strives hard for those hot and admiring looks, this type of velvet skirt in draped style could be the perfect pick for those looks. As the skirt is designed in the draped pattern, it could be dressed by any body shape and make every female appear attractive. This type of girls velvet skirt is available in many pastel shades and you could pick the one which enhances your attire and loads yours with compliments.

2. Inspiring Long Velvet Skirts:

Velvet skirts are the ones which doesn’t require much styling; they are the in themselves a complete one. This skirt is designed in amazing grey and black velvet in vertical strips giving a magical look to the wearer.

3. Latest Spotted Black Velvet Skirts:

Here come the most sensual looking white spotted skirts on black velvet fabric. The skirt and the wearer both look stunning. The skirt is above knee length and when paired with any tops lend every female a minimalistic look.

4. Green Stretchable Velvet Skirts:

As the velvet fabric has a soft feel, it makes the woman look graceful. The green velvet skirts have flared cut making the skirt as well the wearer appears very pretty. The skirt is stretchable thus lending immense comfort while you are involved in any activity.

5. Trendy Pencil Velvet Skirt:

Here come the most versatile and interesting appearing velvet skirts in pencil pattern. This style lends a trim and longish look and is perfect for any evening parties, lunch out, work wear as well any special dates also.

6. Pleated Red Velvet Skirts:

Perfect are these lovely looking red velvet skirts for every young girls and woman. The skirt is styled in pleated pattern and if fitted with a smart skirt are just the perfect ones to give you urban yet those feminine looks.

7. Front Button White Velvet Skirts:

White is the colour which is appreciated and loved by girls as it makes them appear pure and the white skirts are perfect for any formal or professional setting as well decent evening wear also. On the skirt buttons are tailored in a designer way, thus giving an interesting and sweet look.

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8. Velvet Skirts for Broad Structure:

As plus size females are hesitant and to some extent reluctant to wear a velvet skirt, here comes a perfect and cool appearing velvet skirt for plum size body shape. The skirt has a proper cut and fits well thus giving a decent appearance. A cool top with wedges sandals along with a scarf around the neck and a stylish handbag would aptly make you appear fabulous and trendy.

9. Navy Midi Velvet Skirts:

Velvet skirts could be the foundation of any female wardrobe as they are very comfortable and also easy to maintain also. These velvet skirt is the shades of navy blue in the midi pattern, but heavenly on a slim figure. The high waisted velvet skirt, when teamed with sleeveless with high heels along with laces, lends a chunky and rocking look.

Velvet skirts are very much in demand as it makes you appear very attractive and different from others. The velvet skirts are designed in many pastel and solid colours and different cuts also. So you can pick the one which suits and adds more charm and style to your attire. So grab a velvet skirt and look happening!!