Also known as Venkatagiri handloom sarees, the sarees are popular for the weaving pattern they are made from. The origin of the saree is from a small village in Andhra Pradesh, Venkatagiri. The material the sarees are made from is basically either cotton, silk or a mixture of cotton and silk which provides with an utmost softness to the saree. Again, it also lists among the durable sarees of the Southern part of India. Made out of around 6 yards, the saree is quite beneficial to carry in any season. The sarees were introduced with fine weaving in the earliest of 1700. Primarily, the Venkatagiri sarees were produced only for the royal families who paid high amounts enough for a year.

Importance of Venkatagiri Sarees:

The Venkatagiri cotton sarees were too popular from its origin. The saree comes with an imported design known as Jamdani which comes with an origin from Bangladesh. Apart from the fine quality, it brings to the Venkatagiri design lovers, the prime thing the has increased the importance of the saree is the thread weaving design that can bring out the design in your mind on the saree itself. The sarees are considered to be standardized apparel till date in the list of ethnic wear.

Features of Venkatagiri Sarees:

Woven in fine cotton and silk, the Venkatagiri sarees come with attractive prints connected with nature, flora, and fauna.

  • The pallus of the sarees are made much appealing with zari borders in golden with interweaving technique.
  • Light in weight, durable and soft, this type of saree suits every kind of occasion as well as weather.
  • One more feature that separates this saree is the designs of swan, parrot, mango, peacock or leaf made in the pallu with Jamdani motif golden thread work.

Which Fabric is Used Mostly?

Talking about the fabric used for making the Venkatagiri handloom sarees, the saree making goes under a number of stages which involves different fabric. The saree is available in fabrics like jute, cotton, silk, art silk, or linen. From yarns of the fabric, firstly, threads are made out with a required thickness which is further used in making the fabric. The designs are carried out through prints, embroidery, painting, patch borders and many more techniques that give inspirational designs giving fusion ideas on the saree.

Which Body Shape Does the Venkatagiri Saree Suit?

No doubt, when it comes to the Venkatagiri saree, the age or shape of the body doesn’t matter at all. The comfort it brings makes it suitable for every woman willing to wear it. However, for obtaining that perfect look, the material of the saree can be selected as per the body shape. Like for the slim body, the Venkatagiri cotton sarees would be a good choice, similarly, for the bulky woman, Venkatagiri silk sarees would be the best for a slim look.

Beautiful Venkatagiri Sarees with Pictures:

Let Top Venkatagiri Sarees that would capture your vision this festive season.

1. Venkatagiri Cotton Saree:

The very first and old design in the list of Venkatagiri sarees types is the Venkatagiri cotton plain saree. With a single bottle green color, the saree is given a thick golden border with thread work while the end of the pallu is given a tied design. To give the saree a contrast look, the pallu is also given two horizontal lines with a proper thickness in silver.

Fabric Used: Made out of pure cotton, this saree is the best to carry during any season.

Occasion to Wear: This kind of Venkatagiri cotton sarees gives the best appearance in casual wear, wedding wear or even in parties.

2. Venkatagiri Pattu Saree:

Venkatagiri pattu sarees are well-known for the golden designs they come within dark or bright colors. Such sarees come with borders in golden or borderless designs in which with golden threads designs are crafted like peacocks, birds, mehndi designs, etc. The complete saree comes in a single color; however, a small border is given at the end with a contrast color to give it a unified look.

Fabric Used: Made from a combination of silk and cotton, it gives a rich look to the wearer.

Occasions to Wear: The pattu sarees are widely seen in weddings or any kind of religious functions.

3. Venkatagiri Silk Saree:

Looking for a saree that gives you a slim appearance? The Venkatagiri Silk Sarees is what would suit you the best. The border of the saree is given small floral prints on it while the pallu is quite different combining designs. The center part of the saree is also given a polka dot outlook that adds to its uniqueness in simplicity.

Fabric Used: Colored with multiple colors, this silk saree is given a number of geometrical prints design.

Occasion to Wear: This saree can be easily carried in small parties, corporate events, and even festivals for a traditional yet modern look.

4. Venkatagiri Zari Saree:

Whether you want to carry a bright color or a pleasant one the Venkatagiri Zari Sarees collection is sure to baffle you while selecting. This type of Venkatagiri saree comes with a mixture of appealing colors and tiny golden handwork. The saree is given a plain texture which is further decorated with different designs in it like elephants, flowers, plants, etc. The main attraction of this saree is the pallu which is given a unique design than the inner design.

Fabric Used: Made from art silk material, the pallu is given a musical design with musical instruments on it.

Occasion to Wear: This design would best meet functions like Sangeet, musical events, weddings, etc.

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5. Venkatagiri Handloom Saree:

Want to go a little retro style in Venkatagiri handloom sarees? Why not try the traditional design of the handloom collection? Simple yet exquisite, this type of handloom sarees from Venkatagiri give you a classy appearance. With a plain white texture, the saree is given a strip-like a look in the inner portion made in golden. Again, the border of the saree is also made out in golden forming different musical instrument shapes.

Fabric Used: The saree is given a patli palav look on pure cotton material.

Occasion to Wear: Events, festivals like Navratri or Sharad Purnima… You can dress up with this design for any occasion.

6. Venkatagiri Blend Saree:

This new design of the Venkatagiri sarees is also known as the blend saree collection. The plain pink texture of the saree is given a green and gold border on both the sides which gives it a perfect combination. Similarly, the pallu is given green and golden horizontal lines with tiny polka dots in it to make it more artistic. The top side of the border is also given a thick golden border.

Fabric Used: This amazing saree is made with a mixture of cotton and silk material.

Occasions to Wear: From regular wear to small occasions, this saree is delightfully carried for a different look.

7. Venkatagiri Uppada Saree:

Uppada Sarees have given the collection of Venkatagiri silk sarees a different level. The plain silk saree in this category is given golden thread work through which designing borders are formed. The pallu of the saree is also given horizontal borderlines with small dots in gold in the center. With utmost soberness, this saree has remained the favorite for the ladies of every age.

Fabric Used: This type of saree is a combination of Southern saree styles and Venkatagiri saree styles made in silk.

Occasion to Wear: Weddings, private events, and religious events are the occasions that truly match this type of saree

8. Venkatagiri Printed Saree:

Love the prints Venkatagiri cotton sarees give you? Here is one such enticing saree design inspired by the chess boards. With a combination of colors like orange, black and white, this saree is made using pure cotton material and prints in Venkatagiri handloom process. The complete saree is given a checks design in black and white color with plain pallu in orange.

Fabric Used: This chess board designed checks saree is made with pure cotton material.

Occasions to Wear: This is a regular wear saree which is suitable for small events, gatherings, shopping, etc.

9. Venkatagiri Chiffon Saree:

Are you looking for modern Venkatagiri sarees types? This design is sure to complete your desires. The saree is given a plain texture in chiffon material while the border is given a designer touch with golden thread work over it. With floral designs and golden dots in the center, the saree gives a rich look.

Fabric Used: This traditional and modern combination of Venkatagiri sarees is made using chiffon material.

Occasions to Wear: This light to wear saree is a routine saree that can be worn anywhere. It is much popular for social gatherings or even during religious events.

10. Venkatagiri Bridal Saree:

Looking for something alluring for your wedding collection? Add Venkatagiri silk sarees bridal collection and you are done with your shopping. The prime thing that would catch your eyes is the tiny work done on the saree using mango designs that upgrades the saree a level higher with a golden pallu with red designs.

Fabric Used: The saree is made with handloom process and given three different colors, green, red and golden which are considered to be the prime ones for wedding outfits in pure silk material.

Occasions to Wear: As the name of the collection itself suggests, this saree is widely selected by the to be brides for marriages.

Which Blouse is Suitable for Venkatagiri Sarees?

Blouses have never been an issue to select while wearing the Venkatagiri handloom sarees. Most of the sarees come with matching blouse piece which is an extra woven part of the saree. Again, for the silk sarees, there are women who look for art blouses with different accessories on it for a trending look. On the contrary, when the pallu of the saree contains attractive motifs sometimes the same is carried out in the sleeves or back side of the blouse.

How to Style Venkatagiri Sarees?

Venkatagiri sarees are quite light in weight, soft as well as easy to maintain sarees. Hence, they can be carried out on any kind of occasion. The saree is mostly worn leaving the pallu open on the back side which reveals the complete design of the pallu as it is among the most attractive part of the Venkatagiri saree. No matter the saree is suitable for every climate; it gives relief from the weather and its irritation during summers.

Venkatagiri sarees have gained global popularity for the features it brings along to the wearer. With fine and clear designs, softness, durability, etc. it is still giving the villagers of Venkatagiri an earning for their livelihood. The sarees have undergone various innovative designs too, which is inspired by different regions of the country. The sarees are also easy to maintain and can be washed on your own at home only and thus, can be worn on a regular basis too.

So, are you ready to gift one of the Venkatagiri sarees types to your loved ones? Write to us about your experience in using it.

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