Inspired by the vest tops, the designs of vest jackets were introduced to the fashion industry in the year 1920. They have usually worn in the winter affected areas for having a warm touch for the body. The vest jackets are generally made out of fine leather, but the changing trend has also made them designed in velvet and fur for a fashionable touch to it. With the change in the fashion market, they are now also made for women.

Stylish Vest Jacket Designs for Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

Following are a few vest jacket designs that you should include in your wardrobe this winter.

1. Sleeveless Fur Vest Jacket for Winter:

Want to have a stylish look without wearing bundles of clothes this winter! Get a fur vest jacket for men. The vest jacket is made out of cotton fabrics with fur within. The jacket is also given a fur collar to protect your neck from the severe cold.

2. Sleeveless Cap Jacket Vest:

The leather vest jackets are quite trendy for a long period of time. A rich pattern for the same is a leather men’s vest jacket with Sleeveless design attached with a cap. The jacket is made out of leather and coated with fine cotton material within which adds to its warmth.

3. Funky Vest Jacket:

The funky jacket vest for men is quite popular among the college bugs, rock stars and especially the wrestlers or the people who live to play with danger. The jacket is made with both cotton and leather with various colours which gives the skeleton design when the chain is zipped.

4. Long Vest Jacket:

Then women’s vest jacket has recently given a new design with the help of leather or canvas material. The jacket is given a long length for a different look. It is widely worn over casuals or frocks for a fashionable appearance. The jacket is given a broad neck opening which gives a V shape look.

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5. Leather Long Sleeves Vest:

Looking for something simple for your winter shopping! Get a simple leather vest jacket for women made out of leather. The jacket also has full sleeves which are quite beneficial for the winter winds. It is quite worn on jeans and cow boots for a sophisticated look.

6. Hooded Jacket:

The jackets which have long sleeves and a furry but simple cap attached to it is known as the hooded vest jacket. The jackets are available for both men’s and women’s wear. Made out of leather, it is available in various colours and designs that are eye-catching.

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7. Furry Collar Look Vest:

A vest jacket for women made with leather and decorated with a fury neck design is widely used by teens and office working women. The leather vest jacket is given two triangular shape collars which give the effect of a collar sleeveless shirt worn.

8. Stylish Biker Vest Jacket:

Jackets are an important part of the biker’s accessories. The leather jacket is given a vest design. It is also attached to several silver charms for a stylish loom especially for the bikers and boxers etc. They are knitted with light fur from inside do that they help the person to be warm from inside.

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9. Open Leather Vest:

The open leather vest jackets are widely available for the regions with mild winter winds. The jacket is made from leather and left with our any buttons that would mix up with each other. They are basically worn upon Jean, Capri or other western wear for a true look.

The vest jackets are quite widely often seen on the youth men and women. There is also various other pattern that would help you get a stunning and attractive appearance among many. The vest jackets are widely worn by the military and navy officers. There is also little official vest jacket design available in the market for a professional look.

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