The fashion world these days are giving several bold and sensual top designs for the women which are quite widely accepted. Vest tops are one of them. Priory vest tops were worn only by men especially the military men. But now, vest tops for women have grabbed a large market than that of men. Mostly the vest tops are made from cotton, but there are few made from polyester too. In India, the vest tops are also made at home with pure cotton material attached with the canvas as the inner studded with Jodhpuri or Kashmiri work known as bandi.

Stylish and Modern Vest Tops for Ladies in Fashion:

Following are a few types of vest tops designs which are widely selected by women worldwide.

1. Fit Zebra Strips Vest Design:

A women’s vest tops design is quite often seen worn by the college girls. They carry it on jeans and Capri with jeans overcoat for a stylish look. The vest has white and black strips similar to that of a zebra made of cotton.

2. Sports Vest Tops:

Want to have a proper vest top for any sports activity! Get a plain vest top with various colour range made from stretchy cotton. The vest gives a different design from the back where the sleeves combine with each other.

3. Long Vest Tops for Ladies:

Looking for pretty vest tops for a party or regular wear at home! Get a long vest top which has the length till the knees. The vest is available in many colours and designs too. It is skin fit which gives your figure a perfect shape for dates.

4. Designer Loose Vest Top:

The vest tops for women are also available in loose cotton material. The plain vest tops are sleeveless and loose which is beneficial as nightwear. It can also be accompanied by shrugs on jeggings and are also used for exercise purpose.

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5. Professional Vest Top:

Want to look stylish with a professional approach towards your clients! Try a velvet vest top which is perfect for your choice. The vest top suit is also given a collar look with broad sleeves for a perfect bold look. They are widely worn for corporate meetings and events or by air hostess etc.

6. Short Jeans Vest Top:

A quite trendy vest top design includes the denim material. A best vest tops design is given sleeveless look and the length is also given till the waist which makes it crosier. It can be worn on jeans, jeggings, shorts, skirts etc. to add to its beauty.

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7. Funky Vest Tops for Girls:

Want to have a glamorous but still clumsy appearance! Try a funky open vest top design. The vest is made with polyester material which is also given several flaws on both sides. The back of the vest is made with net and floral curves knitted on it. It is widely worn on jeans or other casuals.

8. Stylish Leather Vest Top:

One of the pretty vest tops design which gives you a bold and flaming appearance is that made of leather. The vest top is also studded with some charms to make it stylish for a cowboy look. Such vest tops are quite often seen in winters.

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9. Net Back Vest:

Want to wear something sexy for your date or party! Grab a ladies vest tops design which is a combination of net and cotton. The front side of the medium length bus made with cotton while the backside is given a knitted net look which gives a sensual look to your back. The pattern is widely available in various colours to select from to wear with jeans or short pants.

The vest tops are also known as tank tops in several countries. Some countries also call it to slip over a vest, sweater vest, waistcoat, singlet, and much more. The innumerable ladies vest tops have also given a new pattern that suitable for any kind of use. Currently, the long pinch cut vests are also widely popular among teens.

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