The Victorian times have an eccentric appeal and when it is about fashion and design, modern patterns freely draw from the past. The haircuts additionally take after the same way and huge numbers of them have a pinch of aesthetic-ness famous amongst the olden times. The Victorian haircuts are one such style that is still respected by the ladies for their intricate and delightful look. Despite the fact that today it is almost inconceivable for them to wear the style every day, they do take out time to brighten their delegated magnificence in the Victorian manner while getting ready for a party or prom night.

The majority of the ladies wore their hair in updo’s and buns. Curls were likewise extremely well known particularly among the young people who styled their tresses into ringlets and swirls. So, here is a list of the top 9 Victorian hairstyles that women across the era still love and love to flaunt. Which one is your favorite?

1. Thick Braided Bun:

It was a classic amongst those time where almost all famous personality were seen flaunting this in several portraits and photographs. And though it looks pretty intricate, it is actually quite easy to do. Simply braid your entire hair at the back and put a hair donut over the tie. Then start circling it all the way till the end until it forms a thick coil around your back!

2. The Classic Victorian Up- Do:

Nothing extra to say about this except that it reeks of the past era. Cover your hair in light curls and simply pull it all back up in a bun formation. Leave some curls hanging on the side for extra effect. Also it would be wise to have a side fringe to your hairdo.

3. Heavy Curls With Puffy Top:

In case you are in a mood to look like the flamboyant Queen of the past, try out this hair style. It will require you to use hot iron to get the heavy curls around your hair. Then simply pull them up in a top hair tie with a puffed crown and let the curls bounce around.

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4. Curls Half Tied With Side Bangs:

If you are into heavy curls but at the same time prefer to leave your hair down then this one is for you. Simply put your hair segments into heavy curls and then divide them into a top and a lower portion. Pull the top portion into a high up do, so that it both creates the volume as well as the length.

5. The Classic Victorian Bun:

Sometimes it’s not about how intricately you tie or twist your hair. Even the simplest of hair dos can add a lot of story to your character. The classic Victorian bun is the best example.

6. Modern Victorian Pony Tail:

This one dates back to the late Victorian era, where buns and up-dos gave way to the pony tail. Simply pull your curls back into a high ponytail that has a middle parting. Then leave two long hair strands hanging from either side of your face.

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7. The Royal Pony Tail:

This hair style has a pony tail with a little twist. First pull up your hair in a high bouffant and then tie the back with an ornamental clip. Finally curl all loose strands and let them bounce around.

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8. The Victorian Girl:

Just get a sharp side bang and then back brush the latter part of your hair. Then add curls all around. Put a cute hair band with a flower to seal the deal.

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9. The Flower Girl:

If you are intrigued by the simplicity of the countryside Victorian look, then this one is for you. No big hassle, simply mid part your hair and add soft waves to it. Complete the look by clipping flowers to one side of your hair.

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