The popularity of Norse mythology and Viking culture is on the rise again because of TV shows like The Last Kingdom and Vikings. Nowadays, people are inking Viking weapons, boats, and even their gods, making Scandinavians the tattoo industry’s beloved. Vikings were complex individuals with keen travelling interests, belief in destiny, and skilled farmers and seafarers. These qualities are represented in the Viking tattoo designs presented in this article.

It is widely believed and accepted that Vikings were heavily tattooed; there is little historical evidence. Let us go through this article for some thought-provoking tattoos inspired by Norse mythology. Read on!

15 Best Viking Tattoo Designs:

Whether you want to honour your Scandinavian ancestry or express your love for Norse mythology, the Viking tattoos we have presented will offer you perfect solutions.

1. Viking Boat Tattoos:

Ships were an important reason why Vikings were victorious in conquering and raiding new lands. One prominent, impressive, efficient, fast, light and well-made invention was a longboat. The ship’s prow had an animal head, often a dragon or a snake, to instil fear in others. It makes for an impressive ship tattoo because these vessels are associated with new beginnings, adventure and travel. It can also represent the willingness to take a risk and the desire to achieve more success in life.

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2. Traditional Viking Tattoo Designs:

Viking-style tattoos and body art were a form of expression, personal identification, ability to instil fear in others and a way to establish a social hierarchy. Many people honour the notorious raiders and warriors of the medieval world by getting traditional Viking tattoos. This shoulder and arm tattoo is a perfect choice because the Viking warriors were known to cover up most of their bodies in ink. Therefore if you want to honour your Viking ancestors, choose this intricate pattern.

3. Viking Mythology Tattoos:

Mjölnir is the name of Thor’s hammer which is associated with lightning, thunder, and power and became more popular because of Marvel movies. But this tattoo is also a prominent part of Viking culture because it is the weapon used by Thor to defeat giants. In addition, this tattoo can work as a protective symbol because it represents courage, bravery and strength. So if you are a person who values the above-said qualities or wants the world to know that you will protect the things you love at all costs, this is a fantastic tattoo choice.

4. The Helm Of Awe Viking Tattoo:

This Viking chest tattoo has the engravement of Aegishjalmur or Helm of Awe, yet another popular design. This tattoo is a magical stave that warriors wore as a protection symbol which is rich in symbolism and fascinating to look at. Warriors believed that this symbol helped them win in battle by giving them strength and courage. Make sure to choose the placement of this tattoo wisely and wear it with pride because it works as a conversation starter.

5. Valknut Viking Tattoo:

This valknut Viking forearm tattoo is one of the simple design options because many of the Viking symbols involve complex designs. For example, this pattern represents the afterlife, which comprises three interlocking triangles with nine points. This tattoo is usually preferred by people who contemplate the balance between life on earth and the heavens and shows that you are not afraid of death. It is also an excellent Viking tattoo for men and women who prefer minimalistic patterns. Since this tattoo doesn’t require too much space, you can get it done anywhere on your body.

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6. Viking Chest Tattoo Design:

If you want a Nordic Viking tattoo meaningful to you, the chest is the perfect place to get it engraved. Chest tattoos are a way to keep something personal close to your heart without showcasing it to the entire world. You can choose something simple or a large design covering your full chest. The wearer of this design has chosen a modern yet traditional method with several intricate patterns. Ideally, black ink or bold colours are the perfect choices for these types of tattoos. But be prepared for a bit of discomfort.

7. Viking Forearm Tattoo Design:

This is a perfect Viking bird tattoo best suited for the wearer’s sleeve and is usually preferred by men. However, there is no restriction for women. This design has intricate details with realistic features making it an ideal option for people who want to respect Viking mythology. The forearm is the perfect place to get these intricate tattoos because it can make a powerful statement if you wish to show it off or cover it up.

8. Simple Viking Design Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for laid-back and minimalistic Viking tattoo designs for your body art. In that case, this design is a perfect choice. Although complicated and intricate patterns appeal because they are time-consuming and costly, some prefer simple techniques. Only a few lines are used in the engravement of this pattern, and it is not limited to a single place in your body. Whether visible or hidden, you can pick your favourite part of your body to get this tattoo engraved.

9. Sword Viking Tattoo Design:

The celebration of Viking’s skill on the battlefield was celebrated by inking their chosen weapons. This is yet another Viking tattoo idea preferred by men representing the wearer’s bloodlust, formidability, and bravery. The swords represent courage, protection, strength, fearlessness, and bloodlust. In addition, the design shows the craftsmanship that makes the blades look beautiful. Whether it is a stand-alone piece or linked with an image of a warrior, there are many ways you can incorporate a sword into your body art. For example, you can add some runes to give the tattoo a more authentic look.

10. Striking Viking Tattoos For Men:

A raven holds a lot of importance in Norse mythology and is intelligent, though it is a dark and mysterious bird. According to popular belief, Ravens Huginn and Munnin watched over Midgard and provided information to Odin. Accompanied by various other symbols or all by itself, a raven tattoo will make for an awesome Viking-inspired tattoo. These birds can be engraved like flying over a battlefield because they represent death, war and pain.

11. Axe Viking Style Tattoos:

The axe is one of the most famous Viking tattoo designs that symbolises power, courage, bravery and protection. To make the simple axe more interesting, you can add intricate patterns all over, making it look meaningful and beautiful. The perfect spots to get this tattoo engraved are the arms and legs because these places allow the shape of the tattoo to look exceptional.

12. Distinct Viking Back Tattoo:

This back tattoo looks exceptionally beautiful if you look for an extensive Viking tattoo with deep meaning. You can choose an effective and detailed tattoo if you want to get it done on your back because of the vast skin area. This place is considered low to moderate on the tattoo pain scale and easy to cover up or show off. This tattoo contains a big ship and the helm of the awe tattoo in combination, which looks Viking traditionally.

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13. Viking Style Rune Tattoo Design:

This Viking symbol tattoo with runes is a perfect tattoo option if you want your body art to tell a story. Runes are ancient Viking alphabets that describe places and things beautifully. There are 24 runes whose symbolism has a lot of importance in Norse mythology. The representation of Odin and Yggdrasil can also be done with the help of runes. You can either get a single rune or get a combination of several runes for creative, meaningful ink. The placement and size of the tattoo entirely depend on your personal choice.

14. Viking Warrior Tattoo Design:

This warrior Viking head tattoo celebrates their skill and fearlessness, even though Vikings are remembered as plunderers and barbarians. If you wish to honour the strength and bravery of these individuals, a Viking warrior tattoo is an ideal option. However, it also sends a fierce and determined look to the onlookers. The look of this design is realistic and intimidating because of the interest given to the detailing. To make the tattoo more unique, you can add Viking runes, symbols and weapons.

15. Viking Skull Tattoo Designs:

One of the universally recognised symbols of death is a skull which is one of the famous Viking arm tattoo ideas. It shows that the wearer accepts death as a part of the life cycle or doesn’t fear it, though it might seem a morbid option for body art. It also reminds you to live life well because death is inevitable. You can also include ravens, symbols or runes to tailor this image into a Viking-inspired design.


Although the era of Vikings is over, many people trace their ancestry to them. Therefore, they would like to honour their heritage in the form of a Viking tattoo design. For example, some individuals belonging to a village in Norway learn the trades of Vikings by living like them. Go through the list of these tattoos and choose the one that resonates with you. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the information helpful!

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