One of the most famous subjects for tattoos, the Vikings have a huge impression on tattoo artists and lovers all over the world. The tattoos symbolize strength, valour and dignity. The Vikings have a rich history which has many subjects that can be ideal for tattoo designs.

Best and Stylish Viking Tattoos for Norse Heritage Lovers:

Below, the top 9 Viking tattoo design ideas are illustrated who love Norse mythology.

1. Funny Viking Tattoos:

It is not easy to portray some topic which has such seriousness with a touch of humour. Try inking yourself with this funny Viking sleeve tattoo to improvise your sense of wit and humour. The Viking head tattoo is highly detailed and the Viking face has a realistic touch as well.

2. Scary Viking Tattoos:

The Vikings are always interpreted as scary and furious. This tattoo showcases the Viking world in the exact same fashion. This full Viking male figure which resembles a king has human skulls scattered below his throne, which makes the tattoo a symbol of domination and scary at the same time.

3. Viking Symbol Tattoos:

There are plenty of Viking symbols which have been used in tattoos for a long time. You may choose any of such highly illustrated designs for your tattoo. Viking symbol tattoo designs can be inked throughout your body, at any place. It might range from being small to as huge as covering your entire back.

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4. Viking Scene Tattoos:

War and Vikings sound almost synonymous to each other. Tattoo artists have successfully created Viking scenes that display Vikings foraying into war. This Viking tribal tattoo depicting Vikings armed with weapons preparing for a bloody war is very much intriguing.

5. Graphic Viking Tattoos:

Generally, all Viking tattoos are very much detailed and descriptive, but more graphic Viking tattoos have their own charm. This Viking scarred face is highly graphic and emits a sense of the survivalist element in itself. The touch of red hue has made the already blood dripping gory figure even more lively.

6. Realistic Viking Tattoos:

3D tattoos have come a long way and now we can see a wide variety of Viking tattoos that look more than real. This rugged Viking warrior tattoo face is not only a great work of art but is effortlessly extremely realistic. The tattoo is highly detailed which makes it stand taller than others. The blue-eyed eyes and proper use of colors have made this tattoo an example of perfection.

7. Girl Viking Tattoos:

Viking men and women were equally furious and skilled in wars. This Viking style tattoo of a Viking girl, wearing authentic Viking clothes is beautiful and strong. This tattoo design has a more abstract take on the subject rather than details which has made this tattoo even more desirable.

8. Viking Bear Tattoos:

You can easily make all your tattoo loving friends jealous with this super cool bear tattoo. The tattoo is colorful which increase its oomph factor. The bear is chained and one-eyed, seen wearing Viking headgear. The tattoo depicts the ferociousness of the bear is a super fun way which is very pleasant a great Viking tattoo design.

9. Viking Ship Tattoos:

Viking ships are a big part of their legend. Most of the Viking scenes are almost incomplete without their signature Viking ship in it. This beautiful and highly illustrated traditional Viking tattoo shows a Viking ship sailing in the sea with Viking warriors ready for an imminent battle. The use of colors and the appropriate application of an amount of graphic make this tattoo close to amazing. Take a closer look and you would find an old Viking face in close up at the side of the tattoo which reflects its artistic brilliance.

This is the age of customization. Everything now a day can be customized to meet one’s expectations. The ideas are given here can be customized according to one’s sense of design. The Viking dragon tattoos have garnered much popularity lately. The Viking tattoos can generally tend to take up a fair amount of surface, but you can always twitch your grey cells to come up with something that will be more compact.

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