An engagement ring will be truly a special gift for your loved one. So why not go ahead and make it a timeless piece of jewelry that is elegant and has a one-of-a-kind feel? Vintage rings are special are they have an old world feel to them. You can choose from etched metals, motifs and use of emeralds, rubies etc. as gemstones.Buy them for someone you love deeply to show how much their love means to you. You can make their day memorable by getting them a timeless piece that shows you intend to keep your love for them forever.

Latest Collection Of Vintage Engagement Rings:

Vintage engagement rings are a thing of beauty. Each of these styles was once worn by someone who was in love and that makes these rings high in demand.

1. Vintage Diamond Rings For Engagement:

The round cut diamond ring is one of the most famous vintage style engagement rings. It showcases a round cut diamond in the centre with micro diamonds all around it. These give a brilliance and beauty that is timeless.

2. White Topaz Vintage Engagement Ring:

The emerald cut is again one of the vintage inspired engagement rings that are exquisite. The ring may be set in yellow gold to give it that timeless feel. The aesthetic value of these rings is really high.

3. Dual Design Vintage Cut Ring:

This ring is delicate to capture the essence of the vintage look. Engagement rings vintage enough have intricate scroll work around the sides of the ring. The diamonds itself are set in a halo design that is brilliant.

4. Hexagon Diamond Cut:

Vintage diamond engagement rings are made popular by this hexagon design. Here six diamonds are encased around a central diamond to give the hexagon effect. This make the ring look really regal.

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5. Asscher Cut Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring:

The asscher cut diamond setting is one where micro diamonds are set in a mosaic arrangement to give it an antique look. These are special rings that will please someone who likes an art deco style. All those who love the old world art will surely be pleased with this style of ring.

6. Triplet Stone Silver Vintage Ring:

The three stone engagement rings are popular even though they are vintage in nature. The reason for this is the essence of the three stones. Each stone depicts the idea of yesterday, today and forever.

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7. Rose Gold Eye Design Vintage Ring:

Vintage rose gold engagement rings are another choice of brides to be as the color of the gold plays an important part. Rose gold is very feminine in color and makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry. The vintage look of these rings adds to its exquisiteness.

8. Crown Cut Gold Vintage Ring:

Vintage gold engagement rings are timeless are sophisticated. Gold as a metal is very trendy and this gives the rings an appeal. It can be used all the time. Choose a ring with the most beautiful delicate look to give it that vintage feel and you will be loved always.

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9. Oval Sharp Cut Diamond Ring:

The marquise cut is another famous vintage pattern that has an oval shape diamond in the centre and several micro diamonds around it. This lends a beautiful look that dates back to kings and queens and the era by gone. Get this type of ring for your loved one if she loves the old world charm and fairytale stories.

Vintage engagement rings are a thing of beauty. Each piece is timeless and creates an aura that is exquisite. The types of vintage engagement rings are so many that it will be a task to choose one for your loved one. It makes it easier to know the style and taste of your loved one and then choose the best one for her. Vintage pieces are also classy enough to be used in today’s generation and it is something that will keep for time to come.


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