Wallets are something extremely personal for a man or woman used to carry cash, cards, keys and other utility stuff. Vintage wallets are those heirloom handed over precious stuff for keeps into many generations. The vintage wallets have an emotional connection to it. Even a brand new wallet gets meaning and definition over time and years and becomes something very special for both men as well as a woman.

Stylish and Fashionable Designs of Vintage Wallets for Gents and Ladies:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Vintage Wallets.

1. Classic Brown Vintage Wallet for Men:

This is made of high-quality genuine leather in the never to go off fashion colour of brown for men. This is a no-nonsense simple wallet but with the vintage charm of the 1970s to it with button closure.

2. Vintage Tweed Wallet for Men:

Tweed fabric is a rough-surfaced woollen material used to make accessories. This vintage wallet in black has tweed in black and white colours in it. This wallet really looks amazingly stylish yet very different when compared to usual leather wallets.

3. Orange Brown Minimalist Vintage Wallet for Men:

This is one wallet in genuine leather in a very different shade of brown being orange-brown. This is purely handmade which makes it unique and gives that vintage touch to the wallet. With no buttons, zippers etc., the minimalistic wallet is open and holds things for a man.

4. Etched Vintage Wallets for Men:

This is a nice wallet in genuine leather with the etched figure of a vintage cycle on one side of the flap. The leather is also bit washed out for that vintage feel to the wallet. The design of the cycle is actually etched on the leather for a lasting non-fade away finish.

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5. Vintage Biker Wallet for Men:

This is a green coloured leather biker zipper wallet for men with chain. This wallet has a rugged look perfect for all the bikers out there. Pick this wallet and up that cool quotient.

6. Vintage Tapestry Wallet for Women:

This tapestry clutch wallet for women made of textile fabric with designs and colourful weaves is really worth the value. The fabric itself gives the wallet the natural look with a vintage touch to it. These tapestry wallets are actually passed down from generations.

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7. Vintage Floral Wallet for Women:

This is a really interesting piece made of leather with colourful floral patterns. The wallet comes with a zip-around design and is not too big neither too small. This is a really nice collectable for one’s vintage wallet collection. Further anything floral really quirks up things for women.

8. Vintage Black Wallet with Clasp for Women:

This is a classic wallet in the colour black. Made with fabric in faux alligator pattern, this vintage wallet for women has a large clasp button for closing the wallet. This is a style of wallet inspired by the 1960s and looks elegant on a woman’s hands.

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9. Vintage Tooled Leather Wallet for Women:

This is a stunning piece made with tooled leather. Tooled leather is made of vegetable-tanned leather and this leather is easy to work with for making vintage stuff. This is a lovely wallet in brown with beautiful roses embossed on the wallet for the lovely lady.

Wallets add a lot of dimension to one’s personality. The choices of wallets are purely individualistic yet a vintage wallet with a man or a woman stand out and gets immediate attention. The charm exuded by anything vintage is really fascinating and wallets are no exclusion from that.

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