Are you born between 23rd August to 22nd September! Great! However, before we step towards your birthstone, let’s check out your zodiac sign.

For the people who are born in this period of time, Virgo is their zodiac. The Virgos are very reasoned and organized. Similarly, the birthstone for Virgo is old and has proved to be lucky charm for them. Virgo is related to the earth and carries qualities like emotional and spiritual strength. Thus, they have several birthstones to select from as below.

Latest Virgo Birthstone:

Here we have a list of the top 9 Virgo Birthstones in Different Designs for you to choose the best that suits you.

1. Carnelian Virgo Birthstones:

Carnelian, also known as the stone of passion, has been assigned as the Virgo birthstone in both Western and Hindu cultures. The birthstone is a traditional one for the month of August. The birthstone symbolizes motivation, leadership, courage and endurance.

2. Jade Virgo Birthstones:

Among the Virgo birthstones, Jade is known as the stone of fortune. Mostly visible in green, the stone can also be worn in yellow and white. The Jade birthstone symbolizes virtue and love; and increased the body strength keeping the wearer physically strong and active.

3. Jasper Virgo Birthstones:

The Jasper is widely used in Virgo birthstone necklace designs as it is said to be a blood stone which helps in maintaining a balance between the negative and positive vibes in the body. This earthly birthstone symbolizes life, strength, passion and courage.

4. Moss Agate Virgo Birthstones:

This birthstone of Virgo is also known as the stone of friendship. It is believed that this stone brings peace in the internal life of the wearer and also helps them in concentrating on a specific task. It brings out the nervousness in the wearer and allows him to obtain his desires.

5. Blue Sapphire Virgo Birthstones:

This Virgo birthstone ring is made with Blue Sapphire. This stone helps the Virgo to fight against any kind of depression or mental stress by giving them inner peace and spiritual illumination. The stone is said to bring good luck, spiritual enlightenment and protection when gifted to the Virgo.

6. Citrine Virgo Birthstones:

Citrine birthstone Virgo is the terrestrial stone of Mercury. It is said to be a lucky stone for Virgo. This stone helps in improving the personality clearly with the Virgo who is mentally inactive. It also reduces the leanings of self-destruction from the wearer to a great extent. The stone hence symbolizes protection, good luck, love and affection.

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7. Zircon Virgo Birthstones:

Zircon Virgo birthstone color shades include colors like blue, red, yellow, black and green to select from. The stone is widely crafted to ring designs which bring peace and prosperity in the wearer’s life. The stone comes with magical powers which have a great tendency to heal mental problems.

8. Amazonite Virgo Birthstone:

Amazonite Virgo Birthstone is connected with the heart chakra, thymus and throat chakra of the human body. This birthstone helps in removing away the negative energies. The stone is a symbol of truth, integrity and balance for a healthy life.

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9. Peri dot Virgo Birthstone:

Peri dot birthstone for Virgo comes with great amount of positive energy which increases the flow of blessings and good luck in your life. They help in the achievement of your desires in a positive manner as it is the most powerful stone for Virgo. While sitting for meditation, it allows you to focus on the body chakras giving you a feel of spirituality.

The birthstone of  Virgo has the capability to absorb the positive rays from the planets and shower them on the Virgo stone wearer. This means that the Virgo birthstones are proved to be a true blessing and good luck charm. They all help in gathering of wealth, good health, and luxurious life, success in professional life and courtesy of luck for the wearer.


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