Zodiac signs are very prominent in the world. Every zodiac sign has a meaning of its own. In the universe, we have twelve zodiac signs. These zodiac signs are interrelated to humans in one way or another. Different signs are stained as tattoos. The zodiac sign Virgo is stained on the body part. It may be the first letter of sign or symbol of Virgo. Tattoos are considered to enhance the beauty of women. Not only the women are staining tattoos but also men staining the tattoo. Tattoos will be combinational of flowers, stars and beautiful designs. People get a variety of tattoos for themselves. The colours used are majorly black and rainbows colours.

A Virgo horoscope sign tattoo doesn’t have a plain copy of the glyph. It has a lettering style. The symbolic representation of the sign indicates the start of the person. The symbol for the Virgo star sign is stylized by “M”. It is incorporated with other images.

The prominence of the Virgo sign is that the person is very analytical, precise and careful. These persons are independent and straightforward. They are detail-oriented, neat and meticulous. Virgo has the most beautiful tattoos.

Best Virgo Tattoo Designs:

Below are the 17 best Virgo tattoo designs for men and women as follows.

1. Virgo Symbol:

Virgo symbol itself is beautifully tattooed. The lettering of the symbol will be lower case M. It is the introspective nature of the sign. It is stained in more stylized versions like ankhs, blades, fish symbols and infinity symbols. Even it stained in the framework also. This tattoo can be combined with climbing vines and roses. It is created in a new emblem for the representation.

2. Tattoo Behind Neck:

Virgo can be tattooed anywhere on the body as the Virgo symbol can be stained in different styles. It can be stained, which is suitable for the wearer. It looks very simple and neat. The tattoo will be very elegant to look at. So tattoos will be exposed very neatly. It will be most suitable for girls. This is also one of the best Virgo tattoo designs for women.

3. Glyph Astro Virgo Tattoos:

Glyph Astro is one of the design styles of Virgo. In this design, the tattoo is combinational of the Virgo symbol and some of the stars. It means a group of galaxies can be seen after the tattoo is stained. This design can be stained anywhere on the body part. It looks very elegant and good looking. It is the best Virgo tattoo.

4. Virgo Constellation:


Virgo is an arrangement of some of the stars. It can be stained in various styles with different designs. So among them, the Virgo constellation is one. This tattoo is done in a way that stars are arranged in Virgo manner only. So tattoo is viewed in a Virgo way. This is one of the popular Virgo tattoo designs for girls.

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5. Virgo With Lady:

This is one of the hilarious designs in the tattoo world related to Virgo. This Virgo tattoo is designed in a way like Virgo letter symbol with a lady with the combinational bow. This symbol is beautiful to look at and very good-looking. It requires little place. It can be tattooed on any part of the body. Most of it will be stained on the side of the ribs.

6. Virgo In Tribal:

Tattooist has innovative thoughts. They will design tattoos in multiple styles and designs. Tattoos will be in touch with older designs also. Tribal is one of the older design styles in the tattoo world. So Virgo is designed tribal style which will be unique and neat for the view to the observer. It is one of the best Virgo tattoo designs for men.

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7. Virgo With Flowers:

This tattoo can stain in multiple combinations. Flowers are combined in most tattoos. Tattoos are stained with a letter, and some flowers stain beautiful.

8. Virgo With Fishes:

Virgo is designed very beautifully in a stylish manner. The virgo symbol is stained with fishes with nice aquatic nature in it. And some quotes were also written.

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9. 3D Virgo Tattoo:

There is no better medium that can compete with a Virgo tattoo to show off your star sign with masterful dynamism. This realm of astrology showcases down-to-earth humility alongside an unabashed classy look.

10. Small Virgo Tattoos:

Virgo tattoos are significant signs of a person with a grounded nature and are a true epitome of innocence. For an authentic stock of inked mastery, check out these aggressively charged small Virgo tattoos.

Virgo woman tattoo designs are plentiful, and this one on the collarbone stands out amongst the rest.

11. Virgo Tattoo Behind Ear:

This tattoo ushers deep respect for aesthetic beauty and provides a way to connect with your feminine side. A tattoo behind the ear is an excellent idea for girls.

12. Virgo Butterfly Tattoo:

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo has the most beautiful tattoo possibilities. The sign represents a virgin, so consider all the powerful or elegant looks that a young woman might choose. Butterfly tattoos are a feminine kind of tattoo and come in a great variety of shapes and sizes. This is a classic example of two ideas blended to create magic.

13. Virgo Finger Tattoo:

Virgo inks can boast endless variants of designs that you can choose in accord with your style. Performed with the help of defined lines, this tattoo on the finger shows the main feature – be yourself.

14. Virgo Goddess Tattoo:

Virgo tattoos can be combined with various other pictures like angels, witches, women and goddesses for women. This beautiful woman seems to have come down from heaven. Her hair looks like the whole Universe is showing the power of the zodiac sign Virgo.

15. Virgo Animal Tattoo:

Though tattoos of Taurus, Aries and Aquarius are inked in the shape of animals and a person, the tattoo of a Virgo soaks up all the attention as it is inked as a symbol and beautifully composed.

16. Virgo Angel Tattoo:

This is the mysterious Shoulder Blade Tattoo of a Virgo Angel-girl. Every line and dot in this tattoo is amazingly depicted as the different parts combine to form one. The beautiful Virgo angel seems to add symbolism to the whole picture.

17. Virgo Horoscope Tattoo:

This Red and Black Virgo Horoscope Tattoo has a Virgo sign that seems like it is painted with lipstick as it has a very blurry structure. However, the constellation of Virgo with sharp strokes adds the zest to the whole tattoo.


Choosing a tattoo is a one-time chance. We hope that you can choose the right one and these designs give you the inspiration to choose. Each tattoo signifies its importance and has a meaning. Choose the style, font and design that best describes you. If your birthday is between August 23rd and September 22nd, you’re a Virgo and choosing a tattoo with the Virgo sign is a great choice. Ensure you pick the perfect design for you and don’t settle for anything less. A sloppy tattoo is something you can’t flaunt. So, take your time and choose the best. Happy Getting Inked!

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