You know it’s totally normal for girls to go through various hairstyles right before that party, but when it comes to men, we know your struggle. Women had always had the privilege to style their mane the way they like, giving their length and now we proudly say, men has matched up to women in the hair section. Now they have started growing their tresses and with length comes style. Therefore here is a list of all the times the guy decided to try out new looks. Take a cue from these men and spice up your look the next time you head out for a guy’s night out.

1. The Cool Dude:

Carrying yourself in an elegant way was never reserved just for girls and therefore here we have this hot bod posing for an elegant look. The best part to this look is the sharpness that follows the hype and at the same time, the hair being apt for a formal look. With a little edge to it, the hair here is sectioned from the middle and quiffed up with a proper edge on the sides. You can pair this with a suit or a tee, wherever your mood takes you.

2. The Hype Follower:

If you have to follow the much hyped about trend and you want to look formal and cool doing it, take a cue from this guy who decided to go big with his hair and at the same time maintained the cool look. The hair once again is sectioned from the top and propped up and back brushed properly. The entire quiff ends at the center of the head and then the shorter locks, now tamed follows. For the sides, it has been clearly trimmed to only leave the bristles.

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3. The Hipster Look:

If carefree is your style, make this statement piece of hair your everyday look. it is the same as the previously mentioned hair but this time with a bit more addition to the wilder side. This hairdo screams carefree but at the same time, has a serious aura which you can work on. In fact, this is perfect hairstyle for men who are pursuing the heavy genre of music. Keeping the front a bit longer and then sweeping it to the side is indeed a great idea.

4. The Formal Look:

Gone are the days of your interviews where you had to give yourself a purpose bland look just to impress your boss into ensuring him you take your interviews and meetings seriously. Now with the various hairstyling dos, you can get your point across and still look fiery hot doing so. This is one of those formal hair dos, properly sectioned and brushed back with gel.

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5. The Carefree Look:

For a college goer or a new guy in the block, you need to keep yourself to the minimum and at the same time make sure you look the hot stuff that you are. Since we are leading with minimum effort a good out of the bed look should do the trick. Keep the mid section short and fluffy and back brush it to the slightest.

6. The Proper Short:

If age is the limit for you, get age appropriate and still pull your A- game on with this hair style. For a broader face with slight stubbles, keep the hair in the front short and crisp, so that you can prop it up with some gel. This is also a good way to hide the illusion of receding hairline. The short and sharp look will indeed make you look good.

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7. The Chocolate Boy Look:

Now we slowly move on to the longer tress looks. This is a perfect next door cute neighbor hairstyle. If you have already grown those front locks, might as well get them trimmed and set on the side so that you can carry off that young rugged look with ease.

8. The Curly Waves:

Like women, men too like to grow out their front tresses and therefore, for all the ones still suffering with the untamable locks and do not know what to do with it, make the locks look appealing with the rugged look and out of the bed head.

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9. The Proper Locks:

Here is the ultimate lock for the ones who dream long. Just keep the locks to their natural self and let it grow out. Once it is properly grown simply back brush it to the back.


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