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Vitamin D – Sources , Deficiency Symptoms And Its Benefits

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Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient that helps in absorption of calcium and phosphate by our intestine. Vitamin D can’t be obtained from the food source. Vitamin D is produced by our own body or with the help of sunlight. Frequent exposure of your skin to sunlight can give your required vitamin D synthesis without any supplements consumption.

Our body can also manufacture vitamin D from cholesterol, thus it is called “the sunshine vitamin.” A darker skin tone is advised to apply sunscreen to reduce the ability to absorb vitamin D by 90 percent.

This increases the ability to stimulate calcium absorption and promotes the growth and development of bones and teeth. Sunlight is the best and cheapest way to get sufficient vitamin D. When sun- UV-B radiation hits on the skin, our body makes vitamin D.

Vitamin D is classified into 5 different forms.They are called as calciferol.
• Vitamin D1
• Vitamin D2
• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin D4
• Vitamin D5

Vitamin D2 and D3 is the most important vitamin D of all.

Ways To Obtain Vitamin D:

• Food,
• Sunlight and
• Supplements.

Source Of Vitamin D3:

•    Fish liver oils, like cod liver oil
•    Catfish (wild)
•    Salmon, cooked
•    Mackerel, cooked
•    Sardines, canned in oil
•    Tuna, canned in oil
•    Eel, cooked
•    egg
•    Beef liver, cooked
•    fortified milk
•     soy
•    rice

Deficiency Symptoms of Vitamin D:

• Tiredness
• General aches
• Bone deformities.
• Muscle cramps,
• Seizure and breathing difficulties
• Soft skull and leg bones
• Curved leg
• Bone pains
• Muscle weakness
• Rickets
• Poor growth
• Difficulty in walking.
• Late teething
• Irritability
• Respiratory issues
• Infections
• Weak chest muscle.
• Cardiomyopathy

What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency?

•    Less exposure to sun light
•    Melanin
•    Kidneys failure
•    Obesity
•    Medical problems such as cystic fibrosis and celiac disease.

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 Benefits Of Vitamin D:

There are numerous benefits for vitamin D. Here in this article we have given 50 best benefits of vitamin D for health, skin and hair which are very helpful to your in your life long. Let us look at the top Vitamin D benefits of this wonderful gift of nature.

1. Healthy Immune System:

This nutrient helps your intestine to absorb calcium and phosphorus. This helps to maintain strong bones and immune system. Vitamin D helps in metabolizing enzymes and vitamin D in many cell types. It stimulates many immune cells like T cells, B cells, antigen-presenting-cells, and monocytes. Vitamin D stimulates tolerogenic immunological status and regulates inflammatory responses and mechanisms.

2. Osteomalacia:

Vitamin D helps in prevention of Osteomalacia. This leads to muscular system weakness and brittle bones. This is a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency observed in adults. Osteomalacia is a bone disease of chronic and vitamin D deficiency. Osteomalacia can also be caused due to malabsorption or other nutritional deficiency. Tenderness, muscle weakness, Bone pain, and difficulty walking are some symptoms of Osteomalacia.

3. Arthritis:

Vitamin D is useful to maintain the balance of calcium in your body. Thus, this can cure or prevent arthritis. Vitamin D deficiency can cause rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that happens as our own body’s immune system attacks the joints tissues of our body. Vitamin D plays a vital role in regulating the immune system and prevents the recurrence of many autoimmune disorders.  Both vitamin D deficiency and rheumatoid arthritis can cause cardiovascular disease. Consuming vitamin D supplementation can significantly extend the life of rheumatoid arthritis patients.

4. Blood Pressure:

Vitamin D is useful to maintain the blood pressure and reduce stress and tension. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a serious illness that can further cause chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease.

Important risk factors that raise blood pressure:

•    Smoking
•    Alcohol in a large amount
•    Salt and sugar intake
•    Obesity
•    Deficiency of vitamin

Sunlight exposure and hypertension risk may affect the seasonal changes of blood pressure. (UVA) also reduces the blood pressure. Vitamin D may prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure. Deficiencies of vitamin D levels can cause high blood pressure and hypertension. Vitamin D constricts blood vessels and raises the low blood pressure and insulin sensitivity. This vitamin is also useful to prevent arterial calcification in which the arteries can harden and lead to high blood pressure. Vitamin D helps in proper regulation of calcium absorption and metabolism that helps to direct calcium to the bones and teeth.

5. Body Ache:

Do you often complain of backache and joint pain? This vitamin gives you relief from body aches and pains and reduces muscle spasms. Vitamin D and vitamin D3 deficiency can cause backache, leg pain, joint pain and lethargy. When a woman is pregnant and has low vitamin D, this passes to her child as well. Exposure to sunlight is the biggest source of vitamin D that we avoid many a times. The normal range of vitamin D is 30 (nano grams per milliliter of blood) healthy vitamin D helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle.

6. Respiratory Infection :

This vitamin is known to lower the respiratory infection. Hence, it can cure bronchitis, common cold and asthma. Vitamin D that is made by the body in sunlight calms an over-active part of the immune system in asthma. Asthma patients find it difficult to breathe when their airways get inflamed, swollen or narrowed. They are treated with steroids, but that doesn’t work for all. High levels of vitamin D are useful to control asthma, improve immune system and fight off infections. This sunshine vitamin can also ease their symptoms in patients. Prevention from sun and using sunscreen has increased the asthma rates.

7. Insulin Secretion:

Vitamin D is useful to differentiate between cells. Thus, it secretes insulin that maintains the diabetes level in our body.

8. Fight Depression:

This is the best nutrient to fight against depression and relax your mind. Vitamin D is a miracle worker to treat some common ailments like depression and diabetes. Vitamin D may improve your mood and exacerbate depression.

9. Preeclampsia:

Vitamin D helps in prevention of preeclampsia. As, it improves the proper function of kidney.

10. Cancer:

This vitamin is useful to control abnormal multiplication of cancer cells. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to cancer.

11. Lose Weight:

Vitamin D is useful to absorb many weight loss nutrients like calcium. Calcium deficiency can increase the fatty acids synthesis that helps to convert calories into fats. This helps to lose your weight by 60 %.

12. Cold And Flu:

It aids to maintain proper immune system. Hence, it can treat common cold and flu.

13. Improves Eye Sight:

This vitamin is also useful to improve eye sight of the children. It is advised to go outdoors daily for few hours. This helps in the eye ball growth and lowers the risk of nearsightedness.

14. Sclerosis:

This vitamin is known to reduce the development of sclerosis. A little ray of sunshine is useful to combat fatigue and depression and lowers the risk of multiple sclerosis. Get a regular dose of sunshine to combat fatigue and depression. Too little sunshine can cause vitamin D deficiency and cause contracting multiple sclerosis (MS). This has symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and perception disorders.  This can’t be treated with vitamin D tablets. Moderate exposure to the sun alone can show positive health effect.

15. Active Brain:

Vitamin D is useful to maintain an active brain and maintain body weight.

16. Asthma:

This vitamin can lower the frequency of asthma symptoms.

17. Low Radiation:

Vitamin D is useful to protect against damage from low levels radiation.

18. Tuberculosis:

get good amount Vitamin D to cure Tuberculosis. Vitamin D plays a vital role fighting infection and tuberculosis. It can fight infection causing bacteria and cure tuberculosis.  Vitamin D deficient people are more susceptible to infection, HIV, AIDS, tuberculosis. Vitamin D can activate the T-cells and destroy the TB bacteria. Vitamin D supplements can augment the resistance to tuberculosis or infections.

19. Mental Health:

Vitamin D is useful to sharpen your mental health. People who take good amount of Vitamin D have good memory.

20. Heart Health:

Deficiency of Vitamin D can increase the risk of heart attacks. This can also cause many other cardiovascular related diseases. This improves your cardiovascular strength by making a protective lining for the blood vessels.

21. Skin Health:

Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 acts as excellent food for skin health. This can also improve the overall health of your skin by reducing wrinkles. It aids in making your skin soft, strong, and smooth.

22. Psoriasis:

Cream or supplements with Vitamin D is useful to treat skin problem like psoriasis. Psoriasis can make your skin look itchy ad flaky skin.

23. Skin Damage:

Vitamin D is useful to lower the risk of infections that cause skin injuries.

24. Skin Rejuvenation:

Vitamin D can also rejuvenate your skin and make them look younger than before.

25. Anti-Inflammatory:

Vitamin D3 has anti-inflammatory properties that can sure skin injuries, skin damage, burns, and stretch marks. Hence, vitamin D is even used in creams and lotions due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

26. Premature Ageing:

Vitamin D contains anti-oxidant that can cure skin damage and lower the chances of premature ageing of skin. They can be included as supplements or in diet to get the benefits. Adequate vitamin D will give you relief from such skin problems. Vitamin D plays vital role in skin cell development and repair. This also mobilizes your skin’s immune system and destroys free radicals that cause premature aging.

27. Sunburns:

Scientist has proven that Vitamin D lowers the risk of sunburns.

28. Eczema:

Vitamin D is found successful to treat eczema and of rosacea.

29. Hair Loss:

Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause hair loss. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for healthy hair follicles. This Vitamin also reduces the stress, and depression that reduces hair loss

30. Hair Growth:

Vitamin D leads to healthy hair growth cycle. Vitamin D aids keratinocytes to help proper hair follicle cycling and boosts hair growth.

31. Maintaining Cognitive Functions:

Vitamin D play a vital role to brain keeps working well even in the later stage of life.

32. Osteoporosis:

Rheumatoid arthritis patients also have high risk of osteoporosis, a problem that leads to bone loss. Hence, it is advised to increase calcium absorption in the body. High level of vitamin D levels can also prevent this disease. Many osteoporosis drugs do not work well with vitamin D-deficient patients.

Hence, it is must to get plenty of vitamin D for people who suffer from osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

33. Alzheimer’s Disease:

Depressed people are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Vitamin D helps in prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This also gives you relief from depression by consuming omega-3 fats. Hence, ensure that you get enough sunlight exposure to have healthy vitamin D levels to treat depression. This can also cure psychiatric and neurological disorders to some extent. Proper vitamin D levels can enhance the amount of vital chemicals in the brain and protect your brain cells.

Hence, it is advised to maintain optimal vitamin D levels to help your cells to function properly and reduce health ailments and chronic diseases.

34. Acne:

Struggling with acne? This can be a cause of Vitamin D deficiency. This “sunshine vitamin,” plays an important role in healing and preventing acne. This also soothes the inflammation and reduces acne. This is a very useful to fight acne bacteria by generating inflammation.

35. Alopecia:

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that can provide many health benefits naturally.  This has miracle cure for alopecia and herpes zoster. Vitamin D is helpful in many health conditions.

36. Bone Health:

Vitamin D is extremely good for the bones and it is really popular for this particular benefit. Promoting bone health is one of the best things that Vitamin D does. It assists in keeping the bone strong and healthy from the inside. We all know that deficiency of this particular vitamin can cause rickets, which is actually pretty prominent in children living in the slums as they don;t get the adequate supply of vitamin D. One of the best vitamin D benefits is that it can save you from low bone density problems.

37. Good For Preventing Diabetes:

It has been proven that Vitamin D is good for preventing the diabetes symptoms. This is one of the most popular benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D has the ability to control type2 diabetes along with a number of related issues.

According to studies, it has been seen that insufficient supply of vitamin D may have an opposite effect on the secretion of insulin. These effects should be kept in mind before using this vitamin. It is one of the most important sources of the most essential requirement of our body.

38. All Over Health:

One of the most important benefits of vitamin D is that it takes total care of your health. It is one of those vitamins which come with a high amount of naturally good elements and minerals which can cure almost all kinds of diseases in your body. Proper supply of vitamin D may also assist the body in fighting against many diseases and infections that are pretty common these days.

39. Save Us From The Sun:

Sunburns are not only the harmful outcomes of the sun. Vitamin D can save us from the harmful issues which might have been caused due to the direct exposure to the sun.Vitamin D can provide you body with a few things which might be too much for the body which in turn will save you from a lot of risky issues that might damage your health instantly.

Along with all that, this fact must not be ignored that Sun is one of the main sources of vitamin D. So it should be kept in mind that a little sun exposure won’t kill us. Rather, it might provide our body the adequate amount of Vitamin D, which will further save us from the harmful effects of the sun.

40. The Fat Soluble Feature:

This is one of the best vitamin d health benefits. Many scientific studies have confirmed one fact that one cannot overdose the content of vitamin d in their skin. Vitamin d is a fat-soluble substance which is stored in the body. This particular fat-soluble substance keeps the bones and kidney, liver, stomach, etc healthy. This is one of the best vitamin d uses.

41. Improved Muscle Function:

There are many ways in which vitamin d helps our body. Maintaining the muscle structure and keeping them filled and healthy is one of the best used of vitamin d. Yes, it is true that vitamin d containing supplements can enhance your muscle strength and make you strong from the core. This is probably one of the most useful vitamin d benefits. According to a scientific report, is has been proved that more than 50% of men who age between 20-30years have a substantial increase in muscle health because of the consumption of vitamin d.

42. Cardiovascular Diseases:

It can be ensured that vitamin d will protect your body from cardiovascular diseases. Along with maintaining adequate bone health vitamin d can prevent us from sudden cardiac attacks and even deaths. It will protect the whole cardiovascular system in our body and prevent it from all kinds of threats as well.

The same health property of vitamin d allows it to lower blood pressure and perform other similar functions.

43. Pre-Workout:

Vitamin d can be used as an effective pre-workouts supplement. This feature allows vitamin d to increase strength and allow you to have the best workout of your life. Vitamin d is highly recommended by trainers and professional dietitians.

44. Youthful Skin:

This is the best beauty benefits of vitamin d. It can easily make you look younger. Many women store the foods containing this particular vitamin is a jar and keep it stored in a cold place to keep them fresh and, later on, eat them or apply them directly to the skin. According to many research outcomes it has been proved that the skin benefits of vitamin d are so far one of the best vitamin d uses.

45. Infant Growth:

The most deficiency of vitamin d is seen in infants. They are the sufferers of the harmful diseases which occur when the body doesn’t get an adequate supply of this vitamin.

One of the best vitamin d health benefits lies in making infants healthier. It is one of those vitamins which are a must and should never be ignored. Here, we have a wonderful picture of the foods that should be consumed by children for a proper growth and can prevent rickets.

46. Prevents Memory Loss:

We have already discussed that vitamin d keeps the brain active. Here, we will talk about another benefit of vitamin d regarding the human brain which is one of the most useful vitamin d health benefits. It prevents the brain from memory loss by keeping it active through all the stages of loss. If you have consumed proper amounts of vitamin d at your early stages of life then you don’t have to fear about the memory loss issue which occurs to all aged adults generally.

47. Save Your From Early Death:

Among the many vitamin d health benefits, one is that it save us from early death by keeping most of the internal body healthy and youthful.

48. Good For Children Eyesight:

Vitamin d can improve an average children’s eyesight if the body is supplied with adequate amounts of this vitamin.

49. Itchy Skin:

Say goodbye to itchy and flaky skin with the help of vitamin d. The topical application of this vitamin can treat many diseases associated with the skin.

50. Depression:

Fight depression with the help of vitamin d. It can prevent a number of symptoms regarding depression. This is one of the best health benefits of vitamin d.