Dark circles form due to the various reasons such as damage caused by the sun, any allergies, sleeplessness and even pregnancy. There are plenty of natural ways to cure these dark circles. Usage of Vitamin K for dark circles is considered to be the best of all treatments. They improve blood circulation in the area around eyes and also reduce the cause of inflammation.

How to Use Vitamin K For Dark Circles:

Here are some of the best methods and treatments to cure dark circles with the usage of Vitamin K,

1. Capsules of Vitamin K for Dark Circles:

The supplements having vitamin K capsules have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Before going for the treatment of undertaking these Vitamin K capsules for dark circles, you should always consult with your physician. They are available in both capsule and tablet form. And the dosage can be taken according to the physician’s prescription. Vitamin K for dark circles under the eyes, as supplements help us with blood coagulation and also for proper blood circulation. Hence, it effectively works for the dark circles under your eyes.

2. Gel-Based Vitamin K for Dark Circles:

Vitamin K in any form, work so well to fight against the dark circles under your eyes. There are also plenty of gel-based creams available in the market, which has the main constituent as vitamin K. You can make use one of these. The directions of the usage of these Gels will be given in the product description, which can vary from one product to another, according to the contents added in it. As a Universal rule, this Vitamin K Gel for dark circles or even creams should be applied before going to bed and should be left overnight on the skin for best results.

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3. Vitamin K Content Cream for Dark Circles:

The cosmetic platform has developed hundreds of creams and serums that contain vitamin K, for treating the dark circles. The antioxidants present in these creams, help to repair the damaged skin and also improve the poor circulation of blood around the eyes. The cream-based products are mostly selected by the individuals of dry skin type. After cleaning your face, you can apply one of the best vitamin K cream for dark circles with your fingertips around the eyes. And you can give some gentle stroking massage for about 10 to15 minutes. This process is ideal before going to bed.

4. Oil Containing Vitamin K for Dark Circles:

This is also another way to choose, for treating the dark circles that are formed under the eyes. Instead of going for a gel or Vitamin K cream for dark circles under eyes, the individuals having extra dry skin type with sensitiveness would widely select this procedure of Vitamin K oil for dark circles. With no harmful chemicals, these organic oils can be used anytime during the day. Just take a few drops of vitamin K oil on your fingertips and put some gentle strokes around the area covering the eyes. Perform the massage for about 15 minutes. Then leave the oil to penetrate into the skin for another 10 minutes, after which you can wash it off with warm water.

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5. Homemade Vitamin K Packs for Dark Circles:

Now you can also make your own homemade packs of treating your dark circles. Make use of vitamin K capsules as a basic ingredient in all the packs. Pierce the capsules and take out the gel. Preserve this Vitamin K for under-eye circles gel to make very easy homemade packs with various ingredients. You will have to choose ingredients that are easily available but has a high content of vitamin K. Some of them are carrot, cucumber, almond oil etc.

For a carrot pack, you can mix the vitamin K gel with the carrot pulp. Put this like a pack around your eyes. Leave until it dries and then wash off.

For a cucumber pack, you can put this gel into the cucumber juice. Make this liquid massage on to your dark circles. Perform this circular action for about 15 minutes. Leave it overnight and watch off the next morning.

As such you can mix the vitamin K gel in all the homemade packs, according to the ingredients that very well suits you or else you can make use of available Gels and creams even. All works best for dark circles.

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