Our human body comprises of numerous small building blocks. They require repairing and maintenance from the wear and tear, caused by various reasons. Our hair is no exception. Although it is a dead cell it needs nourishment to withstand the atrocities of pollution, sunlight and various impurities. It also needs food to grow; hence nutrients play a major role. So let us find out which vitamins our hair craves for.

How is Use Vitamins for Hair fall Control:

Here is a list of 10 hair loss vitamins that makes to prevent hair fall permanently.

1. Vitamin A- Retinol:

Retinol is essential for boosting hair growth. It’s anti oxidant properties keeps the scalp healthy and stimulates the hair follicles. Vitamin A is highly found in foods such as: vegetables, fishes and dairy products.

While its deficiency can cause dry hair, an excess is not what the body desires. It can even lead to hair loss. This happens when our liver which is the natural storehouse of retinol cannot hold on to more of it. Therefore moderation is the best way to go about it.

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2. Vitamin C:

This vitamin is used by the body for a very potent protein compound called collagen. It gives the necessary tensile strength to the blood vessels, which in turn helps them carry required level of oxygen that is necessary for blood circulation. It also helps absorb the iron from our food intake which is also required for hair growth.

Low iron levels in our blood makes us anemic and leads to more and more thinning hair. Without healthy blood cells there will be poor blood circulation and our hair follicles will not be provided with the necessary nutrients to grow and remain healthy.

A proper level of vitamin C is abundantly found in all citrus fruits. Try a berry mix with yogurt and you’re sorted for the day. It is also a very good diet that will boost your immunity in general.

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3. Vitamin E:

While some of us relate vitamin E to only adding moisture during winters, we must also know that it is the best vitamin that fights grey hairs. Those who regularly take vitamin E have a well groomed thick mane of original hair color.

Grey hairs are a sign of degeneration of the body’s building blocks. It is not a healthy sign, especially for younger people. Vitamin E also maintains the suppleness of our skin in general. So the younger and more nourished are our cells the healthier we will be. Foods rich in Vitamin E are avocado, coconut, soya beans, walnuts and eggs.

4. Vitamin B:

So we kept the best for the last. And mind you there are a host of these that make the hair healthy and prevent hair loss.

5. Niacin (Vitamin B3):

Promotes scalp circulation. Found abundantly in fish and meat. But use in moderation as excess can lead to a “niacin flush”.

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6. Folic Acid (Vitamin B12):

This nutrient helps the hair DNA to multiply rapidly and is as effective as biotin in the hair regrowth department. Found abundantly in leafy green vegetables, it is an extremely potent but volatile vitamin.

7. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5):

Helps prevent hair loss and premature graying.

8. Vitamin B6:

Prevents grey hairs by creating melanin compounds.

9. Biotin:

This is one of the most essential vitamins that is necessary for hair growth and prevention of hair fall.

The main purpose of biotin is to produce a protein called Keratin. This compound is the natural building block of the hair follicles. They form the necessary ceramide component that repairs hair damage and revives the hair from roughness and dullness naturally.

Found abundantly in eggs, whole grains and dairy products this is also responsible for prevention of pre-mature graying.

10. Inositol:

Found mostly in citrus fruits, this helps the cell renewal process that is necessary for hair growth and prevent hair fall.

The healthier is our hair, the lesser are the problems. Some things can’t be avoided such as UV rays and pollution, but we can compensate it with a proper diet. So let’s have a nutrient filled diet to keep our hair woes at bay.


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