Top 9 Vlcc Face Packs

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Summer season has all that strength to kill our fairness, to make our skin dull and most importantly to make our face tan! We girls have to spend half our salaries in beauty products or routine beauty treatments! Usually we do not get the best results by those products which we use at home. In this article you will get to know about some awesome top-9 “VLCC” face packs which are worth buying and provides you the best result at home itself!

1. Vlcc Spring Whitening Face Pack:

Vlcc Spring whitening face pack


• This is an all new face pack from VLCC that has an amazing and attractive packaging.
• It has an effective formulation in its content
• This effective and super valuable formulation works in combination of deep cleaning and promoting with a fair and glowing skin.
• It is advisable that you must use it outside only!
• Also you will surely feel (after each application), smooth and radiant on your texture.

2. Vlcc Diamond Detoxifying Wash Off Mask:

Vlcc diamond detoxifying wash off mask

• Diamonds have always been the girl’s best friend!
• You do not need to have more introductions for this face pack!
• To provide your skin the radiance of diamonds then you must use this ‘Diamond Detoxifying’ wash-off mask all the way from VLCC.
• This face mask cum pace pack contains diamond bhasma or you can say diamond dust to rejuvenate your skin from within,
• At last you are left with a long lasting radiance and glow.

3. Vlcc Natural Sciences Gold-peel Off Mask:

Vlcc natural sciences gold-peel off mask

• This gold peel of face mask cum face pack is good to nourish the skin tissues and helps rebuild weakened areas of your skin areas.
• VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask is enriched with the goodness of “24 Carat Gold” and has pure Lemon Peel Extract which also exert a powerful peeling action on your skin.
• This also eliminates the dead surface cells of your upper most layer and thereby enabling the underlying new cells to reach the surface above.
• It also helps to provide a good pH balance.

4. Vlcc Clear Tan Fruits Face Pack:

Vlcc clear tan fruits face pack


I do not think that we girl’s like tanning? So this is a superb solution to reduce the effect of tanning from your face with one wash itself!

• This fruit face pack helps to clear deep seated impurities and tan from your skin
• As it has the skin lightening properties therefore it improves complexion also
• It will help you to get a radiant and supple skin texture.

5. Vlcc Mud Face Pack:



• You must have heard about the magic of natural and fertile soil to our skin!
• So here vlcc has brought an awesome combination of mud in a form of a face pack.
• This pack helps to Cleans, tighten and brighten the skin from within
• It also helps to Clean the deeply seated impurities
• Improves blood circulation of your face so that you will feel more young

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6. Vlcc Sigdha Skin Whitening Face Pack:

Vlcc sigdha skin whitening face pack

• This is a pack that visibly works on dark spots/marks on the skin and you will be amazed by its work.
• Impart the natural glow to reveal brighter skin tone it is recommended to have regular weekly usage
• Provides even skin tone with visible difference with every usage

7. Vlcc Insta Glow Face Pack:

Vlcc insta glow face pack

• This face pack is good to get an instant glowing skin
• If you do not have time to go to a parlor and get ready then you just need this amazing product and you are done

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8. Vlcc anti Tan Face Pack:

Vlcc anti tan face pack

• This face pack is known only to reduce the effect of UV rays on your skin
• And that is all you need this summer
• Suitable for all skin types

9. Vlcc Gold Gace Pack:

vlcc gold face pack

• It is a kind of herbal Facial Treatment
• The gold content provides natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin
• Helps the skin retain moisture content in it and also increases flexibility.
• This face pack is available in “vlcc gold facial kit”

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