If you find salon facials too tedious, but want to achieve the same effect in minutes, a Face pack is a great idea! Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and the power of modern science, VLCC face packs are one of the fastest-selling products in the market. From removing dullness and tanning to dealing with dryness, oily skin and acne, this range cater to a wide range of skin problems and types.

VLCC was founded by Mrs Vandana Luthra in 1989, with a chain of beauty and slimming centers across the world. Along with offering professional salon treatments, the brand is also renowned for its premium quality, home skincare products. In this article, we shall exclusively focus on the currently available VLCC Face Masks and discuss each of its pros, cons and user ratings, to help you buy better.

Latest VLCC Face Packs for Men and Women In India:

Are the face packs from VLCC worth a try? To know this, read along as we have described all the best products in detail and even collected the general user reviews and ratings. (mostly from www.amazon.in and other trusted influencer websites).

1. VLCC Clear Tan Fruits Face Pack:

This is a powerful Ayurvedic formulation, which is designed to remove suntan and deep rooted impurities in the skin. It is infused with the goodness of fruit extracts to clarify the pores and makes you look radiant from within. With regular usage, you can notice a lighter skin tone by one or two tones. The ready-to-use mask is also free from harmful parabens.

Key Ingredients: Extracts of Cucumber, Pineapple and Mulberry.


  • Easy to use tube packaging.
  • Travel-Friendly.
  • Can leave a fresh feeling on your face.
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin.


  • Not suitable for dry and sensitive skins.
  • Some people may find the consistency to be too thick. In such cases, you need a drop or two of water to soften it.
  • Doesn’t help for aged tan.

Rating: 3.5/5

2. VLCC Mud Face Pack:

If you are a fan of mud masks, this product is sure to leave you impressed! It is a wonderful blend of Kaolin clay, turmeric powder and mint oil, which can cleanse your skin and give it a matte effect. The product can soak in excess oil, dirt and impurities. So, oily skinned beauties can largely get benefitted by this product and also deal with acne, with the antiseptic properties of Haldi.

Key Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Mint Oil, Turmeric, Red Earth Powder, Kikar Gond Powder etc.,


  • Contains naturally derived ingredients.
  • Makes your skin tighter and visibly brighter.
  • Spread well on the skin.
  • Gives you an oil-free, clean finish.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • May not suit very dry skins.
  • The strong fragrance may not suit everyone.
  • May contain chemicals as the complete ingredient list is not mentioned.

Rating: 4/5

3. VLCC Natural Sciences De-Pigmentation Face Pack:

If you have dark spots, patchy skin tone and dull skin, this product can be an effective solution. The key ingredient in this mask is sunflower oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and betacarotene. Not only does this lighten the scars and blemishes, but can also protect your skin from UV and environmental damage. With regular usage, you can notice a lighter complexion and smoother skin texture, thanks to the saffron extracts present in it. The product also claims to remove dead cells with its exfoliant properties.

Key Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Saffron extract.


  • Creamy texture and easy to spread.
  • Dries quickly and hassle-free washing.
  • Has a soothing lemony fragrance.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Lightens peripheral darkness of skin.


  • The complete ingredient list is not provided.
  • May not suit dry skins.
  • Doesn’t have any major effect on dead cell removal.

Rating: 4.5/5

4. VLCC Ayurveda Multani Mitti Face Pack:

The miracles of Multani Mitti for skin need no special introduction to us. This ancient beauty secret is now available as a ready-to-use Multani Mitti face pack by VLCC. The formula is also powered with aloe vera and lavender oil which offer a number of therapeutic benefits to our skin. Unlike homemade fuller’s clay pack, this product doesn’t dry out your skin and instead, nourishes it to make you glow!

Key Ingredients: Multani Mitti, Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera.


  • Affordable pricing and sturdy packaging.
  • Gives a tightening effect on your skin.
  • Has a pleasant aroma to invigorate your senses.
  • Doesn’t dry your skin or make it stretchy.
  • Contains no parabens that damage your cells.
  • Controls oil and removes dirt and impurities.


  • The effect stays only for 1-2 days only.
  • May not work for very greasy and oily skins, when compared to other Multani masks.

Rating: 4.3/5

5. VLCC Ultimo Blends Charcoal Face Pack:

Catch up with the charcoal trend with VLCC’s Ultimo Blends Charcoal face pack. This detoxifying mask can combat the effects of everyday exposure to dirt and pollution to reveal fair skin. Especially if you live in urban areas and regularly go out in traffic, this mask can be a quick way to restore the normalcy of your skin. It is powered with pure activated charcoal, clay and other essential oils that heal and repair the damage of skin cells.

Key Ingredients: Pure Activated Charcoal, Green Clay, Neem Oils.


  • Excellent for absorbing oils and dirt.
  • Lightens your complexion by one tone.
  • Contains natural extracts.
  • Leaves a clean look on your skin.
  • Travel-friendly, affordable packing.


  • Can dry out the skin so that you may need a moisturizing lotion after it.
  • Not suitable for very dry and cracked skins.
  • Cannot be used more than once a week.

Rating: 3.6/5

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6. VLCC 7X Ultra Whitening and Brightening Charcoal Peel Off Mask:

The VLCC 7X Whitening and Brightening Charcoal Peel off-mask, which can absorb even stubborn toxins and impurities from the skin. It contains Vitamin C to lighten your skin tone, Vitamin E to protect skin from sun damage and environmental factors. Other agents like Lemon oil and Turmeric oil adds shine and also fights acne-causing infections. The unique peel-off action can remove blackheads and whiteheads for a spotlessly clean look.

Key Ingredients: Mulberry extracts, Lemon Oil, Turmeric Oil, Rosewater, Activated Charcoal


  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Works well for oily and tanned skin.
  • Leaves a cooling sensation on your face.
  • Eliminates blackheads in your T-Zone area.
  • Gives an instantly glowing skin.


  • May not suit sensitive skins.

Rating: 3.8/5

So Folks! Now that you have learnt about the various VLCC face masks, it’s time to try them to experience their benefits. Most users have claimed to have experienced good results in just one application. So, you can choose a suitable product among these to enjoy their wonderful properties. When quality comes at affordable pricing, what else can you ask for?

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