Vodka known as ladies drinks among other alcoholic drinks. From early middle ages vodka is one of the world very popular alcoholic drinks. Earlier vodka was used as drink but now due to high versatile spirits of alcohol used in many medicines. Vodka is used to cure disease like infertility, colic, plague etc in medicines, used as insect repellent, as sanitizer, ingredient in toothpaste to cure toothache.

Vodka is also used in beauty products. The properties present in vodka are used as astringent, antiseptic, it cleans and brightens skin and pores are tightened. Vodka tones your skin and keep you look 5 years less of age. Vodka works excellent in hair. If you want soft, silky, frizzy free, dandruff free and long hair try our tips.

Are you aware that you can get soft and shiny hair from vodka?

Vodka for Hair Care:

1. Shiny Hair:

  • One can use vodka for instant shine through homemade remedy. For shiny hair try vodka hair pack
  • In a bowl mix honey, an egg, olive oil and mayonnaise.
  • Vodka hair pack is excellent for deep conditioner.
  • Add vodka (10 ml) on this solution in bowl and mix it well till mixture get smooth consistency.
  • For 20 minutes apply mixture on your hair.
  • With a mild shampoo wash it off.

One can get instant shiny hair Properties present in vodka which helps to close the cuticles by lowering the pH level present in hair.

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2. Frizzy Free Hair:

Silicones and parabens are present in most of the shampoos. Even many times our bathing was contain substance like hydrogen bicarbonate, calcium etc which are alkaline substance. Alkaline properties make hair rough and frizzy. pH level of the hair can be maintained by vodka. Since vodka is acidic in nature thus helps to De-frizzy the hair.

  • In conditioner (60 ml) mix vodka (10 ml)
  • Shake the mixture well, till it gets smooth consistency.
  • Once a week use the mixture.
  • Hair will be manageable and smooth.

Thus vodka is an excellent way for De-frizzy hair in home. One can also use vodka as final rinse to hair just mix vodka with water and apply to hair.

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3. For Dandruff Free Hair:

To get rid of dandruff applies vodka regularly in your hair. Try simple homemade tips.

  • Vodka (half cup)
  • Rosemary leaves crushed (2 teaspoons)
  • For 2-3 days let mixture remain still
  • Strain the mixture and store into a bottle.
  • Apply mixture into your scalp and massage it after one hour washes it off.
  • With mild shampoo wash your hair.

Once or twice in a week use mixture to get rigid of dandruff from hair.

4. For Long Hair:

Vodka helps in hair growth as it cleanse the scalp and make your hair grow faster. Try below mentioned steps.

  • Vodka (10 ml) mix with Shampoo (60 ml)

Regularly shampoo your hair with this mixture to get a clean scalp and smooth hair.

5. Prevent Hair Loss:

  • A simple home remedies to stop hair loss. Treatment work well if used regularly.
  • Honey ( 2 teaspoons), onion juice (2 teaspoons) and vodka ( 5 teaspoons)
  • Apply mixture and leave it overnight in your scalp.
  • Cover hair with a shower cap (optional)
  • With mild shampoo wash your hair.
  • For good result apply mixture daily.

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Vodka is excellent for hair as it act as conditioner and your hair shines. If your hair are coloured then avoid using vodka as it can be harmful.

Stay pretty and stylish with hidden magic of vodka!!!


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