It is said, clocks are slowly becoming obsolete due to the use of cell phones and computers. But clocks are not always about functionality. They also serve as a tremendous style statement in your house. With new and innovative designed clocks coming out every day, this is the best time to own a wall clock. This list of wall clock designs goes through each and every one of them in detail.

Cute & Cool Wall Clock Designs With Images In India:

Here we enlisted 50 interesting wall clock designs with pictures. Let’s have a look into them.

1. 3D Retro Vintage Wall Clock:

This is one of those large wall clocks that seems like a blast from the past, due to its huge 23-inch diameter. Fully made up of lightweight wood, this frame-less wall clock design includes nicely looking decorative big gears and improved hands for better visibility. Also, there is no-ticking Quartz movement, so fully silent and noiseless in its operation. This is perfect way to showcase your love for history.

2. Cuckoo Clock:

Talking about Cuckoo Clocks, this belongs to the family of large wall clocks, and rightly so with its huge 10.5-inch height. The design is simple, elegant, white in colour, this clock can be put onto any desk or can be hanged onto any wall easily. The cuckoo comes out every hour and half hour, and its light sensor automatically shuts the cuckoo off when the room gets dark.

3. Modern & Simple Wall Clock:

Only made up of natural, engineered wood this is a high-quality modern wall clock. The hands are made up purely natural wood while the face is made up of engineered wood. The lighted wall clock carries a very simple Scandinavian modern style that will look beautiful in any room, be it your office or home. Also, the clock is totally silent with its Quartz movement. A must-have for any modern family.

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4. Icon Clock:

This is one of a kind modern wall clock. What is beautiful about this clock is its minimal and very simplistic looks. Definitely one of those clocks that can easily covert your home into a modern-looking shelter. Also, it looks wonderful with its subtle colours that can easily bright up your gloomy day.

5. Modern Art Wall Clock:

This modern wall clock is inspired by the art district with this modern craft design. This clock will surely compliment your modern design. It’s noiseless non-ticking movement will save you from any sort of distractions, so that you can concentrate on your work or sleep. And to ensure longevity, this clock is made up of high quality materials.

6. Vintage Wall Clock With Pendulum:

This is definitely one of the big wall clocks that you would love in your room. It is totally vintage-themed, with roman numerals which are easy to read and fit any type of room – be it your hotel lobby or your office. The durability of this clock is very high due to it’s use of high-quality engineered wood. The clock also comes with a rhythmic pendulum that looks great. It makes very minimal noise and runs on AA battery.

7. 3D Peacock Wall Clock:

One of the few big wall clocks that fits as a perfect gift for a new house, or even a holiday gift. The electric wall clock has a huge 20.8 inch diameter, made up of metal. The frame is made up of iron, while the dial is made up aluminium. The clock is totally handmade and that’s why it looks so beautiful. Also, the clock is fully silent in it’s operation giving you good night sleep. Works on just one AA battery.

8. Modern Raised Numeral Wall Clock:

This clock has a very sleek looking modern wall clock design. The hour and minute hands are nicely decorated and the silver raised numerals are easy to read for anyone. It features accurate Quartz movement and is therefore truly maintenance-free and gives out time correctly. The front of the clock has a glass lens attached to it.

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9. Industrial Loft Metal Wall Clock:

This clock features a totally industrial-looking wall clock design. Give your home interior a modern feel with this clock. It houses accurate quartz movement which provides reliable time telling, and the metal construction is fully hand-made for a good and nice clean look. This clock also has raised bronze numerals for improved visibility and a 3D effect, so that even kids and adults could see the time easily.

10. Extra Normal Wall Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

At first, you will feel this is a very minimal and elegant-looking clock. But if you dig deeper, you will know that this is one of the most cool wall clocks you’ve ever seen. The clock features a laser-cut opening that revolves around the centre of every number, revealing each hour very beautifully. The hour hand will show the time by only showing the portion of the numeral. Definitely a must buy.

11. 4th Dimension Concrete Wall Clock:

One of the best cool wall clocks that will take your breath away. This clock is a true work of art with the culmination of innovative design and experienced craftsmanship. It features spiral, stair-case like design and it’s concrete construction adds a modern approach to interior designing. The clock has clean-looking aluminium arms that are handmade, and the construction is made of high density Stainless Steel. Just needs AA battery to operate.

12. Ribbon Wall Clock Design:

This is one of those cool wall clocks that you’d absolutely love in your room. The bent steel ribbons mark the hours of this modern clock, while the red hands making it easy to read the time. It also has Quartz Clock Movement that makes it more accurate and maintenance-free and is totally AA battery operated.

13. The Minimalist Grey Wall Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the most unique wall clocks you’ll ever see in your life. The dial of this double-sided wall clock is made up shiny black acrylic and the housing is of plywood boards. The acrylic dial is the one that rotates, and the triangular cut on one side of the dial will give the time – it will be acting as the hour hand. There is also a big white minute hand and a small second hand. Also, the clock is fully silent – so, no ticking noise to disturb you. Great for living and dining rooms.

14. Rosendahl Wall Clocks:

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the most eloquent and quiet unique wall clocks you will ever find. These clock are meant to a give viewers a picture of the time than the accurate time itself. The clock cleverly uses the big dot as the hour hand, while the minute hand is a normal one. Very cute looking and truly minimal-looking piece of art.

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15. History of Art Wall Clock:

Designed by Donald Seitz, this is one of the most thoughtfully designed unique wall clocks a person can buy. Sometime we learn to buy things for our home as per our interior ideas, get this art wall clock to increase knowledgeable touch to your living room. This type of clock shows your love to history, few famous noble men and artists’ smiley faces gives adorable look for clock.

16. The Tower Wall Clock:

If you have a large wall with open space, then this huge wall clock will suit you the most. This clock can convert any negative space to a vintage, artistic, decorative space. It features a metal frame with Roman numerals. The bronze colour numerals and the clock hands bring a contrasting approach against the black frame. This clock will bring an elegant look to your home or office.

17. Huge Vintage Wood Wall Clock:

This 30-inch huge wall clock features a vintage design, with large wooden frame along with a vintage dial. The numbers on the dial are black and rustic. There is also an industrial accent at the top, with a glass covering the front – inside there are two black clock hands. In order to power this retro piece you’ll need just one AA battery.

18. World Map Wall Clock Design:

Image Source: Pinterest

You can easily call this a huge wall clock by just looking at its diameter, which is an enormous 48 inches. This nicely rounded solid piece of clock is fully handmade in USA, and the beautiful printing is done on a solid piece of wood. It also features Quartz movement, so no annoying ticking noise – just pure silent operation. The front is open faced and has no glass, thus no glare and easily readable from all angles.

19. Leaf Metal Giant Wall Clock:

This stylish wall clock is a perfect gift for housewarming, wedding or social gatherings. Inspired from leaves, this luxury wall clock is handmade with black metal and small beads in the centre of every leaf. Very eye-catching clock to use in office, bedroom or living room. Not only that, it features black Arabic numerals for easy reading and comes with non-ticking, silent and smooth Quartz movement.

20. Spring Blooms Metal Wall Clock:

This oversized 23.5 inch stylish wall clock is inspired from the exquisite blooms of lovely spring flowers. Handmade in gold and black metal, this wall mounted clock is perfect for gift lovers. Can be used in any space including your office, and its silent Quartz movement will not only keep you up-to-date with accurate time, but also never distract you from what you’re doing. Requires just a single AA battery.

21. Spindle Wall Clock:

This mid-century stylish wall clock is made to fully compliment your home decor. The spindle clock is truly made of solid wood in a dark espresso colour with fantastic chrome accents. The extra-large wall clock also uses an accurate quartz movement and runs on just one AA battery.

22. Best Quartz Wall Clock:

Quarts is the brand which is famous in clock collection of designs, they give best wall clocks which you will get more in market currently. You will get Arabic basic numeric and plastic cover on wrap on it. This is the best choice for long-term wall clock selection for bedrooms as well as bathrooms.

23. Batman Arkham City Logo Best Wall Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one of the best clocks that will put a smile on your friend’s face. This is an awesome vinyl clock with a unique design inside, and will be a unique gift for your family or your friends. This clock shows how much you love them. Not only this clock has a custom Batman logo but it also features total silent, no-ticking mechanism.

24. Best Designer Radio Controlled Clock:

This is definitely one of the best wall clock which are radio controlled. Looks very beautiful and suitable for any space in your home. You’ll never have to change time, because it will always give accurate time as it sets time automatically by Radio Controlled Signal. The lens is made up of acrylic while the frame is made out of plastic. It is 12 inches in diameter and includes four time zone settings (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific).

25. Best 3D Moving Gear Wall Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the best clock, fully made out of premium plastic and metal for enhanced durability. This large gear clock ensures superior quality and durability. Made with gorgeous precise craftsmanship, it’s a total piece of fine art. Designed to be hanged on a wall, this is great decor solution for any living room, restaurant, etc. Moreover, all the gears are independently movable and can be easily shut off – showing off its true beauty. Great gift for housewarming or any other anniversaries.

26. Puppies Round Clock:

If you want a wall clock with images this will be the perfect fit for you. This contemporary wall clock has a cute puppy design, with easy to read numerals that can seen by anyone. The decorative hands compliment the nice image as well. Also, it has precision Quartz movement for accurate time showing as well.

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27. Northern Lights Rectangle Wall Clock:

This rectangle wall clock contains images that are based on the beautiful Northern Lights of Norway. This clock can compliment any room in your home or office, with its frame less, high gloss mirror like, UV coated scratch resistant finish and is suitable for even an environment with high moisture. It also features silent Quartz movement for accurate and no-ticking operation.

28. Trendy Wood Wall Clock:

If you are in search for trendy wall clocks, this will be the perfect for you. Fully made up of metal and wood, this clock features a square design with wooden frames. The dial is white while the hands are black, with the Roman Numerals written on them. This clock is easy to clean and maintain, and this clock can easily become a good gifting option too. Your visitors will absolutely love this clock.

29. My World Baroque Clock:

Wall clocks are becoming more creative, and this is one of those trendy wall clocks that everyone will want one. This clock is a work of art with its aluminium construction on which it is printed and coordinating clock hands, which match with the colour palette. The thinking behind this clock is totally outstanding. The clock also features Quartz movement for accurate and precise time.

30. Piatto Wall Clock:

This latest wall clock follows the trend of using mixed materials, with its concrete face and framed copper-plated metal rim. Made fully out of concrete and metal, this clock is great for modern and casual looking designed homes. Measuring at 10 inches in diameter, this clock also has Quartz clock movement for accurate time-telling.

31. Aries Wall Clock:

This 8.5 inch the latest wall clock is nicely made up of brushed nickel finish that fully keeps in trend with today’s interior styles. Behind the glass crystal, the white dial features black Arabic numerals, black spade hour and minute hands, and a black second hand. It has a 3 point secure screw mount system, great for boats or recreational vehicles. This clock also has Quartz movement for very precise time tracking.

32. Amazing Metal Acrylic Wall Clock:

If you’re looking for amazing wall clocks, then you’ve come at the right place. This lounge wall clock is classy in looks and gives out an alluring statement wherever it is kept. Made from good quality metal that will last for years, the clock also features sun rays pattern with a crystal at the end of each strokes. No doubt this funky wall clock will get all your visitors and family attention. Also, great for gifting as well.

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33. Amazing Carina Wall Clock:

This is one of the best amazing wall clocks you can find on the market right now. With its elegant bell and sparkling design, this fancy wall clock will surely make heads turn. Made up of plastic, this is a traditional style musical clock. It has also chiming Quartz movement, so that it gives accurate time any day, everyday.

34. Augustina Wall Clock:

This is one the most antique amazing wall clocks you can buy. This old-style wall clock features various antique details like the Roman Numerals and a distressed cream clock face. The clock is housed inside a vintage style metal frame in black finish, and it can look great great in any room, be it living room or bed-room. The clock also has a nice keyhole for easy hanging.

35. Birds & Flowers Wall Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

This is absolutely of the most beautiful wall clocks you’ve ever seen. This beautiful wall clock features a metal frame designed to look like a flowering tree with birds perched in the branches. The oval-shaped analogue clock face includes easy to see black hands and hour markers against a light-coloured background. Not only that, this clock can be easily mounted using proper installation hardware. It will be the always in the list of bedroom wall clocks.

36. Decorative Wall Clock:

This clock should be on your list for the best beautiful wall clocks. It brings a nice and beautiful, unique plastic round design. The clock looks totally retro in its antique colours and decorative border. It’s non-ticking Quartz silent motion will give you correct time as well as no distractions from what you’re doing.

37. Classic Wall Clock:

Simplicity lies in this piece of classic wall clock. This clock has a round wooden frame, with easy-to-read numbers, and white clock face. The hour and minute hands are black in colour, while the second hand is golden in colour which matches the overall frame. Requires just one AA battery to operate.

38. Classic Villa Wall Clock:

The warm finish and European styling of this classic wall clock makes it perfect for kitchen or living room. The bronze finished Roman numeral grill is placed above the glass lens giving it an updated twist to the standard face. The clock is made up of durable and lightweight plastic frame, that makes it less prone to scratches and dents than traditional wood frame. Also features Quartz movement as well.

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39. Amber Flower Mosaic Wall Clock:

This is one of the most decorative elegant wall clocks you’ll ever buy. This 19 inch clock is decorated by hand with black cement. There is a protective glass on dial which will safeguard the dial. This clock will match most wall decor and furniture in your home and will be a perfect gift for housewarming or holiday.

40. Retro Vintage Imperial Style Elegant Wall Clock:

This is one of the large elegant wall clocks to get right now. The clock gives you an antique look, with its wood colour that matches vintage lights and mahogany furniture perfectly. It’s most unique feature is the pendulum as it swings non-stop. Still, the clock is very quiet and makes no sound at all. Requires just two AA batteries to operate.

41. Butterfly Wall Clock Design:

This butterfly clock is one the most awesome and versatile looking pretty wall clocks. Perfect for living room or office centerpiece, and looks super cool. The quality of this clock is very durable and fully made out of premium quality materials. It can also be a unique gift to someone you love.

42. Pretty Peacock Round Clock:

Pretty wall clocks are hard to find, especially when it is this beautiful – just like a peacock. The front is printed in peacock colours, along with its coordinating hands. This 12 inch clock is custom made in USA, and also comes with mounting hardware included. It features Quartz movement for accurate time-telling.

43. Pop Quiz Clock:

Interesting wall clocks are a perfect way to gift teachers, students, engineers or accountants. The analog display on this clock made of matte black powder-coated metal with white letters and numbers, which is great for classrooms or the office. The unique feature is as the clock ticks, the hands move around the dial indicating the time of day through a different math problem for each hour. The best creative way to keep track of time as it also exercises your brain.

44. Goofy Vinyl Record Wall Clock:

One of the most unique and interesting wall clocks you can own. Made up of used vinyl records, the clock movement is totally silent. This 12-inch clock is fully handmade and will easily suit any interior design. A great option for gifting as well.

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45. Simple & Modern Round Wall Clock:

This simple round clock is made up of natural and engineered wood. This wood is non-toxic, resistant to moisture and has excellent colour fastness. The Scandinavian design is very simple yet modern, that will look beautiful in any room, be it your room or office. Also, it comes with silent Quartz movement for accurate and noiseless operation.

46. Decorative Wall Clock:

This is one simple round the clock but with a polished and modern design. This decorative clock is a piece of art. The clock is lightweight, is totally silent for use in bed-rooms or office. Also, it is made up of artificial leather and harmless EVA material, which makes it safe for children.

47. Quality Quartz Wall Clock:

Quality wall clocks always last long, and therefore this clock comes with a sturdy plastic case and glass lens that keep it dust-free. The large black bold numbers are easy to read and its precise Quartz movement promises accurate time. Perfect for the office, bathroom or any room in your house.

48. Quality Quartz Metal Wall Clock:

This is one of the few quality wall clocks that you’d love on your wall. It features a very special and elegant design to meet all your decorative needs. Looks very stylish, is non-ticking – so it is totally quiet to ensure a cool and calm environment. Needs one AA battery to operate.

49. Cute Brown Bear Wall Clock:

Want to gift cute wall clocks to someone? Then you should check this out. This cute clock makes no ticking sound and has this lovely, adorable design that is both decoration and kid-friendly. Also, it’s printed minute number makes it easy for kids especially to learn and read. Perfect for birthdays, or newborns, etc.

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50. Cute Cat Wall Clock:

If you love cute wall clocks about cats, then definitely get this. This great cat clock is stunning and interesting. Been in families for over 4 Generations and continues to be the most loved Cat Clock. Measuring at 18 inches tall, with it’s wagging tail. The clock is totally silent and is great if you have kids in your home.

Wall Clock Designs are a nice way to extend and improve your household interior designing. They are also great as gifts, for your loved ones or kids. Different clocks have different designs so that everyone could have their own likeable design. Thus, this list covers each and every one of them, so that you could choose the right one for the given occasion.

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