Walls are the most important elements of any home! They support the building, protect our privacy and even function like backgrounds to display our favourite showpieces. But, have you ever thought of beautifying them? Investing a little bit of your creativity on these walls can transform your living room space from ordinary to surreal! In this article, we have done a roundup of 15 inspiring Wall Designs for Halls which can totally change the way you perceive these structures. Are you ready for some cues?

Best Wall Design Ideas for Hall in India:

Here are our 15 simple and latest living hall wall designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Trendy Wall Art Designs for Hall:

One of the easiest ways to spruce up the look of your living room is with a beautiful stencil art on walls. Here is one such idea which uses the ever-popular black and white theme. Adding some statement pieces like sofa or wall frames in bright red make the room look all the more glamorous. However, don’t make the mistake of using intricate designs as it can look smudgy in future!

2. Asian Paint Wall Design for Hall:

Add drama to your living room with Asian Paints Metallics textured wall art. The sandstone like effect can transform a dull and boring hall into a sophisticated living space. The rustic finish is created by moving the spatula in perfect random motions. You also have plenty of colours to choose from which include orchard purple, daylight orange, vivid green etc.

3. Designer Wall Tile Designs for Hall:

Another smart way to elevate the beauty of our living room is by picking some elegant wall tiles! Choose a solid wall that typically forms the background of your sofa or television unit. Cover it up with beautiful tiles that instantly lightens up the environment. Seen here is a European style marble effect tiles that add an element of luxury to your hall!

4. Modern Accent Wall for Living Room:

An accent wall can add a striking look to your living room. To create one for your home, you can pick some bold colours and texture to a solid wall. You can either use some gravel, wooden panels or pebbles to create that look. Simply glue them to your wall and paint them in deep shades like dark green, maroon etc. and keep the rest of the walls in lighter shades.

5. Floral Wallpaper for Drawing Room Wall:

Bring the beauty of nature into your living room with this lovely floral wallpaper. These removable papers are great for those who want to decorate their rooms without making permanent changes to the walls. Go for soothing pastels like white, blue, pink etc. that can brighten up your space without making it look gaudy. Tip: Keep your furniture in solid colours to let the wall hog the limelight!

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6. Quirky Family Tree Wall Stickers for Hall:

Don’t you just love this idea? You can now convert the plain, old wall of your living room into a life-size family tree with a wall sticker. These easy to use stickers can simply be peeled and glued onto the wall. You can add photo frames or stick pictures of your family members to give it a new life. These stickers come in different colours and sizes to suit the measurements of your hall wall.

7. Natural Stone Cladding for Hall Walls:

Add warmth to your living room by adding these natural stones to decorate the centre wall. You can go for a monotone look or try different shades for a contemporary rustic feel. Many designers recommend using a stacked arrangement to create a nice textural effect to the wall. This idea also works very well behind the TV point or your fireplace!

8. 3D Wooden Hall Wall Design:

One way to add a cosy and warm look to a hall with a high ceiling is with the addition of these 3D wall panels. Instead of covering up the entire structure, you can try this unique half hall wall design. The wooden panels are illuminated with lights that are concealed within the grooves. If you want to add some colour, try Vinyl panels in shades like yellow, green etc. for a visibly brighter room.

9. Geometric Tape and Paint Hall Wall Design:

Here is a crazy idea to convert a plain wall into a piece of art! You can also do this as a DIY project by sticking tapes on the wall in random geometric patterns. Paint the blocks in different colours and peel off the tapes once dry. Now use either black or white to draw the outline and give yourself a pat on your back. You can also try some textures to make it look even more interesting!

10. Preserved Moss Walls for Living Room:

Add freshness to your living room by converting a lifeless wall into a living moss forest. Moss wall art is the latest trend in many urban homes which are deprived of natural greenery. Instead of living moss, which requires high maintenance, you can go for this preserved moss that can last almost for a lifetime. You can simply sprinkle some water and dust it occasionally to make it look brand new again!

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11. Illusionary Mirror Walls for Living Room:

This mirror hall wall design is a clever way to make your tiny room appear big. Instead of going for a single large mirror, you can combine it with horizontal wooden panels. This way you can make the imagination of your guests run wild! Keep the wall free from any decorative elements to avoid making it look over-the-top.

12. Decorative Hallway Walls:

Give a grand welcome to your visitors by treating their eyes to this gorgeous hallway wall design. This textured, 3D panelled wall can convert your traditional room into a modern space. They have a sophisticated style and make your home look more inviting. Place them at the entry of the main door or the walkway between rooms to create some magic!

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13. Artistic Dining Hall Wall Design:

Enjoy a great dining experience with your loved ones with this hall wall decoration idea. The corner wall is transformed into an artistic element by adding a touch of forest green paint. You can beautify it further by picking some simple wall art frames and suspending them at the centre. Adding one or two side lamps can make your room look surreal!

14. Simple Wall Design for Hall:

If you like keeping things simple, yet stylish, try this idea! The wall behind your TV unit can be beautified by adding a touch of dark colour paint. You can either leave it the way it is or add one or two photo frames for an instant interior makeover. This is a low-cost, yet high on style concept to decorate your living room wall.

15. Creative Wall Partition Design:

Optimise the space in your large living room by adding a wall partition on the side. This fake wall can divide the area into different parts without actually creating a physical barrier. This idea works very well if you want to utilize the hall space for creating two types of seating arrangements or décor. Adding storage boxes under it can make it multifunctional!

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We hope you loved this collection of best wall designs for halls. They are some basic ideas that have earned great popularity among homeowners and designers. You are free to choose your colour schemes, designs and textures that reflect your individual tastes and preferences. So, which hall wall design did you love the most? Do let us know!


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