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15 Latest Wall Designs For Hall With Pictures In 2019

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Hall is the heart of the house where people spend most of their time doing either creative work or relaxing around in a cosy sofa. Due to the fact that we live in the living room 90% of the day than the other rooms, it is foremost important to decorate the hall with some tiny and huge artistic design which makes us open our mouth and stare at the decorated walls or the ceiling.

Best Wall Designs For Hall In India:

To make a living room more homely with a tint of artistic work, this article with top 9 wall designs for the hall will help you’ll out in fabricating some outrageous designs to the plain four-sided wall and also the top ceiling which we always forget to consider in decorating which we always consider it as a protector.

1. Contrast Wall Colours Design:

Contrast Wall Color Design

This is the simplest and easiest “do it yourself” idea. For a new house, the walls of all the room are painted with the universal white color, to give it a bright and contrast wall colour for hall different hue can be painted on one side of the wall or two parallel walls. This will suitable for those who are related to business type peoples. A fresh look with positive attitude style of the living room.

2. Wall Paint Hanging Design For Hall:

Wall Paint Hanging Design for Hall

Paintings are meant to be showcased than just storing them inside like a precious and a memorial monument. Painting can be of nature depicting pictures or paintings created by famous painters some of the most common are Monalisa or the scream paintings. From painting galleries, you will get better and nature type wall paint designs for your hall. Try some unique designs in this type of design.

3. Hall Roof Lighting Design:

Hall Roof Lighting Design

Ceiling as discussed before is not taken into consideration when it comes to decorating any room. But decorating the ceiling with some spectacular design brings out the beauty of the building and not just the four surrounding walls. To highlight the ceiling it is best to use yellow LED lights hidden inside wooden laminate or concrete panels which radiate out a spectrum of rays reflecting on the walls. Actually, At night you can use such type of interior for your relaxing night. It helps to slow down your stress too.

4. Antique Carpet Floor Hall Design:

Antique Carpet Floor Hall Design

The floor is the next important part of the hall which can be decorated simply by spreading handcrafted carpets made from cotton or wool thread. The color used should be in contrast to the wall and the coffee table colour which then give the carpet a classy look. This type of carpet design will give you a nice textured plus point for your hall design idea.

5. Ancient Curtain Wall Design:

Ancient Curtain Wall Design

Instead of wasting material in constructing a four-wall or five bricks or concrete wall, glass fitted french windows or glass frame with white frame partition can be used which becomes as a decorative piece. The glass long windows can be blinded from inside by hanging bright or contrast coloured curtains which are quite thick and stable. The wall will give you a classic look for your hall.

6. Mirror Wall Designs For Hall:

Mirror Design Hall

Mirrors are the most cost-effective way of decorating the hall. The mirror used can be of various sizes which can be used according to one’s own interest. The mirror has a shiny finish with a thick wooden or shell frame. Women’s like this type of wall mirror design for the hall. The shape and width can be customized according to the hall size.

7. Chimney Integrated Hall Design:

Chimney Integrated Hall Design

Chimney integrated hall wall design is an old fashioned design which has its value till date with highly updated technologies in presenting them. In this hall design, one side of the wall is designed with glittery gold stones or stickers in the middle of the wall wood heating chimney is fixed with metal frame. This type of decor suits well for medium to the huge hall. This type of wall designing received great appreciation from old peoples.

8. Creative Painted Wall Designs For Hall:

Creative Painted Wall Design for Hall

Creative or modern wall painting design ideas have attracted the young generation due to its outstanding finish and outlook. The design is made by using geometric designs or modern art painting designs. The geometric lines are distinguished by giving them different colours. This design is suitable for youngsters flats or those peoples who love arts and creativity. You can personalize them as per your choice of hall decoration.

9. Family Tree Photo Frame Wall Design In Hall:

Family Tree Photo Frame Design

This one is the perfect design for a wall in your hall. Life is about making memories and this design will remind you of your happy moments by this design of the wall. The family tree depicts pictures of the entire family in a single frame by using the branches of the tree. Each branch is used in portraying the picture of the family member. The first branch illustrated the great grandfather and mother picture and then the archery follows down.

10. Clock Built-In: Home Hall Wall Design:

Clock Built-in Wall Design

This type of hall wall decorating falls under contemporary design category. The short and long strings are attached at the centre and the 12-hour clock covers the usual circle design seen in a hand watch. This can be the modern wall design in the hall. This is creativity as per your choice only.

11. Theme Wall Designed With Titles:

Theme Wall Designed with Titles

The tiles are the shiny colourful material which is not only used in building up kitchen walls or bathroom walls, but it can also be used in designing walls of the living room in a trendy manner. The tiles used are designed differently with a theme from the usual plain titles. The theme can be of floral or nature depicting pictures which are drawn on each title, which is arranged together like a puzzle and cemented on to the plain wall or laminated wall. This design suitable for young peoples for their hall.

12. Color Brick Designed Wall:

Color Brick Designed Wall

Talking about bricks which are usually bright red in colour which acts as the pillar in building up a house. But bricks which are designed in a unique way through recent technological developments which have an outstanding finish and the size of these bricks are different and the color is usually light cream to brown color. These bricks are cemented to one side of the side either on the middle wall which then acts as the backdrop for the TV. If you plan for the high budget design for wall, then go with this designer wall for your hall.

13. Wall Show Case Design For Hall:

Wall Show Case Design for Hall

Wall showcase designs for the hall can definitely save a lot of money while constructing a modernized huge house. This type of showcase not only provide space but also gives a contrast look to the huge hall. This showcase design can be made into different racks of different size and shape. This is a great choice for hall design and women’s also like to use small showcase in the hall for their stuff.

14. Wall Inbuilt Cupboard Design For Hall:

Wall Inbuilt Cupboard Design

Built-in cupboards are in trend these days since the space available to keep separate furniture is very less, and also the land value has increased that it is impossible to build a huge house with a huge living room. This type of hall decoration serves the best with many numbers of the cupboard and also shelves attached to it. If you have more space on the hall wall, then try this special idea for your hall. The cupboard can be made from wooden looks like laminates or pure wood material. It helps you to put your any items like your books, files or any other stuff.

15. Wallpaper Designed: House Hall Wall Designs

Wallpaper Designed Wall

Instead of going for a costly designer method which includes wall painting or bricks cemented walls, wallpaper designed walls are the best and cost-effective. The wallpaper design cost varies according to the material and the design selected. A simple floral design wallpaper design is a good decorating idea for wall ceiling design for hall. It helps to receive good comments from your friends as well as family, you will get good reviews on this type of design for your hall.

Choosing the right type of hall decorating methods and implementing on the right wall is the trick behind bringing a simple small hall into a designer hall with a minimal amount of furniture. Brick and Tiles design can also be combined with a wallpaper designed wall for a huge living space. Pick the right one with an interior designer and make your house into a modernized home. Try some unique design for your wall. Never compromise with the quality of wall designing. You will get good options in-wall design. Discuss your requirement with vendors and take a design as per your creativity. The wall is the mirror of your house.

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