Walnut Benefits And Uses For Skin,Hair

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There is a reason why we like going nuts, especially with walnuts. Walnuts are a blessing, since they not only are tasty but bring a lot of benefits to the body as well. Yes, it is a fact that they can have too much of fats in them, however, to be very honest, the nutrients in them are more than the fats, so would you now want to say no to walnuts?

Walnut is a nut of the Juglans Regia tree. Walnut is ideally the seed of a drupe nut and hence is really not a nut in that sense. It was initially used in the Mediterranean and Central lands and has been a part of a daily route. They are rich in omega 3 and has high doses of anti-oxidants giving you a good reason to include in your diet.

How to include Walnuts to your Daily Diet?

Walnuts can be used in many ways to benefit your health.

  1. Consume 1-2 walnuts daily before you retire to bed. You can also soak them at night and eat them in the morning as the first thing.
  2. Chop them in your morning cereal.
  3. You can also add them to a nutty mix of many variants of dry fruits. Add one to two walnuts to your bowl of nuts that you can eat as a brunch for high dose of energy.
  4. Include them in your bowl of oats to make it crunchier.
  5. You can also make a walnut butter. Grind some walnuts along with cinnamon and honey. Spread it on your bread and enjoy.
  6. Chop some of them in your bowl of salad at any point in time.

Seven walnuts a day is a good dose to consume. Consuming more of it could lead to weight gain and hence restrict the number to a good 5-7 and use the same quantity in your walnut rich diet. These 7 nuts will do the trick!

See how you can incorporate them in your diet and what it serves. Your best recipes will have a rich touch with the presence of walnuts flavored in your choice. There are various recipes in chocolates, puddings, cakes, ice creams etc.

Walnut Benefits For Skin,Hair And Health:

1. Walnut Benefits For Weight Loss:

With everyone in the world wanting to be slim and trim, most of us forget that walnuts be a good savior. These nuts would help manage weight, since the omega fats in it help with good causes. Along with that you have protein and fiber as well, which helps bring down weight, when walnuts are consumed in moderation. Most dietitians and fitness trainers would ask you to satiate your hunger pangs with walnuts. Weight management gurus too would advise you on the same, even though the nut is dense in calories.

2. Walnut Benefits For Insomnia:

Insomnia can be treated, yes you read that right. Walnuts can help with sleep disorders too, since they have melatonin which is a hormone. Melatonin is known to regularize sleep patterns and to bring in sleep on equal amounts too. This is why chewing walnuts in the evening would be good. Go guilt free and snack on it.

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3. Walnut Benefits For Hair:

For lovely hair, walnut is known to be a hair food. Walnuts have B7 in them, which is the reason for hair being long and strong, and hair fall would be reduced too. Sources say, even hair growth is possible, when walnuts are added in the daily meal.

4. Health Benefits Of Walnuts For Heart:

A happy heart is possible when you have a cup of walnuts on an empty stomach every morning. This is because walnuts have omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants in it, which help fight issues that plague the heart. We all know how omega fats can also help combat LDL and cholesterol levels in the body, and enhance the existence of HDL or good cholesterol too, hence snack on walnuts darlings.

5. Benefits Of Walnuts For Diabetes:

Sources say, walnuts beat the nuts out of diabetes, especially for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

6. Walnut Benefits For Men:

Men with low sperm count or quality would find help chewing walnuts. Semen quality with a handful of walnuts is possible. Walnuts therefore help in improved sperm quality, that includes taking care of its vitality, motility and morphology. Walnuts aid in an increased swimming capability of the sperm along with a considerable increase in their size and shape. Walnuts are also known to improve the sex drive. They are indeed a blessing in terms of fertility for the men. It results in improved reproductive health for men. 75 grams of walnut a day will do the magic.

7. Health Benefits Of Walnuts For Skin:

Walnut is also good for the skin as they are good for the hair. This is because there is plenty of Vitamin B in it along with anti-oxidants that help the skin fight against the damages created by free radicals. Antioxidants also help beat signs of ageing and prevent wrinkles too.

8. Walnut Benefits For Alzheimer’s:

You can prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s from happening, by starting to munch on walnuts from now.

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9. Benefits Of Walnuts For Healthy Life:

Walnuts help you live a long life, and it keeps the body free from cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and Alzheimer, free radical damages leading to cancer and tumors and more. The neuro protective compounds like vitamin E, melatonin etc. have a bearing on the health of the brain.

10. Benefits Of Walnuts:

Nature Mother creates a perfect combination of vitamins, proteins, fiber, fat minerals and anti-oxidants for the fitness of human body. And among the tree nuts, walnuts are considered to be the king of all nuts. Eating just one ounce of walnuts a day can bring your health to perfection. Walnuts contain few very unique minerals that are found rarely in other nuts vegetables or fruits. These antioxidants help in controlling fast ageing as it is with your heart and its deterioration.

11. Walnut Benefits For Blood:

The Amino Acids L-ARGININE that are in rich quantity in walnuts, when eaten the flow hard in our blood vessels. It is then converted into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that dilates the blood vessels. And directly makes your blood flow fast to all our muscles. The vitamin E in walnuts is gamma-tocopherol kind that helps to protect the prostate cells from cancer. The saturated fats in walnuts help the arteries be flexible and keep them tamping down inflammation. Not less, walnuts also supply a major part of manganese and copper minerals that help destroy the radicals that breakdown cells and premature ageing.

12. Health Benefits Of Walnuts For Energy:

Walnuts are also considered as high energy nuts. Walnuts are full of energy. 100g of walnuts contain about 654 kcal of energy, which is quite a high a number of energy. Therefore, walnuts help much to children very active in sportsmanship. The energy, children get from walnuts is very helpful in keeping them sporty, as the blood molecules flow fast because of the minerals available from walnuts. Whereas babies that are under one year of age are not advised to intake walnuts because of its rich ingredients may become more for the baby’s digestive system.

13. Walnut Benefits For Bones:

Walnuts are very rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, Calcium, phosphorus, zinc. With the richness of these minerals bones get high support from the calcium and magnesium, whereas hemoglobin always would be at its best because of the iron minerals. Potassium is always a better electrolytic than sodium and Digestion, formation for protein, repairing of cells, and various other biochemical reactions that happen in human body. It is one of the best walnuts health benefits.

14. Benefits Of Walnuts For Babies:

Walnuts contain good source of vitamins. The energy level of children boosts with the help of the large supply of various vitamins provided by walnuts. Walnuts have Vitamin-C, E, A, K, Foliate, thiamin, niacin in good proportion. All these vitamins help in their particular specific specialties. Vitamin-C helps in improving the child’s immunity. Thiamin is very good proven for converting carbohydrates into energy. And niacin helps in various other metabolic activities in human body.

15. Walnut Benefits For Adults:

Walnuts are so good for adult people as well. You can say it can prove to be a blessing for age sick people. Many people suffer from aching joints after a particular age. Walnuts contain fiber that are very helpful in curing osteoarthritis by reducing overweight and inflammation reduction. Daily consumption of an ounce full of walnuts in the morning and on an empty stomach helps in reducing obesity and indirectly become a cure for people who suffer from arthritis conditions.

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Walnut Oil Benefits:

Walnut oil has been used to treat fungal infections like athlete’s foot, candida etc. It battles with the fungal infections and provides relief.

Walnut oil greatly helps in reducing black circle around the eyes. Simple dab a cotton soaked with walnut oil and massage around the eyes.

Walnut oil when mixed on face packs, is known to reduce the signs of ageing. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines that are common signs of ageing. This is one big advantage of walnut oil.

It is also an ideal for Psoriasis. Psoriasis causes a patchy abnormal skin and is often triggered by cold and infection, sometimes, stress too. When you apply walnut to the affected area, the inflammation reduces greatly.

Arthritis, eczema and other inflammatory diseases can be cured by walnut oil, by applying to the affected areas.

Benefits of Eating Soaked Walnuts:

Not just walnuts, but most of the nuts are soaked overnight or for a few hours before eating them. The reason is simple. Soaking breaks down the phytic acid so that it absorbs well. These nuts are also known to have abundant enzyme inhibitors. Therefore, the dry nuts or the unsoaked nuts are harder to digest. However, when you soak them, the enzymes are neutralized to ensure proper digestion.

The other reason why they are soaked is to get rid of the harmful chemicals present in the peels that can be fatal to the body. However, the nuts do not lose their nutritional value even if they are soaked.

Here is how you can eat Soaked Walnuts.

  1. Soak around 5-7 walnuts in normal water overnight and cover them.
  2. Strain them in the morning and eat.

However, here are some side effects of eating walnuts. Watch out for these signs.

  1. Diarrhea: The most common side effect is diarrhea. In case you experience any digestive problems after eating them, maybe you should stop eating them for a while.
  2. Weight gain: Watch out for weight gain and BMI increase. Maybe it is time you reduce the intake of walnuts. Consumption in large amounts can lead to weight gain.
  3. Rashes: If you have a sensitive skin, walnuts will add to the trouble. Watch out for any sort of rashes or swellings on your body. Stop eating them right away, in case you experience any of these.
  4. Acne: Ulcer and acne is another associated trouble you could get if you eat walnuts. Watch out your face skin for any acne and ulcers in your mouth. Simply avoid their consumption for a while. Consult your doctor before you start eating them again.

Now that you know the multitude of health benefits of eating walnuts, it is time you start munching them free of guilt. Add them to your diet or eat them raw (soaked). At the same time, be wary of the any small changes in your body that you may experience after eating them. Any negative effect is an indication for you to stop. Listen to your body!

Some of us like to salt and spice the nuts before consuming, which is okay but try using rock salt or Himalayan salt, and not table salt, the latter which makes things worse for the body. You could snack up on spiced and roasted walnuts or have them nut with milk, it tastes yummy and keeps you full for a long time to come as well.

As we came through the benefits from Walnut consumption’s, go get some walnuts for yourself. Children, men, women and even adults should have walnuts in their daily diet. The rich minerals in walnuts can keep a human body smoothly running in the daily works of life. Whether it be beauty concern, sport concern or inner body disease defector, walnuts prove to be a lighter way to cure it slowly in its time if daily consumed

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