A healthy diet chart is almost always incomplete without a proper nut load, especially when you are pregnant. Each of the dried nuts has its own set of nutrients.

Walnuts particularly are super powerful and thus eating walnuts during pregnancy can lead to a better and healthy motherhood journey. The small nut looks like a brain, and interestingly, it is also considered good for brain development and therefore is often suggested by doctors.

Walnuts contain omega 3, which has the potential to protect the baby from diseases like asthma and eczema. Apart from this, it also aids in the development of a good nervous system, improves concentration, vision, and promotes higher IQ levels for the baby. The goodness of walnuts lies in its ability for the growth and proper development of the baby.

In addition to all this, it has thiamine, riboflavin, and folate which are much needed by the mother. Walnuts are probably the best source of Vitamin B complex, and therefore Akhrot during pregnancy can really help.

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Nutritional Value of  Akhrot for Pregnancy:

So what are the added nutrition that you may get from walnuts?

  1. Walnuts are rich in omega 3. Therefore, walnuts during early pregnancy will be beneficial for the baby’s growth.
  2. They have a considerable amount of vitamins, fibre, copper, manganese, and magnesium. This adds to the load of the benefits of walnuts during pregnancy. These are essential ingredients for your everyday health.
  3. It contains alpha-linoleic acid. This is an essential fatty acid required for the development and growth of the baby.

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Is it Safe to Eat Walnuts During Pregnancy?

To answer the question in short, yes! It is totally safe to be eaten during pregnancy. It is safe and has a lot of benefits to offer the mom-to-be. Take a look.

  • One of the main reasons why walnut is preferred is for how well they protect the heart. It ensures a proper blood supply and circulation in the body. It also helps the body to get rid of all the bad cholesterol. Removal of bad cholesterol from the body helps the body protect itself from cardiac arrest and also sudden heart diseases.
  • Regular intake of walnut keeps the mother’s blood pressure under check and also ensures good cardiovascular health for the baby and mother.
  • Antioxidants in the walnut help to protect the body from diseases and promotes a healthy immune system.
  • Walnuts also help our body maintain a good digestive system. The benefits of walnut during pregnancy are that they help in proper digestion of food because they have fibre in abundance which not only cleans the system but also supplies the extracted nutrients to your child and keeps the mother and baby healthy.
  • Thye is dense in anti-inflammatory nutrients. It is also packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants, and these are normally difficult to find. These antioxidants help to develop the bones of the baby.
  • Brain development of the baby happens with a good dose of walnuts every day.
    It also increases cognitive response in the baby’s developing brain. The omega-three fatty acids in walnuts ensure that your baby has a good memory power.
  • Walnuts have zinc, biotin and fatty acids that are essential for the growth of healthy locks.

Therefore, the health benefits of walnuts during pregnancy is a whole lot!

How to Include Walnuts in Pregnancy Diet?

In case you are wondering how to eat them, we’ll tell you.

  1. Soaking walnuts is not really necessary. You may probably want to soak it so that it breaks down the complex enzymes and will foster better digestion of itself in the body. You may also want to soak it because the peel might be polluted. Other than that, walnuts can be consumed as a morning snack, along with other nuts.
  2. You can also chop them and add them to your smoothie. It gives a crunchy taste to your smoothie and also is beneficial for the body.
  3. Add pieces of chopped walnuts for your salad.

There are many ways to take them daily.

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How Much of Walnuts Should You Eat a Day?

A healthy serving of 1 or 2 walnuts a day is good for the body. Add this to your salad or just plainly munch on them at any point of the day.

A word of caution: All the pregnant ladies out there, it is advisable that you ensure a regular intake of walnut. However, a word of caution, do not go overboard with consuming walnuts because then cholesterol starts to accumulate in the body. 4-5 nuts a day is considered ideal.

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Side Effects of Walnuts During Pregnancy:

What are the side effects that you need to watch out for?

  • Overconsumption of akhrot in pregnancy can lead to allergy. One of the most common symptoms that your body may be against it is the allergy that you may develop. Remember to consume only a handful.
  • Weight change and BMI change is another side effect of walnuts. Overconsumption can lead to weight gain and therefore can alter the Body Mass Index of the body, altering its healthy state.
  • Nausea is another side effect of eating walnuts while pregnant. Walnuts contain certain kinds of antibodies that can stimulate the white bodies and thus lead to the production of histamine.
  • It can affect your breastfeeding practice, as well. Overconsumption can lead to complications in lactating mothers.

Precautions of Walnuts During Pregnancy:

  1. We always advocate consulting your doctor before indulging in any food. Tell your doctor about it and then include them in your diet chart.
  2. Go for natural nuts. The sugar-coated ones or salted ones are not really good for you or the baby. It can unnecessarily add on to your calories.
  3. Always prefer good quality and brand of walnuts.
  4. Store them in an airtight container, so that, the freshness is not lost.

Walnuts for pregnant ladies have been known to be a superfood simply because of the range of benefits it offers for the mother and her baby. Get started today to include a healthy dose of walnuts to your diet.

We are sure you will see a significant change in your journey towards delivery and a healthy lifestyle.

Akhrot During Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Am I Prone to Any Allergies Because of Eating Walnuts?

Ans: All of our bodies and their metabolism is different from one another. Therefore, our bodies react very differently to many different types of food. Walnuts when taken in moderation is not known to cause any sort of allergy. However, some people’s bodies might naturally repel the benefits of walnuts. Thus, if you experience any sort of discomfort to your body, it is advised to stop the consumption of the same.

Q2. Can I Eat Walnuts in My First Trimester?

Ans: Yes, it is safe to eat walnuts during pregnancy first trimester. In some sense, it will help you reduce overeating by keeping you full for longer hours.

Q3. Is There Any Particular Way of Consumption?

Ans: There is no specified way that you must take your walnuts. Most often, it is mixed along with a bowl of other nuts or simply consumed as a handful. In either case, it only benefits the body.


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