10 Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh is situated near the heart of India. Situated in the Deccan Plateau with close proximity with the plains of the Eastern Ghats, the region has the Godavari, Krishna and the Penner rivers flowing through it. The mineral cladded region is filled with deltas formed by these rivers.

1. Kailasakona Falls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Kailasakona Falls

The Kailasakona Falls can be easily accessible from the sacred region of Tirupati. The waterfall makes a beautiful scene for three fourth time of the year. The Kailasakona Falls is regarded as sacred and believed to have medicinal powers as well.

2. Pochera Waterfalls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Pochera Waterfalls

Pochera Waterfalls is situated amongst dense forest of Sahayadri and is closely located near Nirmal and Adilabad. The Pochera falls is one of its kinds among the waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh. As it is wide and deep, it considered to be dangerous.

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3. Ethipothala Falls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Ethipothala Falls

Ethipothala Falls is 70 ft high and is formed from the Chandravana River which is a tributary of the river Krishna. It is 11 kilometers from Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. The waterfall depicts a beautiful sight as the sun sets in the evenings. The colorful lights give a wonderful and astonishing view for the tourists.

4. The Talakona Fall:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-The Talakona Fall

The Talakona waterfall situated 40 km from Tirupati is situated near the Sri Venkateswara National Park in the Chittoor District of the state. With a 270 feet plunge the Talakona becomes the highest waterfall of Andhra Pradesh. The Talakona Fall depicts a serene and placid ambience. The area was declared a biosphere reserve between the year 1989 – 1990 due to the rich and vivid flora and fauna around the place.

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5. Ubbalamadugu Falls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Ubbalamadugu Falls

Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls is situated between the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It falls under the Chittor distict in the north of Sricity. The fall is about 80 km away from the bustling city of Chennai. Located in the forest Kambakam, reaching this fall requires certain amount of trekking.

6. Mallela Theertham:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Mallela Theertham

Mallela Theertham is situated in the middle of the dense forest of Nallamala Forest in Mahbubnagar, which is 185 kilometers from Hyderabad, the capital of the state. The waterfall can be accessed after a walk down of 350 steps. The fall traverses dense terrains of the forest and ultimately meets the Krishna River.

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7. Katiki Waterfalls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Katiki Waterfalls

The Katiki Waterfalls is named after the mythological figure Kaitiki and is 50 ft high. It lies 4km away from the Borra Caves which is in en-route Arraku Valleys. The fall originates from the Ghostani River and it requires 2 km long trekking to reach the fall. The fall is perennial and highly enjoyable for the avid trekkers.

8. Thatiguda Falls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Thatiguda Falls

The Thatiguda Falls of the Ghostani River is situated in the Vishakhapatnam and it’s under construction to make it more accessible for tourists and visitors. There are no proper roads to reach the waterfall and one has to cross the green fields and hilly terrains to reach the fall.  The waterfall is layered by towering rocks at one side and lush greenery on the other.

9. Kuntala Waterfall:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Kuntala Waterfall

Situated in the Alidabad district the Kuntala waterfall is located in the Kadam River. It is one of the highest waterfalls at the state plunging 147 feets and also one of the favorite outings for the nearby Hyderabad-ians. According to common folklore the Kuntala River was named after Shakuntala the mother of Bharat.

10. Kaigal Waterfalls:

Best Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh-Kaigal Waterfalls

Situated in close proximity of the Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary in the Chittor District of the state the Kaigal Waterfalls is locally known as Dumukurallu waterfalls.  The waterfall is enjoyed most during the monsoon and emits a spectacular view for the tourists.

There are so many Beautiful Waterfalls in Andra pradesh. Here you find some Amazing Waterfalls that you can try for your next tour!

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