Gujarat is one of the larger states in India. It has the best waterfalls that you will cherish. The Gujarat waterfall list is vast, and this gives you the chance to explore the state well. You can make a great trip to Gujarat and its districts to see the waterfalls. Each of them is known for its beauty and lush greenery. The forests and the valleys that surround the waterfalls are also something that most tourists come here for. So we give you a chance to explore Gujarat and all the waterfalls that it has. We share with you a list of the wonders of Gujarat. Take a look at it and plan your next vacation to one of the many waterfalls in the state.

8 Beautiful Waterfalls in Gujarat for Cool Vacation:

1. Gira Waterfalls:

The Gira waterfalls are one of the most famous waterfalls in Gujarat. The waterfall is located near Waghai town. It culminates in the Ambica River and has a 30m drop. This waterfall is a perennial waterfall and so there are tourists who come here all year. You can catch the beautiful waterfall from the picnic spots that are present there. You will find tribal people who sell their handmade items too. This is a wonderful place to come to and have a relaxed vacation. It is dangerous to reach the bottom of the waterfall during the monsoons. So do check on the time when you reach the waterfall and take precautions. Else it is a beautiful and safe place to have a picnic.

  • How to Reach: Waghai – Trek
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Vadodara 309km
  • Distance by rail: Billimoria Jn 65km
  • Distance by bus: Mumbai 279km
  • Other Attractions: Saputara Lake, Hatgad Village Fort, Somnath Temple

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2. Girmal Waterfalls:

This is the tallest waterfall in Gujarat at a height of 100ft and is known as Girmal Waterfall. It is quite deep in the forest known as Dang. Due to the height of this waterfall, you will always find mist and rainbows here. There are ample pathways and places you can stand and watch the waterfall. This makes for good photo opportunities. The govt has taken many steps to make this place more beautiful and easily accessible. There are ropes that are tied to hold on to. There are seating arrangements and a good eating joint too. So you can easily spend a whole day here and enjoy a family picnic for sure. This place will entice you forever and you may want to go back again.

  • How to Reach: Subir- Cab, Taxi
  • Visit Duration: 5 hours
  • Distance by air: Ahmedabad
  • Distance by rail: Vapi
  • Distance by bus: Gandhinagar 343km
  • Other Attractions: Kadam Dungar

3. Chimer Waterfalls:

This is another of the higher waterfalls in Gujarat. It is situated in Songadh district in Gujarat. The only problem with this place is its accessibility. You need to pass through farms to reach this place. This is a great place to do trekking and so many young tourists find this place quite attractive. Once you reach the place, the beauty of the waterfall takes over. You are surrounded by lush greenery are flora. All this gives the visitor a dream vacation. The only problem that you may encounter here is that you may not get much to eat. There are no picnic spots or eating joints here. So do make it a point to carry food and other supplies that are necessary.

  • How to Reach: Songadh – Trek
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Surat Airport
  • Distance by rail: Ukai railway station
  • Distance by bus: Surat
  • Other Attractions: U-Turn point, Dhulda waterfall

4. Zanzari Waterfall:

Zanzari waterfall Gujarat is a perfect spot for families and friends. This is also written as Jhanjhari waterfall Gujarat map in some places. It is present on the Vatrak River and is about 25ft high. There are a series of rapids that are the main attraction here. Plan a day out here and enjoy the scenic views that the place offers. You can also take a wonderful camel ride. The activities in this place are great for kids and adults alike. Since the waterfall is close to Ahmedabad, there are a lot of tourists from this region. The waterfalls in Gujarat near Ahmedabad are a superb way to relax and have fun. So do plan a trip to Jhanjhari waterfalls with your family and enjoy a great vacation.

  • How to Reach: Dahegam – Trek
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Ahmedabad airport 70km
  • Distance by rail: Ahmedabad railway station 64km
  • Distance by bus: Ahmedabad 64km
  • Other Attractions: Dinosaur Fossil Park, Indroda Nature Park

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5. Zarwani Waterfalls:

The Zarwani waterfalls are among one of the most sought after waterfalls in Gujarat. The nature freak in you will go wild at this authentic picturesque area that is filled with wildlife and nature. It is situated in Vadodara and is actually present in the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. This gives you the perfect setting for a nature trail and the perennial waterfall here is added attraction. Have a great picnic here with family or friends and also go trekking and camping. Photography is one of the major hobbies of most tourists that come here. The place is filled with activities that will still keep you in tune with nature and make you want to come back.

  • How to Reach: Vadodara – Bus, cab, taxi
  • Visit Duration: 4 hours
  • Distance by air: Vadodara airport 97km
  • Distance by rail: Vadodara railway station
  • Distance by bus: Vadodara 90kms
  • Other Attractions: Sardar Sarovar Dam, Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

6. Ninai Waterfall:

The Ninai waterfall Gujarat is a cool place to take your family for an outing. The waterfall is situated in Dediapada in Gujarat. This waterfall is nearly 30ft in height and it reaches the Narmada River. A waterfall is a place of unmatched beauty. You will find the area surrounding the waterfall to be serene and peaceful. As it is situated in the Dediapada forest area, the greenery and the landscape are worth seeing. The Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is just there and so many tourists combine the trip with a visit to the place. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then it will be perfect for you to make a trip here. Bring along your family and let kids enjoy the outdoors as well as the wildlife.

  • How to Reach: Dediapada – Bus, Cab
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Surat Airport
  • Distance by rail: Bharuch railway station 125km
  • Distance by bus: Surat 143km
  • Other Attractions: Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

7. Hatni Mata Waterfalls:

Hatni Mata waterfalls Gujarat are one of the most divinely beautiful waterfalls. It is a haven for the people of Gujarat and so you will find a lot of tourists coming to visit the waterfalls especially during the holiday seasons. The height of the waterfall is 100m and the water is full during the monsoons. This brings out the best in the scenic views of the place. Hatni Mata temple which is in a cave adjacent is also a place that people go to worship. Hatni waterfall Gujarat is perfect for weekend holidays as well. You can make a trip here with kids and show them how the power of the water and nature brings about such pristine and breathtaking views.

  • How to Reach: Pavagadh – Bus, taxi
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Vadodara Airport 80km
  • Distance by rail: Vadodara railway station 75km
  • Distance by bus: Vadodara 75km
  • Other Attractions: Hatni Mata temple

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8. Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls:

The Bilpudi Jodiya waterfalls in Dharampur are another in the list of waterfalls in Gujarat. The name Jodiya is given to the waterfall because they are twin waterfalls. One of the waterfalls plunges from a height of 30ft while the other 20ft. So it is attractive to see the two waterfalls. This place is a bit dangerous and so you must be careful while trekking here. These falls are also known as Sonajal Dhodh and Roopajal Dhodh. These are the local names and the tourists normally know them as the Jodiya falls. Make this part of your itinerary when you want to see waterfalls in Gujarat. This is added to the charm of the place and you will surely enjoy this scenic place.

  • How to Reach: Dharampur – Bus
  • Visit Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance by air: Surat airport 99km
  • Distance by rail: Valsad railway station
  • Distance by bus: Valsad
  • Other Attractions: Gamdevi Mata Temple

Additional Tips:

The Gujarat waterfalls are great for tourists but do keep in mind some important points before you head there.

  • Take care of these points, viz. shoes, food and clothing. Shoes should be anti-slippery so that you do not fall and hurt yourself. Food may not be available in most of these places so carry food and water. Clothing should also be warm as the weather may be chilly.
  • Do not irritate animals or even feed them as they are not caged and may cause danger.
  • The pristine area around these waterfalls should be kept neat and clean.
  • Be careful of the wet edges and slippery rocks as these can be harmful and dangerous
  • The forest area is natural and it is good to keep the surroundings free of harm.
  • Check the local timings and days of visit before heading out to these places.

So let’s see what the major questions are

1. Which are The Major Waterfalls in Gujarat?

The most important waterfalls in Gujarat include the Gir, Girmal and the Chimer waterfalls. The beauty of these waterfalls is beyond compare. The lush green area is due to the forest area around. This leads to the screening of many birds and flowers. These waterfalls are quite majestic and you will find yourself quite enticed by its beauty. You can do a lot of activities here like swimming and water rafting. Do check the local guides for any important information before heading there.

2. What is The Best Time to Visit The Waterfalls in Gujarat?

The waterfalls in Gujarat are seasonal as well as perennial. The mist and the wonderful lakes of Gujarat that are created from this are breathtaking. The months between Oct and Mar are the best time to visit these places. They are times when there is ample water source due to the rains in the monsoon season. Make it a point to check out these wondrous waterfalls during the right time.

3. Which is The Tallest Waterfall in Gujarat?

The Girmal waterfall in Gujarat is the tallest. It is at a height of 100ft. It is way into the forest known as Dang. You will find this place to be secluded and serene. The govt has made many spots here for picnics and you can enjoy a day with your family at this tallest waterfall. The viewing decks that are placed here are perfect for families and groups of friends.

Gujarat has so much to offer that you will remember this place forever. The waterfalls in Gujarat are known for the white beauty and abundance and are therefore a tourists dream. Apart from the waterfalls, the lush greenery and the flora and fauna of these places is also something that you will cherish. Most of the places will also offer you sports activities like rafting, etc and this adds to the adventure. Check out all the waterfalls of Gujarat and be mesmerized forever.


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