Maharashtra is one of India’s bigger states that have a large population. This state has a diverse landscape from sea front to mountain ranges. The mountain ranges are one of the places where a natural wonder emerges. The waterfalls in Maharashtra are a tourist attraction as they are immense and powerful. The force of the water that flows from these mountains gives birth to rivers downstream. The beauty and grandeur of the place surrounding the waterfall is also something that most tourists come to see. Here we show you the top 10 waterfalls that are present in Maharashtra. Do make it a point to visit these waterfalls and fall in love with nature. Each place that you visit will leave you mesmerized.

10 Famous Waterfalls in Maharashtra with Details:

Here is the present the best Maharashtra waterfall list, and also total information to how to reach and which places (like selfie points, sightseeing, etc.) is the best impression like selfie points of the waterfall area.

  1. Lingmala Waterfall
  2. Randha Waterfall
  3. Umbrella Waterfall
  4. Someshwar Waterfall
  5. Kune Waterfall
  6. Thoseghar Waterfall
  7. Vajrai Waterfall
  8. Dugarwadi Waterfall
  9. Ashoka Waterfall
  10. Devkund Waterfall

1. Lingmala Waterfall:

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best tourist places in Maharashtra as it is a hill station that is not far from the main cities like Mumbai and Pune. The Lingmala waterfall is the famous waterfall in Maharashtra present on Venna Valley which is in Satara. The height of the waterfall is 1278m and is two tiered. The smaller waterfall is great for swimming and is considered safe. The larger one falls from 500ft. This being one of the best tourist spots, it is closer to reach the spot from the road to Panchgani. The best time to visit the waterfall is Jul-Oct. There is an entry fee to the waterfall that is Rs. 15/-

  • How to Reach: From Mahabaleshwar – Cab, Walk
  • Visit Duration:4 hours
  • Distance from Airport: Pune airport 4 hours
  • Distance from Rail station:Pune railway station 3 hours
  • Distance from Bus Station:Mahabaleshwar bus station 6 kms
  • Other Attraction: Wilson Point, Tiger’s spring

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2. Randha Waterfall:

This beautiful waterfall is one the best waterfalls in Maharashtra. You can see the waterfall drop from a height of 170 ft. The gorge that it falls in is breathtaking too. This powerful waterfall is also the source of power as hydro power for the whole of the Bhandhardara area. Tourists coming to the see the waterfall are also blessed to visit a temple there. This waterfall is one the most important ones for Maharashtra. You can visit the other attractions that are closer to the waterfall as well. Soak in the beauty of this force and see how water can transform life.

  • How to Reach: From Bhandhardara – Cab, boat, Auto
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour
  • Distance from Airport: Pune airport 162kms
  • Distance from Rail station:Nasik railway station 72kms
  • Distance from Bus Station:Bhandhardara bus stop 10kms
  • Other Attraction: Arthur Lake, Mount Kalsubhai, Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls

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3. Umbrella Waterfall:

Another major attraction at Bhandhardara is the Umbrella falls. It is seasonal and so it’s absolutely beautiful during the monsoons when the water flows constantly. It is very close to the Bhandhardara bus stop. You can just walk it out to the waterfalls. It is present in the Ahmednagar district. During the monsoons, the Wilson dam overflows which leads to the umbrella falls. You can see the majestic beauty of this waterfall by standing on a bridge that is below the Umbrella waterfall. This gives you a complete feeling of the power of this place. Make sure to add this waterfall places in Maharashtra to your itinerary when you visit the nearby hill stations.

  • How to Reach: From Bhandhardara – Walk
  • Visit Duration: ½ hour
  • Distance from Airport: Pune airport 162kms
  • Distance from Rail station: Nasik railway station 72kms
  • Distance from Bus Station:Bhandhardara bus stop 10kms
  • Other Attraction: Mount Kalsubhai, Wilson Dam, Ratangad Fort, Arthur Lake

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4. Someshwar Waterfall:

Someshwar falls, also known as the Dhudhsagar waterfalls is situated in Gangapur. This is part of Nasik which is one of the most important places in Maharashtra. The name of the waterfall is also given to the temple that is close by. The Someshwar waterfall is present in the list of waterfalls in Maharashtra because of its picturesque location and divine presence. The height of the Someshwar waterfall is 10m. You will find the place very green and serene. Best place to take your family for a visit and spend quality time. The Balaji temple that is situated close by is also another added attraction that most people visit.

  • How to Reach: Nasik – Cab, walk, Auto
  • Visit Duration: 1 hour
  • Distance from Airport:Ozar Airport
  • Distance from Rail station: Nasik railway station 10kms
  • Distance from Bus Station: Nasik bus station 9 kms
  • Other Attraction:Ram kund, Someshwar Temple

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5. Kune Waterfall:

The Kune waterfall is situated in Pune in the Kune village. It is named as one of the famous waterfalls in Maharashtra. The height of the waterfall is 622 m and it is a three-tiered type of waterfall. The waterfall gets divided into two sections. The area around the waterfall is filled with lush greenery and looks very spectacular. The monsoon season makes this place look scenic. The best time to visit this place is Jun-Oct when the season is at its best. A wonderful quaint Kune church is also a landmark that is visited by tourists. Since Khandala is one of the major tourist spots in Maharashtra, Kune waterfall also gets it share of heavy foot fall subsequently.

  • How to Reach: Lonavala – Bus, Cab, Walk
  • Visit Duration:3 hours
  • Distance from Airport: Mumbai airport 94kms
  • Distance from Rail station: Lonavala railway station 3.5kms
  • Distance from Bus Station: Mumbai 94kms
  • Other Attraction: Lohagad fort, Karla Caves, Lions Point

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6. Thoseghar Waterfall:

The Thoseghar waterfalls near Satara in Maharashtraare a popular tourist attraction. They are located in Satara which is a district in Maharashtra. The Thoseghar waterfalls are important as they are the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra. The height of the waterfall is 500m and it is a cascade type waterfall. During the monsoons you will find this seasonal waterfall to be full of water and power. You will find serenity and calmness in this area and this is reason for such a huge foot fall during the peak season. The best time to visit this is Jul – Oct. You will find a constructed platform from where you can view the waterfall at its best.

  • How to Reach: Satara – Bus, Cab
  • Visit Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance from Airport: Pune airport 141kms
  • Distance from Rail station: Satara railway station 26kms
  • Distance from Bus Station: Satara bus station 26kms
  • Other Attraction: NatrajMandir, SangamMahuli, KasPathar

7. Vajrai Waterfall:

The Maharashtra waterfalls list will include the Vajrai waterfalls situated in Kas Valley in Satara. This picturesque waterfall is so popular because of the Kas flower valley. This three tier waterfall has a height of 260m. Though this is a perennial waterfall, you will find the beauty exemplified during the monsoons. The Urmodi River gets it birth from this waterfall. You can visit the various caves that are present near the falls. Be careful during the monsoons as the place can get slippery. The Vajrai waterfalls can be easily accessed from Mumbai, Pune, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar and Satara. Due to its proximity to these many places, there are lots of tourists who visit the waterfall.

  • How to Reach:Satara – Bus, Cab
  • Visit Duration:2 hours
  • Distance from Airport:Pune airport 141kms
  • Distance from Rail station:Satara railway station 26kms
  • Distance from Bus Station:Satara bus station 26kms
  • Other Attraction:SangamMahuli, Thoseghar falls, NatrajMandir

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8. Dugarwadi Waterfall:

The Dugarwadi waterfall is one of the best natural waterfalls in Maharashtra. It is situated in Sapgon which is close to Trimbakeshwar. The lush greenery of the area and the dense forest will keep you mesmerized and amazed at the natural beauty. The monsoons are the best time to see the waterfalls as the green cover of the area increases and the climate becomes very cool. Once you reach Trimbakeshwar, you will need to drive to Sapgonand then leave your vehicles and walk up a trek of just 2 kms. Do make this a group trip as the area is lonely and there is no form of security that the government has put up.

  • How to Reach:Trimbakeshwar – Bus, Auto, Walk
  • Visit Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance from Airport:Ozar Airport 20kms
  • Distance from Rail station: Nasik railway station 10kms
  • Distance from Bus Station: Nasik bus station 9 kms
  • Other Attraction:RamKund, Sundarnarayan Temple, Sri KalaramMandir

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9. Ashoka Waterfall:

The Ashoka waterfalls, also known as the Vihigaon waterfalls, are situated in Vihigaon which is in Thane district. The waterfalls are easily accessible from Igatpuri, which is a hill station. Nasik is the next closest place from Vihigaon. This makes the place a popular tourist spot for people from both Mumbai as well as Nasik. The height of the waterfall is about 120ft and this creates a natural panorama that is adored by tourists. One of the many water sports that you can do here is rappelling. You can get the best of this sport during the monsoons when it will take about 30 minutes to cover the area. Being such a picturesque place, many movies have also been shot in this location, namely, Asoka.

  • How to Reach:Vihigaon – Bus, Cab, Trek
  • Visit Duration: 4 hours
  • Distance from Airport:Ozar Airport 70 kms
  • Distance from Rail station:Nasik railway station 60kms
  • Distance from Bus Station:Nasik bus station 59kms
  • Other Attraction:Pandavleni Caves, SitaGupha, Sri KalaramMandir

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10. Devkund Waterfall:

Devkund waterfall, Maharashtra is one of the plunge waterfalls that are situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is one of the waterfalls in Maharashtra near Pune. This makes it accessible to many tourists from Pune, Mumbai and Nasik. This is created by three waterfalls and it then creates the Kundalika River. Most tourists love to trek to this place. It will take you a good 3 hours to trek to the waterfalls from the village area. You will need a local guide to help you zigzag through the dense forests and the river. It is perfect for a weekend outing which helps you get in touch with nature.

  • How to Reach:Bhira – Trek
  • Visit Duration:2 hours
  • Distance from Airport: Pune Airport 110 kms
  • Distance from Rail station:Mangaon railway station 30 kms
  • Distance from Bus Station: Pune bus station 110kms
  • Other Attraction:Raigad Fort

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Additional Tips:

  • If you are interested to see the biggest waterfall in Maharashtra, then you also need to keep in mind the safety points.
  • Wear comfortable footwear which is anti slip. The places are usually slippery and wet.
  • Take care of rocks and sharp edges. These can easily harm you.
  • Its best to carry some warm clothing as the mist and vapor in these places creates cool climates.
  • Be careful while taking Selfies. These points at the places are not advisable as the area is wet and slippery and quite dangerous.
  • Take care of children and elders and keep them safe from harm
  • Do keep in consideration the local timings of visit. Some places may not have transport facilities after dark.
  • Do make a note of the months and days when the place is open for visit. Some areas are kept closed during the peak monsoon season.
  • So here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

Waterfalls in Maharashtra are a great boon as they give you natural beauty and wonder. The sight of water flowing from a high mountain and the mist that it creates evokes in us an admiration for nature. The waterfalls in Maharashtra give you the immense pleasure of viewing the best along with the flora and fauna of the region. The cascades, dips and plunges of these waterfalls will mesmerize you always. So bring your family along for a wonderful weekend outing to these serene places.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Which are The Best Waterfalls in Maharashtra near Mumbai?

Ans: Mumbai being a metropolis and a business hub, the people need to relax once in a while. Taking a short vacation is what most people do in Mumbai. The closest tourist spots are the most popular and waterfalls are one among them. The closest waterfalls to Mumbai are Randha falls, Lingmala waterfalls, and Umbrella falls. These are the best waterfalls to see during the monsoon season. Since they are close to Mumbai, the people find it to be a great family outing. Most of these are hill stations too so a relaxed weekend makes for a great plan.

2. Which is The Biggest Waterfall in Maharashtra?

Ans: The highest waterfall in Maharashtra would be the Thoseghar falls. Its height is 500mt and during the monsoons you can see the complete power of this natural wonder. The Thoseghar waterfall is perfect for nature lovers who want to see the brilliance of the natural world. The waterfall creates the perfect flora and fauna in the region. This is also something that attracts tourists to this place. Go between Jun and Oct to this place and experience the best part of nature.

3. Which is The Only Perennial Waterfall in Maharashtra?

Ans: The only perennial waterfall in Maharashtra is the Vajrai waterfall. This waterfall is situated in Kas valley. Since it a perennial waterfall, the tourist inflow in this region is large. The Kas valley has beautiful flowers that bloom year round and make you feel very good. This 260m waterfall is the perfect setting for natural beauty. Many tourists from all over Maharashtra come for a view of the majestic waterfall and its surrounding areas.


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