Karnataka is synonymous to natural beauty. This state is one of the most popular destinations for all nature lovers, who love to soak in the best of untouched natural beauty. Scenic hills, lush green forests, wild life and of course, some of India’s majestic waterfalls, are the reasons why tourists keep coming back to Karnataka. In this article, we shall explore the most popular list of waterfalls in Karnataka, which cascade from atop to offer the most spectacular view to its visitors. While these falls are visited round the year, monsoon in particular, attracts the highest number of visitors, who come to view nature in it’s best form. Read on to add some of these amazing falls in your bucket list!

15 Must-Visit Waterfalls In Karnataka With Details:

1. Abbey Falls:

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Abbey falls are 90 km away from Mangalore and the nearest town is Madikeri, 10 km away. A few combinations of streams flow together and fall down through the rough steep rocks, through the Western Ghats. This is one of the most popular destinations in Coorg, which is surrounded with coffee and spice plantations. These falls are also called Jessey falls, named after the daughter of the First Captain of Madikeri. This is one of the closest waterfalls near Mysore.


  • Height: 70 Feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: September To January.
  • River: Kaveri.
  • Distance: 8 km For Madikeri and 122 Km From Mysore.
  • How To Reach: Hire a taxi from Mysore Station.
  • Other Attractions: Hanging Bridge Opposite To Falls.

2. Hebbe Falls:

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Hebbe falls are one of the best sceneries in Chikmagalur district. It is just 8 km away from Kemmangundi. The waterfalls flows in two stages, the big stage is known as Dodda Hebbe and small one is known as Chikka Hebbe. The beginning of winters are a good time to catch the flowers and greenery in the surrounding.


  • Height: 550 Feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: November to February.
  • River: Kaveri.
  • Distance: 8 km For Kemmanagundi and 122 Km From Mysore.
  • How To Reach: 8 hr drive from Bangalore or if travelling by train, nearest is Tarikere Station.
  • Other Attractions: Kalhatta Giri Waterfalls close by.

3. Jog Falls:

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Jog Waterfalls are formed by Sharavathi River which falls from a height of 830 ft, making it the second tallest it India. It is combined by four distinct streams namely Raja (king) because it looks dignified, Rani (queen) because it goes through winds in a form of dance, Roarer as one of them makes a lot of noise while flowing and lastly Rocket which falls down at a high speed. Jog falls are a must-visit Karnataka Waterfall places.


  • Height: 250 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: November To February.
  • River: Sharavathi.
  • Distance: 30 km for Sagar , 104km From Shimoga and 379 from Bangalore.
  • How To Reach: Nearest Airport Bangalore. You can also take a train to Sagara from bangalore, from where you can hire a taxi.
  • Other Attractions: Sagara temples and the mountain ranges in Siddhapura.

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4. Sathodi Falls:

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Sathodi falls are placed 32 km away from Yellapur district. It is surrounded forests which makes it a good picnic spot. There are several streams which meet at a place nearby known as Kallaramane Ghat and then fall at a height of 15 meters.It joins the backwater in the Kodasalli dam which causes the waterfall to end. These are one of the popular tourist places in Karnataka.


  • Height: 15 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: October to December.
  • River: Kali.
  • Distance: 32 Km From Yellapur.
  • How To Reach: Hubli is the nearest airport from which you can hire a taxi.
  • Other Attractions: Scenic surroundings and pool to enjoy water.

5. Unchalli Falls:

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Unchalli falls are located just 25 km away from Sirsi. The fall flows the Aghanashini River 116 meters down and the widest of it is placed through the Sahyadri hills in the Western Ghats. It is called Lushington Falls by the British people, named after their district collector who had discovered it. It is also called Keppe Joga in local language due to the strange sound it makes.


  • Height: 380 feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: September To February.
  • River: Aghanashini.
  • Distance: 33 km from Sirisi, 400 kms from Bangalore.
  • How To Reach: 5km trek from Heggarne Village. Nearest Railway station is Sirsi Town.
  • Other Attractions: The trek through dense forests which has the best flora and fauna.

6. Iruppu Falls:

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Iruppu falls are located 50 km away from Madikeri and proximately 20 km away from Nagarahole National Park. The falls originates in the Brahmagiri peaks and then dives 170 ft in two different section of its course. These falls are also connected with the epics of Ramayana and the falls take their course from the Brahmagiri peaks, the Lakshmana Theertha, where they finally join the Kaveri River.


  • Height: 170 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: August To January.
  • River: Kaveri.
  • Distance: 260 Kms From Bangalore and 48 Kms from Nagarhole.
  • How To Reach: You can hire a taxi from Mysore station or a drive from Nagarhole national park.
  • Other Attractions: Nagarahole forest.

7. Chunchanakatte Falls:

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Chunchanakatte falls originates from the river Cauvery near the village of Chunchanakatte in Myrsore, Karnataka. The river falls from a height of about 20 metres in the Wester Ghats in two small sections and then again joins back the main course as the mighty Cauvery. As per Hindu mythology, Chunchanakatte is the place where Lord Ram rested during his Vanvas and was treated warmly by a tribal couple Chuncha and Chunchi.


  • Height: 20 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: January to Feburary.
  • River: Kaveri.
  • Distance: 55 kms from Mysore.
  • How To Reach: 1 Hr 20 minute drive from Mysore on the Mysore-Hassan highway.
  • Other Attractions: Ancient Lord Rama temple.

8. Godchinamalaki Falls:

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Godchinamalaki Falls located in the Belgaum district of Karnataka is located in a lush and deep green valley. The fall is bifurcated in two sections in the first the Markandeyariver takes a plunge of about 25 meters and flows through a rugged valley and shortly it takes the second leap of about 20 metres.


  • Height: 25 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: July to October.
  • River: Markandeya.
  • Distance: 15 kms from Gokak.
  • How To Reach: You can hire a taxi from Belgaum to do a 40km drive.
  • Other Attractions: Two dams within 6km radius.

9. Gokak Falls:

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The Gokak falls is a fall also situated in the Belgun district of Karnataka, India. It’s a miniature version of the Niagra falls where the Ghataprabha river after a long and windy course take a leap of 171 ft over a cliff made of sand-stone and make a breathtaking view as the gorge flows over a rugged valley. The waterfall make a horse-shoe shape at the brim.


  • Height: 171 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: July to October.
  • River: Ghataprabha.
  • Distance: 65 kms from Belgaum.
  • How To Reach: Nearest Railway station is Ghataprabha. You can also take KSRTC bus from Belgaum.
  • Other Attractions: Ancient Chalukyan monuments on the banks of the river.

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10. Kalhatti Falls:

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Kalhatti Falls also known as Kalahasti Falls is situated in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. The waterfall makes a perfect view as it cascades from the Chandra Drona Hills and makes a plunge of 400 ft. The waterfall is situated near the famous Veerabhadreshwara Temple of Lord Shiva. The water fall touches the elephant carvings of temple and it is believed that this water has the power to cure many diseases.


  • Height: 122 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: July to November.
  • River: Cauvery.
  • Distance: 10 Km from Kemmanagudi Hill station.
  • How To Reach: Nearest Railway station is Tarikere Town. Mangalore is the nearest airport.
  • Other Attractions: Wildlife and trekking.

11. Hogenakkal Waterfalls:

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Hogenakkal waterfalls is one of the most picturesque destinations of Karnataka. It is located on the Kaveri river in Dharmapuri district. It gets its name Hogenakkala from its appearance of “Smoky Rocks”. This is often compared to Niagara falls due to its resemblance with the mighty falls. It is also believed that drinking water from this fall can cure many ailments.


  • Height: 839 Feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: July to November.
  • River: Cauvery.
  • Distance: 47 kms from Dharmapuri railway station.
  • How To Reach: Bangalore is the nearest airport, from which it is 150 km drive.
  • Other Attractions: Boating.

12. Sirsi Waterfalls:

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Sirsi waterfalls are also called Unchalli waterfalls, which are located 54 km from Jog falls. This is located near Hegganur and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This fall is also called Lushington falls, named after the collector of the district who founded it. A 30 minutes trek from the entry gate is required to reach the falls.


  • Height: 380 Feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: September To February.
  • River: Aghanashini.
  • Distance: 2 hr drive from Sirsi.
  • How To Reach: Take a private jeep from Sirsi.
  • Other Attractions: Picturesque locations and trek.

13. Sivanasamudra Falls:

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Sivanasamdura is one of the popular destinations in Karnataka. It is situated in Mandya district of Karnataka and is one of the popular waterfalls near Bangalore. The island of Sivanasamudra is split into two parts with two waterfalls – Gaganachukki and Baharachukki. These two waterfalls are collectively called Sivanasamudra falls.


  • Height: 320 Feet.
  • Best Time To Visit: October To December.
  • River: Kaveri.
  • Distance: 81 Kms from Mysore.
  • How To Reach: Base station is Mysore from which one can hire a taxi.
  • Other Attractions: The small pool under Baharchukki falls to play and enjoy the water.

14. Apsara Konda Falls:

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Apsarkonda is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is slowly gaining popularity with tourists and is situated near a small village near Honnavur. The name Apsarakonda means a Pond of Angels. It is said that this pond is the favorite bathing spot of many divine elements. The highlight of this waterfall is the Pandavas cave which is located behind the cascade.


  • Height: 10 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: June to October.
  • River: Arabian Sea.
  • Distance: 140 Kms From Hubli.
  • How To Reach: You can hire a taxi from Hubli airport or from Murudeshwar.
  • Other Attractions: Apasarakonda Beach, Pandava caves and temples.

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15. Jhari falls Or Buttermilk Falls:

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Jhari waterfalls is also known as Buttermilk waterfalls and is located at a distance of 23km from Chikmagalur. This is one of the best tourists spots in Chikmagalur and is surrounded by dense forests and coffee plantations. There is also a small pool beneath the waterfalls where tourists can safely play with water.


  • Height: 100 mts.
  • Best Time To Visit: August To January.
  • River: Bhadra.
  • Distance: 23 Kms From Chikmagalur.
  • How To Reach: You can hire a taxi from Chikamagalur. You need to hire a jeep to reach the falls, as regular cars cannot handle the muddy roads.
  • Other Attractions: Coffee Plantations.

Tips and Safety Precautions:

These waterfalls are no doubt quite enchanting and inviting! They are located in scenic locations and makes you wonder if you are on a paradise. However, to ensure you make a safe trip to these waterfalls and make it a memorable experience, you need to follow certain tips:

  1. Ensure you read the safety boards before taking a plunge into the water
  2. Certain waterfalls like Hogenakkal and Jog are extremely dangerous to enter. Do not attempt!
  3. Avoid these falls when the current is too strong. If you must visit, avoid staying too close to the stream
  4. Watch out for leeches. Carry some salt to ward off these blood sucking creatures.
  5. Always carry sufficient food and water to avoid going hungry at these places
  6. Watch out for rocks in the middle of the water flow. They can be fatal when slipped on.
  7. Do not attempt risky stunts on these falls. They can cost your life.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

1. Is it Safe to Visit Waterfalls During Rainy Season?

Rainy season is definitely the best season to visit waterfalls. However, it can extremely dangerous too. Gushing water can be very hard to estimate and a lot of casualitites due to drowning happen during this season. If you follow safety measures, you can still enjoy the nature’s best form safely.

2. Do We Get Food and Other Facilities In These Areas?

Most of these falls are located in agency areas and remote locations, where it is hard to expect basic facilities. Visitors often go hungry and tired, due to lack of water and food. It is recommended to carry your own water and food, with a set of spare clothes and towels. You might be lucky if you find basic stuff like tea and omlettes.

3. Is it Safe to Take a Dip in These Waterfalls?

Safety boards are installed near these waterfalls describing the dangers of getting into water. It is better to take a plunge only when you notice that the waters are shallow with a sturdy base. Do not enter if you are not sure about the depth of the waters.

4. Which is the Largest Waterfall in Karnataka?

Jog falls in the largest waterfalls not just in Karnataka, but also in India. Often called the “Niagara of India”, the drop height of these falls is 252mts. If you want to watch the full form of Jog falls, do visit them in the rainy season, when the water is at its peak.

5. Which Is the Most Famous Waterfall In Karnataka?

After Jog falls, the other popular destinations with tourists are The Kalhatti falls and The Hogenakkal falls. These are densely packed with tourists all through the year and during the season, it can be extremely crowded.

We hope these pictures and descriptions of Famous waterfalls in Karnataka gave you major travel goals. Waterfalls are always mesmerizing, and when the beautiful cascade is surrounded by stunning scenic views, nothing can beat the experience of it. Karnataka waterfalls Places have always gained popularity with the tourists for the amazing locations they offer. People don’t mind taking risks to view these falls, for they offer a treat to all the senses. The roar of the falls with their majestic fall from atop the hill can transport you to a different world all together. So, the next time you plan to visit Karnataka, make it a point to cover these incredible waterfalls!


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