10 Famous Waterfalls in Kerala with Pictures

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Tourists who visit Kerala must visit the beautiful waterfall the state has all over the north, south and in the center. Waterfalls are the natural scenic beauty which sooths the human soul. People feel much relived. The silences in the waterfalls of Kerala surrounded by trees are the attractions for the adventurous tourist who are interested in trekking, rock climbing, etc. The waterfalls in Kerala range from 100 feet to 200 feet.

1. Athirappalli Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Athirappalli Falls

Athirappalli waterfall is the largest waterfall in Kerala. It is 63 km away from Thissur. It is located in the Sholayar range and is a part of the Chalakudi River. Just 5 km apart, from this waterfall, there is Vazhachal waterfall on the edge of the Sholayar forest range.

2. Palaruvi Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi means stream of milk, this waterfall is named so as it falls like down 300 feet in a way cut through the rocks, which looks like milk is flowing down. It is 75 km away from Kollam and is one of most visited waterfalls in Kerala, especially by the local people, who come for picnics. The journey to the waterfall goes through the tropical forest which is great fun for the travelers as they see greenery throughout and reach this beauty in the end.

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3. Aruvikuzh Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Aruvikuzh Falls

Aruvikuch waterfall is located 2 km away from Kumarakom, in the district called Kottayam. The waterfall falls down 100 feet and in 5 steps. It is a treat to the eyes to see how beautifully the stream cuts through the landscapes. The St. Mary’s Church on top of the waterfall is very famous. The waterfall has rubber plants in the surrounding and is best for trekking.

4. Chethalayam Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Chethalayam Falls

Chethalayam waterfall is a small water fall located 12 km East of Sulthan Bathery in the Wayanad district. It has crystal clear water but it is known as seasonal waterfall as it tend to dry up during summer. Rock climbing and trekking and enjoyable and safe here.

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5. Meenmutti Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Meenmutti Falls

This magnificent waterfall is situated 29 km away from Kalpetta, on the Ooty main road. This is the largest waterfall in Wayanad which fall 1000 feet in three steps and people say that it seem like and are 2 km away from trekking spot.

6. Meenavallam Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Meenavallam Falls

Meenavallam waterfall is situated in Palakkad district. This originates from the Thupannadu River which is a part from the Western Ghats. These fall step by step in 10 stages of 5 meters to 45 meters. The height of the water fall is around 25 feet and the water is 20 feet deep. 8 of the 10 steps pass through the dense forest.

7. Perunthenaruvi Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Perunthenaruvi Falls

Perunthenaruvi waterfalls are situated in Erumely near Thiruvalla. The waterfall is comparatively short in height but is quite spread over a wide area. It is a beautiful scenic beauty which is surrounded by rocks on three sides. The fall joins the Padma River.

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8. Thusharagiri Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Thusharagiri Falls

The nearest railway station to this waterfall would ne the Kozhikode, which is 50 km away. The meaning of the word Thusharagiri is ‘snow covered with mountains’. It is called so as the whole area seems to be covered with snow.

9. Soochipara Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Soochipara Falls

This waterfall is locally known as Soochiara but the real name goes as Sentinel Rock Waterfall. It called so as the water hits granites while falling. It is located 23 km from Kalpetta, in Wayanad. The pool below is good for tourist to swim.

10. Keezharkuthu Falls:

Famous Waterfalls in Kerala-Keezharkuthu Falls

Keezharkuthu Waterfall is 25 km away from Thodupuzha in Idukki. It looks like a rainbow waterfall which fall from 1500 meter rock. The forest nearby have medicinal plants. This is apt for camping, trekking, etc.

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