10 Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai with Pictures

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Mumbai is a place which is in the middle of mountains and ocean. It is known as the dream city and also the city of dreams. The big city is also a home to many waterfalls thus giving you a chance to calm yourself amidst the hustle and tensions of the city and life.

Waterfall Attractions in Mumbai:

Go packing this vacation and get back energized while you hunt down some of the waterfalls in Mumbai.

1. The Scenic Bhivpuri Waterfall:

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Bhivpuri Waterfall

Monsoons are the best time to visit any waterfall. Bhivuri waterfall is near Karjat, Mumbai. Walking to the hills through Sainik Nagar will take you to the waterfalls. It is a popular picnic spot and is nearby offering a good chance to escape here.

2. The Calm Vangni Falls:

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Vagni Falls

This waterfall in Mumbai, Vangni falls is 22 km away from Kajrat. The Vangni forest is situated in a place off Amberbath, Kajrat Road in a small village called Vangni. The place is away from the city and is calm. Trekking is fun if people can manage through hills, but you can also choose to walk to reach the spot.

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3. The Tall Pandavkada Falls:

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Pandavgad Falls

People refer to the Pandavkada falls as the best, and is just 49 km away from the mega city. Located in the Thane district, it is counted to be the 29th highest fall of the country. The waterfall seems like a smoke and is pure white. The stream is narrow and is at its best during monsoon. The name comes from the belief of the people that great Pandavas used to reside in the caves near the fall during their exile. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai that you can visit.

4. The Stunning Lingmala Falls:

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Lingmala Falls

Lingamala falls is situated on the road between Mahabaleshwar and Pune. The falls flow from the lush green mountains, to a 500 ft. below. It is formed by river Venna and is breathtakingly beautiful. This features in the best waterfall near Mumbai for one-day picnic.

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5. Randha Falls: The Third Largest

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Randha Falls

The Randha falls is around 180 km away from Mumbai. The river Pravara falls down from 170 ft. The silence of the Bhandardara is disturbed by the plunge of Randha falls. It is the third largest waterfall in India. There is also a temple on the banks of the river. Notice the beauty of it in the picture above.

6. Dhobi Falls: The Breath Taking Falls


Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Dhobi Falls

Dhobi waterfalls are a regular picnic spot, located in the Lodwick Point Road. The south side offers a beautiful view of the Elphinstone Point ravine. The roads to the falls take tourists on ponies and horses which it is an adventure for them. It I located in old Mahabaleshwar road, 267 km from Mumbai. This is yet another attractive waterfall near Mumbai for one day picnic.

7. Umbrella Falls: The Picturesque Fall

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Umbrella Falls

The Umbrella falls is situated in a short distance from Randha falls. It is situated at the old Wilson Dam in Ahmednagar district. This waterfall is used for the hydro power generation in the region of Bhandardara. It is near Nashik, Igatpuri, and Mumbai. The fall flows in a shape of an umbrella and is the best waterfall in Mumbai.

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8. Amidst the Forest: Kandhar doh Falls

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Kandhardoh Falls

The falls are located at a short distance from Patharpunj village, in midst of dense forests. The waters move directly to the Chandoli dam. Its origins are from the River Warna which is a great spot for trekking and one among the waterfall picnic spots near Mumbai.

9. Bhilar Falls: The Beautiful One

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Bhilar falls

Bhilar falls originate from the Kundali river. They fall approximately 300 ft down and join the river Venna at Sangam Mahuli which is near Satara.

10. Palusa Falls: The Popular Picnic Spot

Best Waterfalls Near Mumbai-Palusa falls

Unlike all the other falls, Palusa falls never dries up at any point of the year. It falls 40 – 50 ft. down and even has a small dam situated near it. It is crowded with people during holidays as it is another common picnic point.

So, this week, get packing and go on the much-needed break you always wanted. Waterfalls nearby Mumbai acts as good one-day picnic spots that can give you an off from the tensions of everyday life.


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