Watermelon For Skin, Hair and Health : Uses, Benefits

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Yes, it is the summers and its cruel out there. However, sitting at home you can stir up a party, with fresh and tasty watermelon at your beck and call. During summers, one needs to have this fruit around, because apart from refreshing and energizing the body, watermelon can actually give your body plenty of other benefits, which would make you happy.

Right from lowering the blood pressure in your body to fighting unwanted weight gain, watermelon would do wonders for you. Even the seeds of watermelon can help fight uric acid influx too, and it would get your body hydrated with all the fluids it needs as well. Plus, since the fruit has plenty of natural sugars, you wouldn’t gain weight, and your fats would be dissolved too. Even HDL or good cholesterol would be promoted and your heart would thank you as well.

Watermelon is a popular fruit, and one of the best juicy delights you could have. So bring to your body a blessing of minerals and vitamins, and let the skin and hair too shine and bounce. Vegetarians too would benefit from watermelon consumption, since it has fatty acids and proteins, which are a must for the growth and development of the body.

Watermelon is a seasonal fruit which is best during the summer months. This watery fruit makes our body hydrated and helps to increase the water level required for our body. Lycopene, an important component helps to maintain the healthy cardiovascular and bone condition.

Nutritional Facts oF Watermelon:

Watermelon, as the name suggests is made up of 92% of water. That doesn’t make this fruit any less nutritious than its peers. Watermelon is packed with nutrition and a serving of 100gms consists of:

  • Vitamin C – 13%
  • Vitamin A – 11%
  • Magnesium – 2%
  • Potassium – 112 mg
  • Fiber – 0.4%
  • Calories – 30 cals

Watermelon Benefits for Skin , Hair & Health:

Below we have given a list of the amazing watermelon benefits and uses that makes your health good.

1. The power of Amino acids:

The juicy watermelon adds plenty of amino acids which is needed by the body to perform its normal actions on a day to basis. The metabolism levels of the body too would be taken care of, since there is enough potential for the calcium in the fruit to give it a boost. Calcium as we all know is important for the strengthening of tissues and bones in the body. Sexual health too would be helped when the amino acids from the watermelon plays it’s role.

2. Unsaturated Fats

The body needs a good dose of unsaturated fats, which comes from the seeds of the water melon. Even omega fats too come from the watermelon, and this would bring in the much needed energy which the body needs, dont worry you won’t put on weight no matter how much watermelon you consume. Even if you have dried watermelon seeds everyday, your body would get all the fats it needs.

3. Magnesium For BP and Diabetes

As a source of magnesium, watermelon can do wonders for the body and maintains the body functions too. Even the heart would be happy and the blood pressure levels wouldn’t go bonkers, since the fruit can maintain it all. There is proof that watermelon can actually help patients with diabetes as well, since the fruit has natural sugars which lowers the glucose levels in the body too.

4. Enhanced Sexual Drive

Male fertility can be enhanced, thanks to the lycopene antioxidants found in the fruits seeds. This would be one of the best home remedies coming down through ancient times and used across many homes in the world

5. Boosted Immunity

When you fall ill, the body gets weak and the immunity system goes for a toss. To recover and recuperate, patients are advised to have enough of watermelon and its seeds to recover.

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6. Memory Issues

Even those who suffer from memory issues can have watermelon. To steer clear from future mental issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, one should have watermelon which will keep the brain functioning well and strong.

7. Controlled Diabetes

Watermelon benefits diabetes patients by bringing the glucose levels down. A glass of the juice everyday would help control diabetes and glucose levels in the blood on a day to day basis, say experts.

8. Flawless Skin

Watermelon benefits for skin are numerous. Get your skin moisturized and softened, with the fatty acids in watermelon. It makes the skin smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom.  You could have it consumed or use the paste of watermelon as a face pack.

9. Stop Premature Greying

Want to stop premature greying of hair, have watermelon and the seeds too. Copper is present in the seeds especially, which is what makes the hair dark and black. The mineral helps with the promotion of melanin in the body too, and brings colour to the skin and hair as well. Even hair breakage would be prevented, thanks to the availability of fatty acids in the fruit.

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10. Ant inflammatory and Antioxidant

Watermelon provides an important micro-nutrient named choline that aids your body in different ways. The structure of cellular membrane is maintained by this component called choline. By maintaining the structure of the membrane it helps to properly transmit the nerve impulse from one cell to other and ultimate destination. The lycopene which contains in watermelons helps in reducing inflammation and also neutralize the free radicals present in our body. Anti-inflammatory effect of triterpenoid cucurbitacin E is supported by blocking the effect of a particular enzyme which increases the inflammatory effect. Ripe watermelon contains high percentage of phenolic compounds so it is preferable to have it.

11. Stop Cell Damage With Vit C

Vitamin C is very helpful for preventing any cell damage, boost the immune system and also it wound healing. Watermelon has high vitamin C content apart from other nutrients. People suffering from very slow healing effect are recommended to have high Vitamin C content fruits weather it watermelon or any other citrus fruits containing vitamin C. Collagen is the main component for healing the wounds. The enzymes which form this compound collagen would not work properly without vitamin C. Watermelon also boost our immune system which helps us to fight easily from the germs. It protects our cell from reactive oxygen species that can even damage our DNA and our cells.

12. Increased Vision

Eye health remains in normal condition if we have plenty of watermelon and eat it in a regular basis. Beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamin C all these components are best for your eye and we do not have to worry about our macular degeneration. Eye related issues get dominated as years pass by and this age related issues would cause night blindness and degeneration. To protect ourselves from these age related problem we must need to eat watermelon. Also the antioxidants present in ample amount protects your eyes and also the nerves from getting dry up mainly an age related matter and can also helpful for glaucoma.

13. Reduced Cancer Risk

Watermelon helps in reducing the risk of cancer as it is well known as an anti-cancer fruit. It can significantly reduce any type of cancer like risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer or others. The level of a primary content lycopene is quite high in watermelon which helps to prevent from any link of cancer. Apart from other nutrients present in watermelon, lycopene content in watermelon is highly significant and acts as a natural source for reducing cancer risks. The strong antioxidant vitamin C along with other antioxidants present in it would help in reducing the formation of the free radicals is important source for cancer.

14. Stronger Bones

Lycopene rich food items like watermelon and tomatoes are strongly associated with our bone health. The oxidative stress of the major bone cells which are involved in pathogenesis of osteoporosis is highly reduced while having these food items containing lycopene as the main content. This provides stronger bones by enhancing the bone condition of your body. Also it is rich in mineral like potassium which retains the calcium level in our body and hence helps in making stronger bones and joints. Lycopene is also important for maintain our cardiovascular health and normal blood pressure. Amount of potassium and magnesium in watermelon is highly beneficial for maintain normal blood pressure. Carotenoids which are present help in hardening the walls of veins and artery and thus reduce the chance of heart attack, blood clots and others.

15. Body Cleansing

Potassium level in watermelon is quite high which helps to have a cleansing affect. Also this high water content fruit keeps us hydrated and frequent urination which is very helpful for the kidney to function well. Reducing the content of uric acid in the blood would helps to reduce the chances of kidney damage or renal failure.

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16. Watermelon Benefits Weight Loss

Watermelon is an extremely low-calorie fruit with a 100 gm of fruit adding just 30 calories. Watermelon diet is a popular choice for weight loss, as it can supply the body with the required nutrients without adding a gm of extra fat to the body. Watermelon can give you a feeling of fullness, thus reducing appetite and food cravings. Drinking watermelon juice instead of water can not only hydrate your body, but also ensure the maintenance of recommended nutrition levels.

17. Other Benefits

  • Do you know that sexual performances would be enhanced and can be better when you have a glass of watermelon juice? The fruit is known and has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, so to hell with Viagra, use what mother nature has in store for you and let the blood flow to make it last long and strong!!
  • There is a lot of L-Citruline in the watermelon which is an amino acid, and we all know how important amino acids are for the body.
  • Watermelon should be consumed by those who have problems with high blood pressure.
  • Watermelons are diuretic and can help with hydrating the body on a large scale.
  • Since the body needs enough of minerals and vitamins on a daily basis to perform its functions normally, watermelon can help bring all of that and more into the body.
  • You wouldn’t put on weight having watermelon, since the fruit has no fats, no calories and is full of goodness.

Side Effects OF Watermelon

Eating watermelon is large quantities can cause minor health problems. If you are preparing for a watermelon diet, you need to consider the following side effects:

  • Due to in-built sugar, Watermelon juice can increase your body glucose levels
  • Can lead to digestive problems and May cause diarrhea
  • Studies show that alcoholics need to avoid watermelon, as the Lycopene in the fruit can lead to Liver damage
  • The potassium in watermelon can lead to heart diseases

There are many recipes online which can teach you how to make smoothies and juices, check them out now and refresh your body this instant!

These were the best benefits why we love watermelon. If you would like to share some of your tips and thoughts with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you.

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