Why Should You Eat More Watermelon During Pregnancy?

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Watermelon is a fruit that is commonly available in the months of scorching heat, that is, summer. And most of prefer the consumption of this fruit as it contains plenty of water. As a result of which we are able to quench our thirst. And deciding on what fruit to eat and what not to is very easy for a normal human being but when a woman is expecting then she needs to be cautious as to what to eat and what to avoid.

Can we eat Watermelon During Pregnancy?

Few expecting mothers fear that consuming water melons may lead to premature delivery of the baby while others fear that it will raise the blood sugar level. That is why; an expecting mother should consume watermelons in recommended quantities for maximum benefits:

How to Consume Watermelon During Pregnancy:

There’s a lot of ways you can consume this wonderful fruit. Here’s a list of how to be creative with this fruit.

  • Add watermelon to your salad for the added crunch.
  • While you consume the non-vegetarian and barbecued chicken, you could take watermelons as a side dish for a little more sweetness.
  • You could always make watermelon smoothie (not very cold) and drink it for breakfast and dinner.
  • And you could consume watermelons juice for breakfast to avoid those morning sicknesses.

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Benefits Of Watermelon Juice For Pregnant Women:

  • Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium and magnesium.
  • It also contains high fiber content.
  • Offers relief from acidity and heart burn
  • Can reduce swelling in limbs
  • Watermelons are also help with curbing morning sickness faced by the women during their first few months of their pregnancy.
  • It can prevent muscle cramps during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters

Watermelons are beneficiary to the health. It is also very useful to the health of expecting mothers as well. But the intake of watermelons should be less than 200 grams each day. The benefits of the watermelons for an expecting mother are listed below.

1. Eases Heart Burns:

Watermelon is very soothing to the stomach and also the food pipe. Since the pregnant women suffer from a lot of digestion problems such as heart burn and acidity, they should consider consuming watermelons to ease these pains and get relief.

2. Alleviates The Morning Sicknesses:

If you consume watermelon juice every morning then it will alleviate the morning sicknesses. Since it contains energizing and nutritional properties, it helps to reduce morning sicknesses. It is a good idea for expecting mothers to start the day with a fresh glass of watermelon juice.

3. Reduction of Swelling:

Light swelling of the hands and feet or oedema is a very common problem faced by the pregnant women. Since watermelon contains high water, it prevents blockages of muscles and veins to avoid oedema.

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4. Prevents Pigmentation:

A lot of pregnant women suffer from pigmented skin which can take away the joy of the beautiful time. Watermelons help to keep the digestion of food and the bowel movements smooth. Consumption of watermelons helps to improve the skin texture and minimizes the pigmentation of the skin by cleansing the pregnant mother’s body. Therefore, if you want to get glowing skin then you should consume watermelons.

5. Works as a Cleanser:

Besides from cleansing the digestion system of the body, watermelons also help to keep all the other internal organs functioning well. Consumption of excessive watermelons may flush out all some of the important nutrients from the body as well. Therefore, you should restrict the consumption of watermelons to the proper requirement of the body.

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6. Prevents Dehydration:

All the pregnant women are advised to consume plenty of water during the gestation period. And since watermelons contain high amount of water, you could always consume watermelons. As dehydration can cause premature contractions and lead to premature birth, you should always remain hydrated.

Side Effects of Watermelon During Pregnancy:

Eating too much watermelon during pregnancy can lead to the possible side effects:

Diarrhea: Increased water levels may lead to frequent visits to toilets and cause dehydration

High Glucose Levels: The sugar content in watermelon juice can push up your blood glucose levels

Irregular Heartbeat: Potassium increase can lead to irregular heart beat and blood pressure.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of your life. This is also a time when we are often crammed with unnecessary information. Park your fears aside and talk to your doctor if you have any questions. Eat a healthy diet and when taken in moderate portions, most natural food will only benefit you.