What is waterproof makeup? Why are the water resistant makeup products recommended during certain seasons of the year? The waterproof makeup is nothing but protecting your face makeup from smudging during the monsoons times. Given that the long-lasting monsoons and rain can affect your makeup and face products, the application of makeup gets difficult overtime during this season. Whatever one may apply on the face may get smudged over time. Given our concerns, waterproof face makeup is recommended during the monsoons and make it safe and proof from the rains. This guide will tell you steps and style tips to follow to have the best waterproof makeup during monsoons.

7 Tips to How to Do Waterproof Makeup at Home:

Now get monsoons ready with these rainproof makeup tips and tricks. Here are your answers on how to waterproof your makeup?!

1. Cleansing Face and Neck:

Monsoons do not mean skipping sun care or sunscreen products or getting rid of moisturization products. Well if you are doing that, then you may be wrong. The monsoons skin regime should be done even in this season particularly to make sure skin is not dried up or damaged. Hence the monsoons makeup tips should be followed religiously. Hence wash the face regularly with cleanser and soap or with clean water.

2. Moisturising The Skin:

The face cleansing and neck cleaning should take place as usual, with different kind of moisturization products. The rainwater can invade on your skin and can make it dirty, hence cleanse well to make sure bacteria is not deposited in your skin. This can lead to breakouts. Further, use sunscreen even in monsoons as invisible harmful UV rays can work even at this season. This should be used in all months of the year. Further, scrub face every week and apply moisturising and hydrating face pack to make skin glow.

3. Face Makeup with Rainproof Products:

Now comes the main part, makeup and makeover. We all wish to always look glowing and radiant in our skin. Hence why compromise and skip makeup during monsoons months just because your make up does not stay in place? Here we tell you steps and waterproof makeup tips properly and for long.

a) Primer and Foundation:

There are primer and foundation products for makeup which comes in a waterproof way. Firstly apply waterproof primer makeup on to moisturised face well in dot form. Then rub it all over. This helps and makes sure that the later foundation and makeup you apply will stay for long. Take a pinch of waterproof makeup foundation and dot it all over the face. Take a sponge or foundation brush and rub it all over evenly.

Remember to make sure that the foundation should be lightweight in the monsoons time. Use matte products or water-resistant makeup foundation than the heavy liquid products which can help your skin to retain makeup for long. Use only waterproof sweatproof makeup powder-based foundation.

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b) Concealer:

Next in monsoon makeup trends is concealer. Concealer is no skip during monsoons. Make sure to apply concealer in stick form during monsoons which can stay in the place for quite long. Apply in on high levels on the face like forehead, nose, and cheekbones. Brush it all over very well in the even form.

c). Air Brush Powder:

The powder during monsoons to set the face makeup overall can be used in matte form. The dust matte powder or compact can be used, which can be perfect for protecting from monsoons. Dust the entire face evenly, and it will soak up any excess as well. This is a major part of beauty tips for face in the rainy season.

d). Makeup Spray:

Setting spray for makeup can be quite basic among all. Use the setting spray and keep it 15 cm away from the face. Spray it evenly and make sure mist is all over the face. Dab it well with a sponge. This helps to make sure the makeup on face is well set equally and is not smudging from its place.

4. Eye Makeup:

Remember that you do not need to forgo your eye makeup during monsoons. While summers are all about earthy and skin tone colours, make sure to play with your eye makeup during monsoons. Here are the best waterproof eye makeup tips and tricks.

a). Eye Shadow

First, in monsoon eye, makeup tips are eye shadow. Use dark and bold colours of eye shadow during monsoons. This will light your face and make sure you will stand away from others. If you are light skin tone, then use dark maroon, green and blue colours for parties or higher events. Use skin colour brown shades and nude shades for everyday purpose. The darker skin tones can as well use brown, nude and red shades for their everyday tones. Remember to use bright colours as it will be poppy and with glitz.

b). Eye Liner:

There are several waterproof eyeliners available in the market now. Hence you can easily use the eyeliner to coat your upper area of eyelids evenly. You can make double marks if you wish to and stand out with attention. Make a nice winged eyeliner.

c). Kajal:

This step is optional. Those who love kajal can apply the colour in the down area of eyelids. Kajal products are also available in waterproof products. Hence play with colours and apply either black, blue or brown kajal on eyelids to look amazing and glamorous.

d). Eye Lash:

The eyelashes curlers are what make your eyes look dramatic and stylish. The mascara helps to sure eyelashes are rolled around well. Hence you can take up nice black waterproof mascara topcoat. The water resistant formula will make sure to give you magical results and seal the product from rainy times. It helps to get that volumised look easily as part of rainy day makeup.

e). Eye Brow Makeup:

Many skip the step of making up the eyebrows. Well, we tell you that the entire drama lies on the nest waterproof eyebrow makeup and eyebrows make a huge part of the entire circle. Hence use a waterproof eyebrow pencil and style your eyebrows. Remember not to use black eyebrow as many uses, as it may bold your eyebrows way more than required. Use a brown pencil, rather make it look natural and dramatic.

5. Lip Makeup Tips:

Now comes the favourite part of looking pretty, the lip makeup. Many suffer from dried and chapped lips during monsoons, and it may make one look dull in spite of whatever makeup products one may use. Hence remember to protect your lips from rain and drying up times this monsoon. Here are monsoon lip makeup tips to follow.

a). Lip Balm:

Lip balm is the first and foremost important product during monsoons. Never skip this step. Use a hydrating lip balm and apply it evenly every day and frequently. This helps lips to get away from dryness and chapped nature. If you already have cracked lips then use medicated lip balm.

b). Lipstick:

Depending on your choice, you can easily use lipstick on top of lip balm. And use cream and matte lipstick for everyday use. Try and be bold and strong colours to stand out in style and trend from the crowd. Avoid glossy lipsticks at any cost this season. The matte and cream lipstick shades for monsoon are versatile and style better at these times.

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6. Touchups:

This comes to the last step in face makeup. While many forget to skip this step, we tell you that this makes a significant and important part of defining your entire makeup and making you look gorgeous.

a). Blush:

Never skip out on applying blush. For monsoons, prefer to use cream based blush. The creamy formula will help you to get flawless finish easily. It makes on to glide on the skin perfectly and deeply. Prefer shades like peach, and pink to look natural and soft from inside out.

b). Bronzer:

Now bronzer may be an optional step for many. However, it may help to highlight your face well even from a distance. Apply bronzer on near ears and forehead to look good. Further, add on a bit of highlight on cheekbones and the tip of the nose. This will change the way you will look totally!

7. Hair Makeup:

While many prefer to do hair makeup before the face makeup, we tell you it depends on the way you decide to do hairstyle. If you wish to do heavy hair updo, then prefer to do the styling of hair before face makeup. Make sure the hair makeup goes in line and associates equally with face makeup to look good and stylish. Further, use anti-frizz serums on hair and conditioning shampoos to make sure hair remains smooth and silkier throughout monsoons!

Additional Tips:

  1. Here are few more additional tips to make your face makeup monsoon friendly.
  2. Remember, the more is less the mantra during waterproof makeup tips.
  3. Make sure that the makeup is not dripping and use only powder and cream based products.
  4. Use and experiment bright colours for best attention and style. Keep it subtle and trendy.
  5. Apply gel nail polish at the end to fingernails to match along with monsoon makeup trends.
  6. Forget not to make sure face is not dried up. Apply good moisturising creams and lotions regularly.
  7. Brides should make sure to protect their face from long. Waterproof bridal makeup can be used during wedding times to make sure the makeup is long lasting.
  8. Setting spray is important in the end. Use matte products only in this case.
  9. Remove makeup at the end of the day. Forget not this step to make sure skin remains healthy all over. Let your skin have its time to breathe as well!

Given that monsoons are all around the corner, these best waterproof makeup tips are what you will need this season. This will help to protect your face and skin during the water and also due to rains around. Follow these steps to stay hydrated as well as glowing all through the season. Tell us how you find this guide useful as we love to have your feedback!!

People Also Ask:

How to do waterproof makeup at home?

One can easily waterproof their makeup at any time and any season as well at home. It is all about a few secrets and tips. Firstly, lighten up on makeup. Use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. And use breathable products. Use lip stains and cheek stains as well for the pop of colour.

Further never skip on using a primer beneath the foundation. Layer your mascara so that it stays for long. Have blotting papers with you for safer side and if required. These can help that the makeup is easily water resistant.

What can be tips for the best waterproof makeup for wedding?

The monsoon times can be great for weddings too. Remember to use waterproof makeup products. For the last and longing effect, use waterproof concealer and matte cream foundation only. Do not use glossy lipstick and make sure to use waterproof eyeliner. Further, use setting spray frequently during wedding times to make sure the makeup does not smudge from the place.

What are tips for waterproof makeup for beach vacations?

Waterproof makeup can be used during beaches or as in pools. While many as what is best waterproof foundation makeup for swimming or beach vacations, one must remember that skin can be clogged, and pores may close during these times. Hence it is tricky on using the makeup heavily at these times while getting near to water. Further moving makeup can be quite a difficult part.

Can waterproof makeup be used regularly for everyday purpose?

Yes, definitely. One can easily use waterproof makeup regularly, as well. However, forget not to remove the makeup by the end of the day to protect skin from ill-health. Also, make sure to keep skin hydrated and moisturised all times.


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