The origin of wayfarers dates back to years 1950s and 1960s. The wayfarer sunglasses were originally designed by the parent company Ray-Ban. Wayfarers have a typical trapezoidal frame unique to them hinting on non-verbal language. They have nice sturdy arms or the frame which gives a nice definition to the face. Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been manufactured by Ray-Ban since 1956. It now belongs to Italian Luxottica Group with the parent company being Ray-Ban. Ray Ban wayfarers have the product advantage of frames with plastic molding technology instead of the metal frames and marked a transition from metal frames to an era of plastic eye wear.

Latest and Trendy Wayfarer Sunglasses Designs for Ladies:

Here are the 10 best Wayfarer sunglasses.

1. Black Wayfarers:

The classiest looking wayfarer for both men and women. The colour being black is gorgeous in wayfarers for both the sexes. The wayfarers are with polarized lenses/glasses for that retro look too and the shape is really suitable for any face.

2. Brown Wayfarers:

Another classic colour is lovely shade of brown plastic frame for a wayfarer sunglass and brown glasses/lens. This is from the brand Fastrack. This works well for men. The size of the wayfarer is of an ideal size.

3. Mirror Wayfarers:

This is a basic wayfarer with revo coloured lens. This has a matte finish frame. The revo coloured glasses have mirrored finish in them with shades of blue, green etc. The mirror finished lenses makes this ideal for any outdoor activity. Men can just up their cool quotient with these mirrored wayfarers.

4. Two Tone Wayfarers:

This is one handsome pair of two tone matte wayfarer sunglasses with flat black frame and is paired with bright glowing green arms. The contrast is so striking with brightness being perfect for a sunny outdoor day.

5. Leopard Print Wayfarers:

These are sleek and stylish wayfarers for women and are just perfect for a day out in the sun or in the beach. This is also a daily use wayfarer. These can be flaunted with both casuals or formals and this is sure to make heads turn.

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6. Metal Wayfarer:

Going different from the plastic molding of wayfarers, this black wayfarer is lightweight and strong. This has polarized leans with UV protection and looks amazing with the metal glossy finish. This looks cool on both men as well as women.

7. Blue Sports Wayfarer:

Men look cool in blue sunglasses. This wayfarer is for the sportsperson in you and is super cool. With the blue lens in black matte finished frame, this is one must have for a man with interest in sports.

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8. Pretty in Pink Wayfarers:

This is perfect for summers and women will absolutely love this ice pop purple pink wayfarer. The colour is so unique that it is an instant attraction. The shade is such that it will match with any casual outfits and women can rock this absolutely.

9. Cool Blue Ray-Ban Wayfarers for Men:

Men can never be wrong with blue and they look just suave and cool in shades of blue. This blue Ray-Ban wayfarer is what is a must have for a man in any casual or formal wear. With the apt shade of blue, this is ideal with the perfect shape of the sunglasses at the temple.

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10. Designer Wayfarers:

These designer wayfarers are for women. They are classic black with dark shades but have an element of gold in the rim and the centre giving it a nice definition to the sunglasses as well as the woman looks super sexy.

Cool, trendy and fashionable are any pair of wayfarer sunglasses. Really light in weight compared to any metal frame sunglasses, these wayfarers are easy to use, wear and are extremely comfortable. Wayfarer sunglasses are extremely popular among many celebrities and are a high point in their fashion statement. Getting your favourite celebrity look is easy with the right wayfarer on.

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