Thinking to get a t-shirt with personalized print! Yes, these days, people are getting addicted to the craze of wearing printed t-shirts. However, did you know that there are several ways you can print your own t shirt!

Ways to Print T Shirt Designs at Home:

Here are few tips on how to print t shirts at your home easily.

1. Silk Screen Painting of T-Shirt:

This is a traditional way to get print on t shirts. All you need to do is build a screen frame, transfer your design to the fabric, mix colors and carry on printing through ink or dye. Finally, air dry the print and you are ready with the print.

2. Hand Painting Technique to Print T-Shirt:

This is another creative way to get t shirts printed. All you need is an image in your mind, the colors you shall need, preferably paint colors, and the t-shirt you are willing to print on. Blow drying of the print would help you with beautiful effects.

3. Tie and Dye Printed T Shirt:

Love wearing bright color prints! Tie and dye is the best way to print your t shirt. This technique is quite simple as you need to tie your t-shirt with threads and dip it in colors. When dry untie it and there you are with the best desired print.

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4. Stenciling and Reverse Stenciling Printed T-Shirt:

Thinking how to print on t shirts with this technique! It is the oldest version of getting prints on t-shirts. For this, the images are cut off in papers and paint is allowed on the exposed part. Than reverse stenciling is done on the back side by simply painting the image.

5. Bleaching for Printing T-Shirt:

This is a reverse technique of screen painting. It is the safe answer to print my own t shirt. All you need to do is remove the dye from the t-shirt with the help of bleaching, by either dipping it or applying solution.

6. Airbrush and Spraying T Shirt Print:

Thinking how to print your own shirts through airbrushing and spraying! This type of printing can be done with the help of airbrushes, blended colors and color sprays to give the best print creating masterpiece.

7. Stamping Printed T-Shirt:

When your mind strikes how to print on t shirts at home, stamping is the easiest way. It is similar to the craft art you did in schools by dipping the objects in dye or color and stamping them on the t-shirt.

8. Iron-ons T-Shirt Printing:

This technique of printing t-shirt is done by iron on transfers and heat transfers. All you need to do is get a print of your image through transfer paper; use an iron and heat transfer it on the t-shirt.

9. Sprinkling Print T-Shirt:

Sprinkling! Thinking how to print t shirts at home with this method! Simply use a tooth brush and color to sprinkle on the t shirt you want to print on. This one good choice for your nightwear collection.

Print on shirts has also become a popular home-based business for many people. People get designer t-shirts printed this way and sell to earn a living. This has also become a popular small term business on summers to express your artistic side. If you plan to buy some personalized t-shirts then try some online websites where you will get more options for online printing designs, you can personalize your print of designs own.

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