Colored eyeliners are a boom this season. They came with a boom and they are pretty much in fashion even now. A lot of cosmetic brands have their own range of colored liners. They come in pencil, liquid and gel form. You can be comfortable with whatever you like and try using it. This article guides you on how to wear colored eyeliner with precision using some simple tips. By following them and practicing them regularly, you can create professional looking eye liner in one easy stroke. Get ready to try some colorful eyeliner effects:

I am giving 10 tips here on how to wear a colored liner. These are all the basic tips and you can use them according to the comfort level. Sporting a colored eyeliner won’t be rocket science anymore after you read the below tips.

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Which Eyeliner Suits Which Eye Color?

This simple guide can demystify your questions on colored eyeliner. The color of your liner must complement the color of your eyes.

  • Blue Eyes: The best eyeliner color for blue eyes is to pick contrasting eyeliner shades like gold and copper can elevate the eye color and make them appear even more beautiful. You can try earthy colors like orange, terra-cota etc.,
  • Green Eyes: Reddish undertones are the best in bringing out the greenish tone of your eyes. Shades like Rust, Garnet and even aubergine can look stunning on green eyes. A hint of black can beautify the look further.
  • Brown Eyes: Dark and midnight hues are the best eyeliner color for brown eyes. Shades like cobalt, gray, purple create a soft black effect on your eyes, but not too sharp to dominate the beauty of your eyes.
  • Hazel Eyes: If you are wondering what color eyeliner for hazel eyes is perfect, check out tones of green. Olive, Bronze, plum, emerald and gold are some of the top eyeliner colors for brown eyes.
  • Gray Eyes: If you want to make your gray eyes pop with color, apply shades like orange, copper, peach, salmon and melon. These shades can make your eyes stand out and look bright and beautiful

Following are a few guidelines on how to rock colored eyeliner:

1. Don’t pick your favorite color. If you like blue doesn’t mean that it will necessarily look good on your eyes. Always use colors that compliment your eye color. That way you won’t end up looking like a parrot.

2. I think if you have green eyes go for deep purple. If you have hazel eyes go for olive color. If you have blue eyes go for copper color and so on. You can try out them before buying.

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3. Always start with a pencil liner if you are new to lining your eyes. You don’t want to mess up the entire eye in an attempt to use a color liner

4. Keep the rest of the makeup very simple and natural. You already have statement eyes so if you make anything prominent on the face the entire look will be tacky.

5. If you are wearing a very bright colored sparkly liner make sure you wear it dark and you wear it for night. This will give a great effect and will not at all look out of place.

6. Keep the eye shadow muted and just a small wash when you are wearing a colored liner. You don’t want to look like a peacock with different colors on your eyes. Always go for skin colored to a slightly more brown toned color. This will defiantly define the eyes and bring out the eyeliner as well.

7. First line your eye with a black pencil and then move the liner on top of it. This will bring in the darkness and intensity from the colored liner and will look more defined and beautiful.

8. Once you get comfortable with the colored liners you can go for dual tones. You can take any two complementing tones and then layer one liner above the other. This will give a more dramatic effect to the eyes

9. You can also use colored mascara along with a colored liner. If applied in complementing colors it looks very pleasing and sensual

10. If you want to experiment more with the colored liner but don’t have enough colors then always go for cream eye shadow. Dab a damp angular brush onto a cream eye shadow and make a precision line on the eyes near the lashes. This technique works really well. For it to stay longer you can always use a primer on your eyes.

An eyeliner can transform the look of your eyes completely. Even if you have small eyes, adding a stroke of eyeliner can make them appear bold and beautiful. However, most people are not aware that these eyeliners come in many tones other than black. These colored eyeliners can give you a dramatic effect without having to use extra eye makeup. They can just add a subtle pop of color on your eyes minus the gaudiness of eye shadows. With a number of shades available in the market, you can choose a eyeliner that suits your eye color and of course, matches with your outfit!


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