Eyes are sure the window to the world. They are also the most beautiful organ in your body. So, why not give it some needed attention? Yes, you can easily do it and that too by your own. All you need to do is to line your eyes perfectly with a gorgeous shade of liquid eyeliner and you are done. The best thing about liquid eyeliner is that it can truly delineate your eyes which may be a bit tough for pencil or powder eyeliners. So, it can definitely be considered as a more precise alternative to them.

However, there is also something that girls absolutely hate about this type of eyeliner. It needs to be applied to your eye-lids with a steady hand irrespective of the tool you are using. It means, whether you are using a felt-tip pen or applying a brush-style liquid, you have to keep your hand stable for getting the best results. But remember, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. So, just keep trying and you will certainly become the master of the art one day. Meantime, take a look at how to apply liquid eyeliner step-wise to get a classy yet subtle look:

In case you are beginner and looking for some tips on how to use liquid eyeliner, we’ll help you master it.

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner:

Let’s see the below tips and steps to put on liquid eyeliner perfectly.

1. Keep your Eyes Open:

This is essential. While it may be natural to close your eyes when you apply the eye-shadow and the eyeliner, it is nevertheless necessary to keep your eyes open to get the perfect line.

2. Apply and Eye Shadow as Primer:

There is a reason why we are saying this. Using an eye-shadow primer before applying liquid eyeliner will help stop the inky colour from transferring all over your lids. The primer will also help in faster drying of the liner, the one applied on the naked eye.

3. Start Drawing with a Pencil First:

Like you draw on a piece of paper first to get your drawing right, here again, you need to start with a pencil on your eyes and then top it with the liquid eyeliner. This is an easy way to apply liquid eyeliner. Unless you are a pro, you may want to start with this.

4. Use Dashes Instead of Long Strokes:

Begin with lining mid-lash line and work your way out in a series of short dashes, building the line as you go. Getting a winged eyeliner in one swoop may be a tough task unless you know your job!

5. Do not use Remover:

Abstain from using makeup remover to clear your mistakes. Getting your lines right will sure take some time and patience. Using removers will only smear it further. You can dampen the tip with some water to clear off the mistake.

What You Need:

  • A high-quality liquid eyeliner (black is the universal colour, but you can also go for your favourite shade)
  • An eye-shadow primer (if you wish, you can also replace it with an effective concealer cream or a good translucent powder)
  • An eye-shadow (choose the shade that suits you the best and goes perfectly with your entire look)
  • Mascara (it should also be of the best quality)
  • Sponge applicator

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First Step:

Before you wear your liquid eyeliner, it is of utmost importance that your eyelids, as well as the entire area around your eyes, are up for it.

  • Start with applying the eye-shadow primer on the lids of your eyes.
  • In order to blend the primer properly, pat a sponge gently on it.

As said previously, you can also use a concealer cream and blend it with your fingertip or simply dab a little translucent powder.

Second Step:

  • Stand upright in front of a mirror by keeping a distance of at least 6”. Make sure that there is a table near the mirror so that you can keep your hand firm and stable by placing your elbow on it.
  • Position your chin a little upward and also pull the upper eyelid up gently. Now, start creating short thin lines all along the base of your upper eyelash.
  • You should begin from the inner corner of the eye and connect the lines as you go up to the outer corner.

If you are not happy with a thin precise line, make it wider with extreme care. The similar procedure should be followed for the lower eyelid too.

Third Step:

If you want to add some more drama to your eyeliner makeup, go for winged eyes or cat eyes. Here is how to do it.

  • You have to lengthen the lines of your upper eyelids at the outer corners of the eyes to some extent. It will make your eyes look bigger.
  • Similarly, you can bring the lines of your lower eye-lids a bit up and pull them out for a mesmerizing look. Joining the extended lower lines with the upper lines will also add a height to your eyeliner makeup.
  • Finally, let your eyeliner dry and then apply eye-shadow and mascara one by one to complete your look.

But in case you are wondering what are the popular liquid eyeliners, we’ll tell you all about them.

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1. Eyeko:

The felt tip applicator makes Eyeko’s Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner incredibly easy to try out and put to use. The added advantage is that it is so skinny that you can start small and build up to create the perfect feline flick. Get it neatly done with Eyeko.

  • Keep a close-set eye, and keep the inner half of your eyelid clean to create more space between the eyes.
  • Now, apply a thin line, starting from the middle and moving outwards, keeping it very closes to the lashes.

Voila! That’s all about it!

2. MAC:

MAC’s popular Liquid last Liner has a great, budge-proof formula. You’ll need a good eye make-up remover to get it off. The good news is it widely available in a truly astonishing range of colours.

  • Start with a clean palate. So, you either apply your shadow or just have on your base
  • Dip the liner brush into a pot, and then apply as close to lash line as possible. You can fix any wavy lines in the next coat.
  • Draw a triangle with the second line at the end of the lash.
  • Fill in a triangle. Now is when you fix any crooked line that you have made.
  • Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes,

This one is a sure easy way to do!

3. Maybelline:

This is a liquid eye-liner for beginner and is an excellent value for money. The product is another top chosen brand by many women out there. Here is how can get it right.

  • Start your line wherever you are ready—the midpoint and inner corner are both popular options.
  • Now, place the liner tip as close to your lash line as possible.
  • Use small strokes to draw dashes along the lash line.

Here is a quick tip: When you apply slightly more pressure, it will create a thicker line.

4. Bourjois:

It is known for producing the perfect feline flick, the super-fine flexible brush of Bourjois’s classic eye-liner pinceau serves an amazing performance for perfectionists who demand total accuracy and precision. The product, however, is not waterproof.

  • Apply an eye-shadow primer as the first step.
  • You could draw the eyeliner with a pencil first and then complete it with an eyeliner.
  • Replace the thin brush that you would have got with your eyeliner and instead use a stiff one.

This one is easy to get it right!

5. Rimmel:

This is one amazing and easy to use liquid eyeliner product and a make-up bag staple for many, Rimmel’s Exaggerate EyeLiner has an almost foolproof applicator tip which offers minimal control for minimal mistakes.

  • Start with a primer eye-shadow.
  • Start off in the edges and slowly and drag it all over the tip of the eyelashes.
  • Gently remove the brush after a fine stroke.

If you like a deeper one, try the smokey look for your eyes.

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With these tips and some of the finest liquid eyeliners in town, how to use liquid eyeliner will no more be a question. It sure is going to test your patience and you might make a number of mistakes before you get the strokes right. But once you ace the art, you can try out a range of other effects on your eye. Go for the simple ones and try out the tougher ones in your leisure time. But first, get started!


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