Weddings are all about fun, celebrations and happiness! Psst! We know what you are thinking! They are also the perfect times to look your best and impress everyone. So, why settle for anything ordinary? Put those shirts aside and make way for these formal and partywear Wedding Blazers for men, which can definitely earn you tons of compliments. Whether you are a groom or a groomsman, choosing the right type of suit can make a lot of difference. It is important to have a clear understanding of the choice of colour, fabric and cut of the suit. If that sounds complicated, let us assure you! Treat us like your virtual style partner and make those bold fashion movies by learning some tips and tricks to find the perfect pick, along with 10 new blazer designs for weddings.

Which Blazers Are Suitable for Weddings?

Depending on the time, the scale of the event, and the occasion, you must go with the specific Blazer for Indian or Modern wedding parties. These guidelines can simplify the decision making for you:

Main Wedding:

For marriage events like Ring ceremonies, tying the knot or Varmaala, if you want to replace your traditional Sherwani with a modern Pantsuit, then pick semi-formal blazers. You can go for subtle colours like Deep charcoal, Chest brown, etc., which can make you look visible in the crowd.

Formal Receptions:

If the event is housed in a formal setting, Tuxedos are your best bet! You can pick Black, which is the safest choice or even go for greys and blues. Go for a proper Tuxedo shirt and pair it with a bow tie or a regular neckline tie.

Evening Parties:

In these events, you can play around with bold looks. Instead of plain suits, go for colourful jackets with solid colour trousers. You can even try prints if you desire to look edgy.

Day Time/Summer Events:

For hot and balmy weather, replace your double-ply fabric with Linens and cotton blazers instead. Not only do they keep you airy, but they also reveal your fashion sense. Try Pastel colour shirts to go in line with the theme.

Trending Blazers for Men’s in Weddings with Pictures:

Get inspired by these popular men’s Wedding Blazer suit designs with images.

1. Designer Blazer for Groom:

Take a look at this Shawl-collar blazer for the Indian wedding reception. This is made with a self-weave pattern against a black background. It is a smart option for those who like to showcase is modernity without completely letting go of their traditional roots. Wear it with a white Tuxedo shirt to steal the show!

  • Design: Black Self-Weave Tuxedo Blazer
  • Fabric: Self-Design Rayon Cotton
  • Fit: Slim
  • Collar Type: Shawl
  • Suitable Occasion: Dinner Parties, Receptions
  • Best Bottom Wear: Formal Trousers
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean Only

2. Blue Wedding Blazer:

Take a look at this stunning 3-piece suit for the special day of your life. The classy appearance of this outfit is sure to make you stand apart from the crowd. The set consists of a Suit Blazer with black trimmings, matching trousers and a Tux vest; you can pick a crisp white shirt and wear it inside. Don’t miss the little black bow tie for a smart look.

  • Design: Bright Blue 3-Piece Wedding Suit
  • Fabric: Viscose Cotton
  • Fit: Slim
  • Collar Type: Shawl Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Dinner Parties, Receptions, Formal weddings
  • Best Bottom Wear: Co-ordinated Trousers
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash with Steam Iron

3. White Blazer for Wedding:

Image Source: pinterest

Sweep your lady off her feet by making a grand appearance in this white blazer for a wedding party. The super skinny fit complements your well-toned body. The best part of this pure-ivory coloured blazer is the number of ways you can use it. By changing your shirt, you can create multiple looks. So, this one is definitely worth an investment.

  • Design: White Wedding Blazer Suit
  • Fabric: Viscose Cotton
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Collar Type: Peak Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Day Weddings, Ballroom Parties
  • Best Bottom wear: White or Black Trousers
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash and store it in a separate suit cover.

4. Wedding Guest Blazer:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are invited as a guest, this minimal looking blazer for a wedding ceremony is the best choice. The low-key, navy blue suit jacket can give a formal look., without going overboard. You can wear it with a pair of white cotton trousers and a simple shirt. Don’t even bother about ties or scarves. Just bring out your Moccasins and keep the ball rolling!

  • Design: Navy Blue Wedding Blazer
  • Fabric: Rayon Mix
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Collar Type: Peak Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Beach weddings, Casual Gatherings
  • Best Bottom Wear: White or Beige Color Trousers
  • Wash Care: Machine wash and air dry

5. Casual Wedding Blazer:

Image Source: pinterest

When you intend to look casual, ditch those regular suits and try this one instead. The sporty blazer can earn you a huge fan following for your unique outfit choice. This fun, the checked pattern can be worn at events that have large gatherings. Do wear it with a simple, plain shirt and keep your buttons open.

  • Design: Teal Blue Checks Casual Blazer
  • Fabric: Terri wool
  • Fit: Regular
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Bachelor parties, Fun gatherings
  • Best Bottom Wear: Matching Trousers or Plain Black bottom
  • Wash Care: Dry Clean and Steam iron

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6. Black Blazer for Wedding:

When in doubt, wear black! This classy outfit can make you look like the smartest man ever! The three-piece suit comes with a glossy Jacket and a self-design vest. You can choose to button up or dress down to create your own statement looks with this one. Pick suitable black trousers and a matching tie to slay!

  • Design: Black Three-Piece Tuxedo
  • Fabric: Rayon Cotton
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Formal Parties
  • Best Bottom Wear: Shiny Black Trouser
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

7. Grey Blazer For Wedding:

One of the never-to-fail colours for men’s suiting is Grey. The sober hue can complement any skin tone and suits almost every age group. It is also quite versatile and works with any colour shirt. Here is one such idea, which comes in an ever-green Tux model. Just match it with a white Oxford shirt and watch as the world says, “Wow”.

  • Design: Grey Wedding Suit For Men
  • Fabric: Rayon Cotton
  • Fit: Skinny
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Formal Parties, Weddings
  • Best Bottom Wear: Matching Grey Trouser
  • Wash Care: Dry Wash Only

8. Summer Wedding Blazer:

Image Source: pinterest

Beat the summer heat with this soothing Linen blazer! The pleasant beige colour is just what you need on a blazing hot day. It keeps you cool and convenient the whole day. Instead of a relaxed fit, you can also choose a skinny type. Go for an unbuttoned look and say No to blingy elements. Instead, try this very “summery” floral pin!

  • Design: Beige Linen Suit Blazer
  • Fabric: Linen
  • Fit: Relaxed
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Day Weddings
  • Best Bottom Wear: White or Beige Trouser
  • Wash Care: Machine wash, Steam iron

9. Floral Wedding Blazer:

Image Source: pinterest

If you have always thought that florals are just for women, you are quite mistaken! This spring, many celebrity men and models were spotted trying out this trend. Surprisingly, it became an instant hit with the netizens, who totally approved this look. So, time to experiment and try out this bright blazer suit for the Wedding season.

  • Design: White Floral Blazer Suit For Men
  • Fabric: Cotton Mix
  • Fit: Super Skinny
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Day Weddings
  • Best Bottom Wear: White or Matching Floral Trouser
  • Wash Care: This can be hand washed separately, followed by steam ironing.

10. Velvet Wedding Blazer:

Image Source: pinterest

For Fall or Winter weddings, you to try a cosy and warm attire. While the double-ply fabrics can serve the purpose, they sure do look very boring. This is where Velvet blazers can bring in a difference. The shiny and soft feel of this fabric lends a regal look. This green outfit is definitely worth a second glance.

  • Design: Green Velvet Blazer For Men
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Fit: Slim
  • Collar Type: Notch Lapel
  • Suitable Occasion: Night Weddings
  • Best Bottom Wear: Green Trousers
  • Wash Care: Strictly dry-wash only

How to Style Men’s Wedding Blazers?

Here are some tried and tested style tips to follow with your wedding suits for flawless attire:

  • First of all, it’s important to analyze the importance of the event, to sketch the right look.
  • Get your measurements right, and try on the blazer to ensure it fits well.
  • If you plan to go for a black or white suit, try a bright coloured shirt inside. This can transform a formal outfit into a party-wear ensemble.
  • You can even replace your solid coloured shirts with subtle prints. Wear them with contrast coloured blazers for an eye-catchy look.
  • Go for Jacquard fabrics or even Velvet materials to look like a Royal Groom. These fabrics are flashy and keep you at the centre of attraction.
  • Experiment with different varieties of designer ties, scarves and Kerchiefs. If the rest of the outfit is plain, these accessories must look vibrant to get into the celebration mode.
  • Pick some nice brooches that can add an element of bling to your outfit. Don’t forget to wear your oxfords!
  • Keep your hairstyles neat, and get those styling gels out!

Do you love these different Wedding Blazer suits for men? If yes, it’s time to kickstart a new trend in your group. With people getting overwhelmed with the blingy, rich-looking traditional wear, these western outfits surely treat sore eyes. They are classy, elegant and most importantly, sustainable. You can buy them for one occasion and reuse for several times. So, keep in mind these points before you head out to shop and do let us know which look impressed you the most!

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