Top 8 Wedding Hairstyles For Curly Hair

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A wedding is the most important thing to look forward to for a couple and the day must be absolutely perfect. Immaterial of your religion a wedding is always  a gala affair where both the bride and the groom dress to dazzle. The bride especially has to find the right hairstyle and out on just the right makeup so on that particular day she shines brighter than all the other ladies in her vicinity.

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To find the right hairstyle is quite a strenuous affair at times because  this means having to experiment a bit but if you have an idea starting out it always helps. Curly hair is very suitable when looking for a great wedding hairstyle because it will help to complement your dress and your surroundings nicely. Given below are a few great curly wedding hairstyles that you can choose from which will certainly make finding a hairstyle for your wedding much easier.

1. Vision of white:


For Christian south Indian brides the bright white dress will look great with long curls and locks. Pair the hairstyle with your choice of accessory so that  it will compliment your dress perfectly. Loose ponytails and updo hairstyles are a very popular when it comes to south Indian Christian weddings.

2. Lightly Teased and Braided in Front:

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If you do not want to expose a lot of your hair for your wedding then this is the best hairstyle for you. The slightly teasing curls will add a sense of  sophistication with the help of your bridal makeup which is a great way to look absolutely stunning at your wedding.

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3. Customization:

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If you truly want a great hairstyle that is unique then it is best that you experiment a bit with a little time in hand. This will give you an idea of what  will look good and will help you to sync your hairstyle with your makeup. You could do this customisation yourself or take the help of another pair of  professional hands.

4. Messy Buns:

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If you have curly hair then this is the hairstyle to go for. The messy bun adds a little bit of modern day flavour to your traditional look and is a very  popular hairstyle. The messy bun is an ideal home for an accessory or two if you feel adventurous.

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5. The Curls, Accessorised and Twisted Bun:

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Curls are a great way to look beautiful yet elegant when it comes to getting married. The accessorised bun compliments the curls extremely well and there is  a small space on the front which allows you to set down a tiara if you want. The curls look great if your hair is naturally curly but this look can be improvised even with straight hair.

6. Full Curls:

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Full length curls are also a great way to get a good bridal hairstyle. Full length curls are easy to make though professional hands are recommended and look  great with a flower accessory or jewellery for the hair. Full curls may require you to have longer hair than normal and will flow complimenting the exquisite  dress that you wear.

7. Simple Accessorised Hairstyle:

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If you do not want to go too extravagant with your looks then this simple hairstyle which is made with accessories is the perfect hairstyle for you.  Sometimes a simple hairstyle is all that matters. The curls are a perfect place to place a number of accessories including a tiara if you feel adventurous.

8. Straight Curls:wedding hairstyles for curly hair 8

This is a little more difficult than the normal curls hairstyle because it requires your hair to be straight as well. The best thing to do is tie your hair  overnight into braids and open these braids in the morning. It is easily accessorized and looks absolutely stunning.

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