Top 9 Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Brides with medium length of hair usually become cautious with the very limited options they have to put their hair in place without much effort.

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However, it’s now time to overcome the fear and style your hair in a simple, sober yet elegant way with these cool and easy to do hair styles. You can also try these before your bog day to see what suits better than others. The most interesting part with them is that you can add variations as you like to get a different look.

1. Simple Twisted Bun:

Buns are forever for weddings. Make a neat or loose low bun and accessories with flowers or other fancy hair clips. It looks simply gorgeous and goes well with the low lined dresses giving a sensual appearance.

2. Braids:Wedding hairstyles for medium hair 2

Side braids made into a neat up do looks very tidy and stylish. In spite of the style being very simple, it adds natural softness to the bride’s face and makes her look very innocent and delicate. You can also make a different kind of braid or tie it differently for variations.

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3. Pinned Wavy Half Hair:

Slight curls or wavy hair looks elegant and adds volume and depth to the overall look. This style is simple to do with alternate pinned hair from both sides and looks nice from behind too. You can give it a softer look with strands falling from the side and front.

4. Top Knot With An Upside Down Braid:

Wedding Hairstyles for Medium

Top bun has been in fashion and looks very stylish on every occasion. For brides with medium length hair, this is a right choice to have a top knot or top bun with an upside down Braid. This gives a sensuous and delicate look.

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5. Curled Pony With Flowers:

Curls make the hair look voluminous and also give a bride a naturally delicate appearance. All you need to do for this style is get a lot of curls made and tie them to a high pony tail. Accessorize with bright flowers that brighten up your style, and you are sorted for your big day.

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6. Bangs And Bun:

Those with broad faces can make the face look smaller with loose and uneven bangs on the forehead and side face. You can also opt for leveled or side bangs for an equivalent effect. Team it up with a nice hair piece or real flowers to accessorise effortlessly.

7. Rolls:

With curls being a little common style, rolls can be used for a better get up. Use medium rolls to curl up your locks and tie into a loose bun, top or low as per choice. Accessorise with a hair decoration to get the desired look. The only trick is to use the right size of rollers.

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8. Side Knot And Bangs:

Side Knot and Bangs

With medium hair a tight knot might not look that attractive, so loose and casual knots should be experimented with. Try out this side knot right behind the ears and team it with side unevenly swept bangs. The look itself is so delicate that accessorizing is not a compulsion.

9. Braids And Knots:

You might need a little help for this style, but it makes the hair look very neat and manageable all day long. The style is a combination of braids and knots tied into a rope just below the crown. Use of simple highlighting adds to the depth of the hairstyle.

Medium length hair can be styled interestingly with these simple hair dos. Moreover, since the hair is manageable than very long hair, you can always let them loos with minimal styling too.

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