People with thin hair often suffer from the problem of styling hair especially when it comes to party. Due to your thin hair, you may often not want to step out for the fear that you can’t pull a good-looking hair style. Whoever, told you that, it is time you prove them wrong.

Androgenetic hair loss is common in both men and women and is a growing concern these days. Other reasons include, thyroid, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels Hair thinning is mostly genetic. A hereditary condition called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness occurs in unpredictable patterns, which usually results in receding hairline and bald spots both in men and thinning hair in women.

Indian wedding bridal hairstyles are usually varied from a simple hair to beautiful braids, coupled with a range of attractive accessories. You could pick from the umpteen number of hairstyles that will suit your face, attire and length of your hair.

Long braid is the most commonly opted style to keep it traditional. However, some of them go as per their religious community requirements. Christians adopt the bun or nicely curled loose hair that will suit the white or off-white gown or saree. The South Indian style is inspired to be grand with flowers and other hair accessories.

10 Latest Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair:

Here is a list of some classy hairdos that you can try.

1. The Classy Bun:

This is a large teased bun as a wedding hairstyle for thin hair. The teased bun ensures your hair looks like it has volume. To create a larger chignon, use a bun maker underneath your backcombed locks. A classy bun is all-time rush to the hairstyle. Make it more attractive with some hair accessories suited for the day.

2. Half up-Half Down:

The typical wedding updos for thin hair is the ‘crisscrossing half-up hairstyle’. It is effortless and easy to do. Pull small front sections of your hair back in a crisscrossing pattern, and pin to hold the sections in place. Comb the loose hair down well. You could also try some color to your hair to make it look attractive and stylish.

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3. Bob Hairstyle:

Bob hairstyles are the coolest bridal hairstyle for thin hair. You don’t really have to worry even if you have a wavy hair. They will look good on your wavy or straight short hair. Curl up the ends a little if you like and straighten your hair. Or leave it wavy with some serum and hairstyle to keep it on place. A smile is all that is needed to complete the look.

4. Braids:

Braids are the go hit it hairstyle at any point of the day or for any occasion. Long braids will add a traditional look. And yes! It is possible to have a thick braid on a thin hair too. Hair spray will add volume and blow dry it to make it appear thick. Try a messy braid or keep it the way you like. Experiment with the many different kinds of braids.

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5. Updos:

This is a soft hairstyle with pinned ends. When you try an updo with whipped waves and loosely pinned sections, it will push your hair to look thicker and with better volume. It is quick and easy to do a wedding hairstyle for very thin hair.

Locks and locks and you have a perfect hairdo no matter if your hair is think and short. You need to work locks on each section of the hair and then you get this simple yet elegant look. This simple and easy to do hairstyle makes you look simple, elegant and gorgeous.

If you have thin and medium length hair, try this hair updo. This will guide you on not only how to increase your texture for the thicker look but the use of knots will also give you a perfect bridal hairstyle. The knots are just so perfectly done and therefore one must actually go to a stylist for this rather than trying at home (unless you are a pro!) to get the finesse. This style will suit round as well as long faces.

Take a look at some simple tricks to make your hair look thick, bouncy and beautiful. If you think you do not have much options to tie your thin hair then you may opt for use of some extensions or ponytail. You may use it for a particular length, color etc. as you want to look like.

The best part of using extensions or ponytail is that they are easily available at best prices and you can reuse them.

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Accessorize your hair with the right tiara and flowers. They give it a more attractive look and will elevate the overall look.

If you have thin but long hair this twist cross curly hairdo is perfect to flaunt your hair on your wedding day. Simple, easy and quick.

  1. You need to first use dry shampoo to set your hair.
  2. Now, take half section of the hair at the crown region and tie it with a bobby pin. Next, take the sections from the sides and twist it to reach the other end and secure it.
  3. Likewise do the same from the other end to reach the opposite end.
  4. Now tie the middle part.
  5. If you have few thin curls at the length ends of the hair then that will be a perfect style. You may also accessorise your hair with a broach or a hairband.

If you have medium length hair this curly hair updo will be very elegant and easy to manage hairstyle. You must but accessorise it well for elegance and beauty.

If you have thin, short and curly hair, here is one easy and quick updo for a bridal wear.

How about some braids maid hairstyle for thin hair?

For many of us, our hairstyle on the D-day is as important as the wedding dress. With immense patience and care, you can walk the ramp with some beautiful hairstyles. Try these saviors.

1. Floral Headband:

Floral headband hair design with a braid will look perfect for a spring wedding. It is easy to do and is simple.

  • All you have to do is pin your hair up and place a thin floral headband upon your head. Make sure the color of the headband perfectly complements the color of your hair. B
  • Blondes could try pale pink or yellow, and in case your hair is dark, try purples and reds.

2. Short and Messy:

If your hair is of medium length, here is what you could try. This will add volume to your hair and make it look truly bridal!

  • Add volumizing mousse into your hair and shack it up at the front to achieve added volume and thickness.
  • Tie it up as a bun or simply leave it as a ponytail.
  • This will give you a stylish, full-looking hairstyle perfect for your big day. Try out this wedding hairstyle for medium thin hair.

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3. Head Ring:

This could rescue you as a wedding hairstyle for short thin hair. This great option for brides is to wear a ring around their heads with elegant flowers or beading. The added accessory will ensure to add style quotient to your hair and give you a class apart look on your big day. This accessory works best with wavy, curly hair, but it can be applied to all hair types too.

Some of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair is made sure to accommodate all the hair sizes and others that include bridesmaid hairstyle for thin hair. There are a number of styles that available that you really shouldn’t worry. Try out and only be bold to carry them in style. Thin hair today is not a big concern and is a possibility to hide them on your big day and walk-in confidence. Accessorize and go bold!


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