You might be aware of a normal Hijab. It is a head covering scarf worn for multiple purposes like protection against dust and heat and as a styling accessory when going out for a party or a celebrating occasion. Thus, you mostly find Hijab worn in dessert prone areas or else you also might find it as ethnic wear in an Islamic community area. Nowadays, you can see women wearing Hijabs at their engagement or wedding ceremonies to give a unique touch to their grand occasion. Because obviously, your wedding is your biggest day and wearing something out of the box like a Wedding Hijab can be a huge centre of attraction. Therefore, lately, there has been a trend in newlywed girls to wear different sorts of Wedding Hijab Styles at their wedding.

Best Wedding Hijab Collection For Muslim Brides:

To assist you more with this style of wedding gear, the following are the Top 15 styles of wedding hijabs.

1. Turban Wedding Hijab:

This is the most modern style in wedding hijabs. This Bridal Hijab style is gaining popularity as of late. The hijab, as per its name, assumes a turban-like shape on the bride’s head but very elegantly finishes on its further ends, thus giving a modern look to the bride.

2. Hijab Wedding Dress:

This style of hijab has been in fashion for a long time now. However, the love among ladies for this hijab style has not reduced. Many newly-wed girls, especially Muslim girls, opt for a Muslim wedding dress with a hijab at their wedding. A wedding hijab dress is basically a wedding dress with a beautiful hijab scarf to look like a part of the dress. This gives your wedding attire a royal look.

3. Royal Wedding Hijab:

A Few years ago, a new trend had started among Muslim brides to give their wedding gear a more royal and rich look. For this, they started customizing their hijab attire. They embroidered it with silky threads, they studded their dress with jewellery and not only that, but they also attached precious gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, etc., to their hijab wedding dress. This elevates their wedding look and makes them look like a princess.

4. African Style Simple Wedding Hijab:

This is the simplest form of hijab wedding attire. If you don’t want to leave your modesty on your wedding day but still look beautiful, this hijab style is the perfect choice for you. The most common simple colour is used for this hijab, i.e. white. You can use a silky dupatta with this hijab dress for more elegance. This style is perfect for you if you have a round face to look slimmer and leaner. It is also good for natural protection to your ears if your wedding is in winter.

5. Wedding Hijab Saree:

This can be called traditional Islamic bridal hijab wedding attire. A saree obviously gives you a traditional and modest look. Most Islamic or Muslim brides prefer wearing a Hijab style saree at their wedding as it is a safe and best option in wedding hijab styles.

6. Fancy Silk Wedding Hijab:

This is apparently a hijab modern wedding dress style. This hijab is made either of normal or chiffon silk to give the bride a more comfortable feel. Silk elevates the looks and comfort level, while there is also fancy design on this type of hijab with crochet and lace embroidery and prints.

7. Asian Style Wedding Hijab:

This Wedding attire is popular among Asian hijabi brides, specifically in Islamic countries like Indonesia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. The design of these wedding hijabs is carefully crafted into beads and embroidery to give it a more ethnic Asian look.

8. Arabic Wedding Hijab:

Arabic bridal hijab styles are adapted mostly by brides marrying in Arabic countries like Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. In all these countries, people are slowly observing a pink revolution of women’s freedom, and therefore, women are wearing stylish attires gradually, and an Arabic wedding hijab is the best example of it.

9. Pakistani Wedding Hijab:

All the Pakistani brides obviously wear Pakistani Bridal hijab attire. What’s unique and special about Pakistani wedding hijabs is that it has a subtle pathani touch to their design, and their embroidery, studded gems, and jewellery altogether represent the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

10. Turkish Wedding Hijab:

Turkish wedding hijab is a comparatively a little backward trend in their design for brides. This covers the entire side angles of the bride’s face circularly. It may resemble similar to the hijab style of a Nun. It is most suitable for Circular or straight-faced brides.

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11. Wedding Hijab With Zari Balls Border:

Mostly, in India and surrounding countries, when a bride wears a hijab style wedding attire, her wedding outfit is decorated with several accessories attached to it or just worn separately along with it. One such design is a zari balls border, where beautiful little zari balls hang around the border of your hijab border.

12. Beaded Wedding Hijab:

You all know that elements like beads, embroidery, lace, etc., elevate the looks of any clothing garment. Therefore, the inclusion of beautiful beads in contrasting colours can help to enhance your wedding look. For instance, the hijab is beaded with beautiful pearl-like beads in the above image.

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13. Embroidered Wedding Hijab:

As its name suggests, an embroidered hijab has different embroidered designs like stripes, flowers, shapes, etc. It also has certain other material threads woven with the basic thread used in the hijab for giving it a more appealing look.

14. Floral Wedding Hijab:

To give your marriage a beautiful natural touch of elegance, you can opt for this floral style of hijab. It has either real flowers woven with the dress for a fresh look, or else it can also have artificial flowers. At times, brides also choose colourful floral embroidery instead of flowers attached to their wedding attire.

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15. Heavy Bordered Wedding Hijab:

When brides want a really vibrant and outstanding look for their wedding, they can choose a heavily bordered hijab. In this style of hijab, basically, the border consists of many different decoration items like lace, gems, embroidery, jewellery, etc., woven together to make one huge heavy border for the best possible wedding look.

Thus, you might have observed that hijab style attire is popular in almost all weddings, especially in Islamic communities. Wedding hijabs have many different types and styles for brides to choose from. Depending on your style and comfort requirements, you must choose your wedding hijab accordingly. For instance, if you want a modern wedding look, you can opt for a designer wedding hijab dress.

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