The concept of wearing wedding rings is as old as the concept of marriage itself. The circular shape ring is an emblem of the infinite love between two people and lifelong commitment for each other. Although the symbolism or importance of a wedding ring has not changed much from the earlier times, the designs and patterns have certainly become more modern. In this article, we shall look into the latest designs of wedding rings for men and women to help you pick the best one that fits your relationship. So, ready to woo your partner with a gift of timeless love? Read along!

Tips To Pick The Perfect Wedding Rings:

With myriad designs and patterns in the market which look better than each other, it’s quite a challenge to choose the best one. After all, a wedding ring is forever! So, follow these tips to simplify your selection process:

  • Consider Buying Your Wedding Rings Together: You may go for identical couple wedding rings or pick different designs from a common theme. Also, it’s fun to go shopping with your partner and enjoy these precious moments together.
  • Choose Your Budget: In some cultures, a wedding ring is not mandatory but an optional ritual. In such cases, you may want to stick to a budget and buy within the range.
  • Pick The Right Material: You can choose either yellow gold or silvery platinum depending on your taste.
  • Plain or Stones?: A lot of people prefer rings studded with precious stones like diamonds, while other prefer a smooth finish. You can also choose the size of the stones from a chunky solitaire to a cluster of tiny stones.
  • Explore Latest Designs: Before running around the shops, browse through online catalogues of wedding rings to shortlist a few patterns. You can show them to the shopkeeper and see if they are readily available, else you can get them made exclusively for you.
  • Customization: The current trend is to engrave names, initials, dates etc. on the rings. You may want to check out that idea too!

Beautiful Collection of Wedding Rings with Pictures:

Marriage rings today have a great meaning even with the designs them. We get a variety of beautiful and lovely designs that always show the love and affection between couples.

1. Simple Plain Gold Wedding Rings for Couples:

When you come to truly love it is said that it does not need to show off. Promises are meant to keep not to be shown. When it comes to simply follow traditions it can be done with simple and elegant designs of marriage rings. A plain gold ring broad in size looks so promising than designer rings. The simplicity of the promising rings will always stay on the finger without any loss or depreciation.

2. Fingerprint Wedding Rings for Couples:

With the new style and designs, promises also are made more attractively. People have chosen to make marriage rings with their fingerprints. The fingerprint rings come I variety of metals including gold, silver, platinum, red gold and palladium. To make the print on the rings the bride and groom engrave their fingerprints deeply so that they are seen deeply. The fingerprints are made in either neutral or oxidized finish and also in small fingerprint detail or a life-size fingerprint.

3. Matching Wedding Rings in Silver:

Matching rings or say pairing rings are one of the couple rings chosen by loving couples made for each other. The similar meaning of made for each other is conveyed by the matching rings that are made for the bride and groom. When brought together they make a complete heart. And when they are not together, the rings remind them of their partner.

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4. Wedding Rings in Rose Gold:

A rose gold ring is no less than the platinum jewellery. The beauty of the rose gold ring is also marvellous. A row of white and pink diamonds stud alternately in a split shank design looks attractive. And a large white round cut diamond crowns the ring looks awesome.

5. Simple Diamond Gold Wedding Ring:

An elegant and gorgeous design of Marriage rings also lines up the Diamond rings. The evergreen diamond rings have always been chosen first to win the hearts of your lady. The glittering shine of the white diamond particularly always bring a spark in your eyes whenever we have a glance on it. A plain ring with a large white diamond in the centre crowned high looks amazing even in the midst of designer rings.

6. Butterfly Vintage Rose Gold Wedding Ring with Heart Shape Diamond:

Beautiful vintage rose gold pattern is studded with a heart shape diamond in the centre and cute little pave diamonds making butterflies ion the ring band makes its marvellous design.

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7. Cushion-Cut Rose Gold Wedding Ring:

A hollow princess-cut white diamond-studded high on pink diamonds and again a layer of the rose gold frame holding the design high gives a beautiful male marriage ring. The band of the ring is also studded with white pave diamonds making it more beautiful.

8. Cushion-Cut Twisted Pave Diamond Wedding Ring:

A cushion cut twisted pave diamond-studded wedding ring looks adorable on the bride’s finger. The delicate design of the marriage ring made in rose gold attracts even in the dark night. The princess cut diamond in the centre looks awesome as well.

9. Princess-Cut Diamond Wedding Rings:

A princess-cut large white diamond crowned in the centre adjoined with fine round cut diamonds on the ring band give a fantastic look.

10. Couple White Gold Wedding Rings:

White gold diamond-studded marriage rings in pair for the men and women designs are adorable. The lady ring is simple light in thin in design while the male ring is thick and broad with diamond studded in the centre.

11. White Gold Micro Pave Diamond Marriage Rings:

Micro paves diamond-studded wedding rings are also much in demand in high society weddings. The glittering parts of the micro pave diamonds are very much favourable among many people. The look of such rings is always praised when worn.

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12. Platinum Wedding Rings Set for Men and Women:

Platinum wedding rings are more expensive and exclusively made awesomely. The set of his and her wedding rings consist of two rings for the bride and one for the groom. The bride has two rings that consist of one with a simple diamond stud ring and the other with crafts and cuts and diamonds within. The groom finger is larger in size with similar design matching with the one of the bride.

13. Unique Wedding Rings for Couples Silver:

A handcrafted wedding ring that shows the real love you want to give lifelong to your spouse. The beautifully carved rings are ones that can reflect your same feelings. The beautiful carving is simple though outstanding at its own beautiful carves.

14. Ruby Stud Men’s Wedding Ring:

The ruby stud wedding ring is an antique design chose for a royal look. A male designed ring is thick and large that fits almost a large part of the finger. The floral design made on the body part of the ring is made with meenakari work and the centre with the ruby and pave diamonds around it. The ring gives a royal look.

15. Indian Vintage Gold Wedding Rings:

Indian vintage style wedding ring is also one of the highly chosen designs. A filigree design twisted lines attached with each other making a lovely broad belt design. The unique pattern of the ring is simple but outstanding in its own way.

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16. Names Engraved Wedding Rings:

Wedding rings which are also considered as the promises to be worn forever have a meaningful significance. Couples also choose to engrave their spouses’ names on their wedding rings to make the rings more promising and full of love. The engraving of names on the marriage ring makes them feel the closeness of their spouse wherever they go.

17. Traditional Indian Bridal Ring in Gold:

A traditional Indian bridal ring is mostly seen with crafted gold design. The entirely yellow gold made ring is chosen as hereditary jewellery for the bride. The fine art made in the small designs of the ring is a very old design.

18. Traditional Indian Wedding Ring for Groom:

A traditional Indian wedding ring for men are mostly seen in yellow gold thick design with studded white diamonds mostly in square shapes or one single diamond in the centre. The large ring shows itself highlighted on a male finger.

19. South Indian Pattern Wedding Rings for Women:

South Indian jewellery is always designed with a traditional touch in it. The traditional Lakshmi design or as said the vanki Lakshmi ring is famous in south Indian weddings. The design of the ring is in V shape, crafted with red and green diamonds or only gold designed rings.

20. Designer Girls Wedding Ring:

Designer pieces in wedding rings are chosen very less. The probability of diamonds getting out may occur frequently. Though the fabulous designs are often ignored. A large diamond stud above a gold ring that has to pave diamond wrapped around looks very beautiful.

21. Designer Two-Tone Wedding Ring for Men:

A two-tone fashion jewellery ring is a fashion among designer rings. The princess cut diamond-shaped ring has a male design. The middle part of the ring is made in white gold while the rest with yellow and white gold strips. The delightful pattern royally shines on the spouse finger as a promise from her behalf.

22. Pink Diamonds White Gold Wedding Ring for Girls:

A lovely pink diamond ring on a wedding occasion creates a very lovely memory in the couples life. The pink triangle shape cut diamond and little pink diamonds lined up look very pretty on the platinum ring.

23. Gemstone Engraved Wedding Ring:

The lady is lucky enough to have such a stupendous jewel and the spouse who chose it. The red ruby diamond ring can be one of the best choices to be made as a wedding ring for your lovely going to be wife. The attractive ring with a ruby diamond in the centre flowery designed with small rubies and white diamonds is a wonderful pattern in all. The red ring on the finger of the pretty lady will always be shining and praised each time it is worn.

24. Sapphire Gold Over Sterling Men Wedding Ring:

Sapphire gemstone is mostly seen with the men attire. Wedding rings with gemstones are very much in fashion these days. The attractive look of coloured gems inlaid with white paves diamonds have distinguished look whenever it is worn. When dark blue sapphire gemstone in princess cut is studded between paving diamonds in yellow gold and platinum stripes in between it looks very rich and royal.

25. Stylish Wedding Ring Set in Bamboo Design:

The bamboo design in rings also has a different look of its own. The fine designs all over the pattern of the ring give a vintage look. The ring is hollow in the inside and is lightweight overall. But the embossed look of the ring is delightful and pretty much attractive.

If you are finding a perfect paired wedding ring for your marriage you will get a large variety of designs categorized in many designs. You can choose the name engraved pattern or the fingerprint engraved rings. You can also get initials joined engraved on the rings. There are varieties of designs in diamond rings too. The platinum treasure brings a different move and the rose gold rings are also unique.

If you want to build a strong life together and you know you are made for each other, your wedding rings too can be symbolized with meaningful quotes. Marriage rings a promise to each other is jewellery to be worn lifelong. The choice of the wedding ring should be unique and to be chosen by the bride and groom together. The choice is not made often, so the right choice will make your lifelong relation healthy and lovely.

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