There are various designs in the tattoo world. Tattoos are attracting humans, from the teens to the youth of twenty’s. It means tattoos are becoming most popular in the present generation. The person who stains a tattoo has different ideas and beautiful designs. They generate different tattoo designs from minute objects to major objects or living organisms. Weed tattoos are increasingly popular with youth who support the legalisation of the plant. Check out some of the best tattoos of weed designs to choose from.

Significance of Weed Tattoos:

Weed or cannabis plant is used for many ages to treat ailments like haemorrhages and bleeding. It has been banned from commercial use, as it is used for substance abuse. Weed is a popular drug mainly sold in the illegal market to get high. Due to the ban, the medicinal properties of this plant are not reaching those in need. A lot of people have protested against making weed legal. In the process of this fight, they are opting for tattoos of weed leaves on their bodies.

Best Weed Tattoos Designs With Photos:

Some of the best weed tattoo designs with pictures are done in different styles.

1. Tribal Weed Tattoos:

This Tribal Weed Tattoo is one of the most popular designs. It is inspired by Native American art and is quite unconventional in its designs. Upon close observation, it resembles fire and smoke emerging from a weed. This is one of the best weed tattoo designs for men and women.

2. Skull Weed Tattoos:

This scary skull weed tattoo is a fine work of smoking hot art. It is cleverly done with the smoke emerging from the leaves taking the shape of skulls. It signifies the addiction to weed plants and their effects on humans. This is another popular design for those who like to do things differently.

3. Weed Tattoos On the Stomach:

Check out this colourful, bright, bold weed tattoo on the stomach. This is inspired by the peacock feather designs, evident in the colour combination and the area. This is a fine work that combines nature’s elements into body art.

4. Flower Weeds Tattoos Design At Lower Back:

The lower back is one of the places to stain a tattoo design. Tattoos are trendy nowadays. A tattooist must have innovative thoughts to create a tattoo uniquely, as wearers require various styles and designs in tattoos. These types of weed tattoos are done with a combination of floral or flowers and insects like honey bees, butterflies and minute creatures.

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5. Weed Tattoos Design Behind Ear:

Behind the ear, many different types of tattoos are tattooed. Some of the tattoos, like musical notes, flames, butterflies etc., are done behind the ear. Among them, weed is also one. Weed can be done very smaller in size, it is stained very neatly and simple, but it looks exquisite. This is one of the best weed tattoo designs for girls.

6. Weed Tattoo Designs On Full Back:

The full-back length has lots of space to stain a tattoo. Many large tattoos are done at full-back length because they occupy lots of space. Weeds are not only single and straightforward but they will also be done with the other images. It may be a combination of small butterflies or insects etc. It will represent nature.

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7. Full Sleeve Dragon Weed Tattoos:

Tattoos are done in various styles with various designs and patterns. Multi varied tattoos are present in the tattoo world. Weed tattoo is done in the full sleeve, which will be very greenery to watch or look at. A weed tattoo will be represented with various images or objects.

8. Wrist Weed Tattoo Designs:

Since weed tattoos are done from minute to larger sizes, they are stained on multiple body parts. Weed is done on the wrist of the hand.  It will be elegant and simple. It contains only three leaves which look very beautiful on the wrist.

9. Leaf Weeds Tattoos Designs For Ankle:

The ankle is the most exposed part of the body. Majorly weeds tattoos are done by women. This tattoo will be done with innovative thoughts by the tattooist. Generally, weed will be tiny, but tattooists are very smart. They will do it with brilliant work. They make it look beautiful. It is one of the popular weed tattoo designs for women.

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10. Weed Tattoos Design On Arm:

Different styles and designs of tattoos are done on arms. Weeds are done from smaller sizes to larger sizes. Weeds can be of ant sizes and any patterns. This weed tattoo art will be very neatly done. Weed is done with many other designs in it.


Weed Tattoos are increasingly popular, and there are numerous designs to choose from. It is significant in design and purpose, with people fighting to legalise medical marijuana. There are also many people who wish to spread the ill effects of weed on health in designs like skulls. These smoking hot tattoo designs have become a channel for expressing their views and opinions on this controversial subject. Next time you plan to get inked, you can consider this popular tattoo of weed leaves and plants, which can also be combined with elements like skulls, birds, women or any other subjects.

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