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25 Foods To Eat For A Natural Weight Gain

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Do you know one thing foods also helpful to gaining weight? Are you sad about your personality? Looking slim and fit is good but thin like cloth hanger not attractive at all. Skinny persons spend lot of money on the different products to achieve weight. Hence, in this article we are telling about the weight gain foods which are very helpful to gain weight.

Gaining weight is not very easy because it takes time. Eat only those weight gain foods which not only provide weight as well as boost your immunity. If you are falling sick then it disturbs your weight gain routine. Only a good and healthy diet helps you to gain weight which is a natural method. Along with the food you have to give attention on your goal and exercise to gain weight. Experts suggest that consume a large amount of protein rich foods to become healthy. It is very necessary to raise your appetite by consuming large amount of weight gain foods do this step- by- step.

Most of the people consume foods to gain weight which are high in calorie but having no nutritional value at the time of gaining weight. This results into a deprived fitness as well as develops a fat mass in its place of lean muscle. Healthy food is the top secret of achieving a healthy body.

Best Weight Gain Foods:

We know so many foods, some of them helped to lose weight some of them for weight gain. Hence here we are giving a list of healthy, nutritive, and high protein and calorie foods to eat to gain weight.

1. Salmon:


One of the fatty fishes, salmon is known for weight gain food which have unsaturated fats, omega fatty 3 acids and a lot of protein and nutrients that is required for muscle building. It is definitely one of the healthy ways to bring is some mass to the body. Try and have a portion of the fish at least 2 times a week. It is one of the best weight gain foods to increase your weight within a short period of time.

2. Peanut Butter:

Peanut Butter

Another of the good ways to ensure healthy weight gain is to include peanut butter in the breakfast. The soft and nutty flavors helps you achieve the goal without compromising on the taste. Along with being high in protein it gives about 192 calories per serving to the consumer. It is one of the quick weight gain foods for a healthy and natural increase.

3. Eggs:

Boiled eggs

Wondering which food can increase weight fast? Whole eggs are full of proteins and all the other nutrients that the body requires. This ensures that body is giving all the requirements that it has and thus helps in achievement of health weight. Make sure you include at least one of them in the breakfast each day. Egg is one of the most effective weight gain foods and it is very healthy food to weight gain.

4. Tuna Fish:

Tuna Fish

Fresh tuna is one of the healthiest alternatives when it comes to gaining weight for the body. The lean proteins will ensure that the weight is not gained on an excessive front. Have a portion of tuna twice each week for best outcomes. We have some different list of weight gaining foods in that tuna fish is the best and rich in protein.

5. Granola:

Whole Grains

Nuts and oats are two of the main ingredients of granola that makes it perfect for energy as well as weight gain. A bowl of granola gives about 500 calories to the body that leads to healthy weight gain. Make sure you include it in the breakfast to reach your goals. granola is best food for weight gain.

6. Almonds:

Almonds and Kiwi

According to professionals, nuts are one of the best categories to gain weight. Among them, there is no doubt that almond are a perfect option to use. You can roast or soak the almonds as well for the weight gain results. Almonds are best useful foods for weight gain.

7. Avocados:


The high levels of carbohydrates in avocados are one of the strong reasons that it is considered a perfect weight gaining food.  You can include a portion of this in any of the meals during the day.  Avocado is one of the good gain weight foods, as an added advantage, it also helps in achieving soft and nourished skin.

8. Butter:

Piece of butter on white background

For long term weight gain foods there is nothing better than eating butter food. Butter is one of the high calorie foods for weight gain. However, one should have butter in moderation since it might increase the weight but it is definitely not good for the heart and increases levels of cholesterol.

9. Cheese:

Weight Gain Foods - Cheese

A serving of cheddar cheese gives approximately 69 calories to the body. It is also high on protein, calcium and fat to lead weight gain. However, again it should be eaten in moderate amounts because it hikes up cholesterol. Cheese is one of the best and most effective weight gaining foods.

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10. Banana:


Banana play an essential role in weight gain diet plans. Banana is highly composed of carbohydrates and also provides 105 calories that is a quick source of energy. It greatly helps to refill you after a long exercise. Banana food to gain weight gives an instant energy so that you can consume this while you are playing any sports.

11. Milk:


Milk contains a large amount of carbohydrates as well as protein. Protein is provides the body building blocks for a new muscle and also the saturated fats are responsible for the fat loss and for increasing more muscle growth. It is proven to be great for those who want to become healthy. If you consume 100 ml of milk then it gives 3.4g of protein. Therefore drink at least 2 glass of milk every day to get almost 14g of protein. One cup of whole milk contains 8 grams of protein, 13 grams of fat, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 150 calories. Milk is super and best food for gaining weight.

12. Whole Grains:

Whole Grains

Glucose is the main dietary source of energy of the body and whole grains are abundant source of glucose. Whole grains are also a strong source of carbohydrates that allows protein that is very helpful for growing muscle mass fairly than energy. Whole grain offers more amount of nutrition and also gives constant energy levels as compare to refined grains like white flour.

Whole grain breads, brown rice pasta, air popped popcorn, and quinoa as well as bagels, cereals; breads which are made from whole grains make an outstanding mealtime selection. Whole grains are very rich weight foods to keep you healthy always and provide so much carbohydrates.

13. Potatoes:


Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates as well as amino acids such as arginine and glutamine. The potato also involves fiber, starch and vitamin C. Hence, this is a good option for gaining weight. Try to involve this food about 40 % in your meal if you want to attain weight. A medium sized potato provides about 150 calorie. Try to use potato food to gain weight along with its skin in different recipe.

14. Nuts:


Nuts contain a higher amount of calories and also packed with the nutrients. They also comprise of magnesium, vitamin E and calcium, and which completely affects cholesterol levels. Walnut includes a combination of amino acid I-Arginine, phytosterol and monounsaturated fats.

This mixture offers enlarged nitric oxide and calories hence it gives a muscle growth. If you consume eighteen cashew nuts or two handful almond then it offers 160 calories to your body. There are many types of nuts are such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, walnuts, flax seeds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pistachios and sunflower seeds etc. Nuts are very high quality and important weight gain foods.

15. Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits 3

Dried fruit is also one of the best healthy food to gain weight because it is an amusing source of fiber, nutrients as well as calories. Furthermore, it also contains minerals and vitamins that are very essential for the building muscles and overall health. If you want to gain weight then eat dried food because it is high in calories. You should have to choose an unsulfured dried fruit. You can like them as a garnish on yogurts, ice creams and on cereal and salads etc.

16. Protein Bar:

Weight Gain Foods - Protein Bar

When it comes to weight gain, one cannot simply avoid the importance of protein bars. Protein bars are filled with extracted substances of protein and can be said to one of the best sources of protein. They assist in increasing weight and are some of the best weight gaining foods out there. According to physique experts and diet experts, protein bars are one of the best weigh gain foods out there.

17. Donuts:

These are also one of the best weight gain foods but the bad thing about them is they are good sources of sugar and are filled with calories as well. In short, it can be said that it is one of the best cheat meals for gaining weight. It is one of the best foods according to teenagers of this generation. A lot of adults also prefer to consume the sugar filled donuts.

18. Meat:

Weight Gain Foods - Meat

Meat is one of the best sources of protein as well and effectively result in increase of body weight. Red meat is one of the best foods for weight gain according to physique builders. It can provide one with some of the best fat burning elements as well. Red meat is really good when it comes to maintaining a calorie-restricted diet.

19. Strawberry Juice:

Weight Gain Foods - Strawberry Juice

Along with many mixed fruit juices, strawberry juice can be said to be one of the best juices out there that can promote better weight gain. The juice comes with the goodness of natural elements and is one of the best things for gaining weight effectively. It bring taste to your diet and can also provide you with the good elements of nature.

20. Pasta:

Weight Gain Foods - Pasta

Another amazing and good-tasting food is pasta which is one of the finest foods for weight gain. It comes with the goodness of many complexes that can assist weight gain. It also a good source of protein and can be said to be healthy foods to gain weight. Pasta tastes amazing and this will be a really easy way to add some extra and required weight to your body.

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21. Rice:

Weight Gain Foods - Rice

Rice is a good food to gain weight. Excess rice can be bad for you at the same time, so this has to be kept in mind. Rice is a staple food the Indians and this will be really easy way for them to gain weight. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest ways to gain weight as rice is one of the most affordable foods out there and forms an essential part of a healthy diet. Rice also comes with some of the most useful vitamins which are required by our body on a daily basis. It comes with digestive grain and the gluten material in rice is also extremely necessary. Rice has been proved to one of the most important weight gaining agents.

22. Dark Chocolate:

Weight Gain Foods - Dark Chocolate

Another important way to gain weight is by consuming good amounts of dark chocolate. It is an effective antioxidant which is good for the body and it assist in putting high amounts of weight to the body. They taste great as well and one can easily put pounds of weight by eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has been proved to be an effective mass gaining agent and it is probably one of the finest foods out there that can enhance your weight within a very short period of time. It also comes with a bit of calorie, so the consumption of this food must be made carefully.

23. Yogurt:

Weight Gain Foods - Yogurt

Did you know that yogurt can also help in weight gain and is actually one of the best rated foods for weight gain. Yogurt comes with the goodness of milk and can result in effective weight gain without providing your body with high proportions of calorie.

24. Soya Beans:

Weight Gain Foods - Soya Beans

Soya beans are some of the best foods out there, that can assist in weight gain. The dense calorie and protein source of this food makes it so popular. Most of the people used this food to gaining weight.

25. Protein Powder:

Weight Gain Foods - Protein Powder

When all the natural ways fail, protein powder will work for you. It is one of the most proven ways to gain weight.

List of 10 High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain:

If you plan for a quick weight gain, try consuming these high calorie foods that are safe when taken in moderation. Long term consumption or overeating these foods can lead to harmful effects like heart diseases, cholesterol and obesity:

  • Yoghurt Smoothies
  • Starchy Vegetables like Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
  • Full Cream Milk
  • Nut Butters like Almond butter, Peanut Butter
  • Red Meat
  • Oily Fish like Tuna
  • Dry Fruits like Cashews, Walnuts
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Healthy Oils like Olive, Sunflower
  • Whole Wheat Bread

So, these are the best weight gain foods. I hope you will find this article very helpful as well as informative. So, stay healthy with above weight gain food list. In this article, you have been provided with the best techniques to gain weight naturally. The best foods that assist in gaining weight are discussed here along with their pictures. One thing has to kept in mind that these foods also come with calories (some with high amounts). Hence, the consumption rate should be supervised effectively.

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