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Weight During Pregnancy Different Months

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomena created by the lord upstairs through which an individual has the power to bring life to another individual through the wonderful ways of god. Pregnancy is when a woman finally becomes a mother, escalades to a higher position in life where she knows she will be looked upon at. She knows she will be the role model of her coming progeny someone she can call her own. And as the reel of life rolls on, after a hard surviving nine months her most awaited call comes. Even then after laborious pain and working through the pain does a woman truly become a mother of a new life that she gave birth to. Such is the wonderful miracle of pregnancy.

Weight during Pregnancy

But even though this may sound magical and wonderful, pregnancy is a hard time for everyone. With their hormonal balance clashing with their emotional needs, a pregnancy may seem a life time. Due care with diligence is required since a gift of life is a much delicate or fragile matter that requires a lot of the individuals time. A proper amount of everything in the proper measurement is required. This goes for medicines and nutrients in the body. A common symptom of pregnancy is the increased appetite due to the growing fetus inside. The baby child growing inside shares the food from the mother and every often feels the need to eat some more since the food inside already is metabolized within minutes.

When it first starts off with a small baby bump, immediately the mother and the people around her becomes concerned with it. Care is needed from day one and this is why frequent doctor visits are needed. Doctor’s check up on the mother and sketch out their diet plan and their weight plans which is then to be maintained.  Mothers then follow this sketched out charts to make sure they are in the level of normalcy. Doctor visits assure them of being on the right path. However no one pregnant woman is same. While for someone cravings might be a common scenario, for others depression might be a friend. While some mothers’ get a golden glow of pregnancy others suffer from skin irritations and rashes. Therefore, no one pregnant woman will match in weight during this time. The same goes for babies and their weights which is seldom the same for one another.

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With each passing month, the baby’s weight changes along with development.

First Month:

The first month of pregnancy is the lightest and easiest since the baby is still in fetal form and not exactly formed yet to be distinguished. It is just a ball of flesh and a beating heart at this point of time which is when it is called a blastocyst. The baby implants itself on the vaginal wall and then starts to nourish itself from the mother. At this point the baby is 0.1 to 0.2 mm in measurement. However pregnancy is measured in weeks not months and therefore a total of nine months is counted as 40 weeks. For the first four weeks, weight of the child is somewhere around 120.68 on an average woman, 120.57 being underweight and 120.79 being over.

Second Month:

The second month sees the baby transforming from a blastocyst to an embryo, taking up human form slowly step by step. This is when his or her heart starts beating slowly at times and rapidly at others. The limbs and flesh, muscles and internal organs are formed and the baby takes a definite shape. This is the month when the actual pregnancy symptoms kick in with you feeling more and more hungry and more and more tired. Right now your baby is 8-11 mm in measurement with the weight varying between 1.16 to 1.54 for a average mother.

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Third Month:

This is when the baby bump starts becoming prominent and the baby moves out of its embryo stage and forms a fetus. The eyelids and other specifications are formed. The body starts to take its normal self with various detailing such as fingers and toes becoming prominent and the bones ossifying or stiffening. At this point of time the baby weighs about an approx 14 grams with the body measurement being 3.54 inches or approx in total length.

Fourth Month:

Here in the fourth month the baby’s internal organs start working as it starts creating insulin and bile. The heart starts drawing blood and the baby shares the nutrients from the mother. The teeth are formed and the scalp starts growing hair follicles. The baby now is 6.3 inches in measurement with a body weight of 85 grams or 3 ounces.

Fifth Month:

the fifth month sees the baby’s sexual organs forming. The hair on his scalp grows and the skin is properly formed along with definite features. The weight is now considered an approx 10 ounces or 283 grams and the baby measures somewhat near 9.8 inches.

Sixth Month:

The baby is now fully formed with definite body functions and detailing like eyebrows and proper sculpting in the face. The baby starts breathing practices for when it will decide to go out. Brown fat deposition starts in the body which will help him or her regulate the outer body temperatures. Around this time the baby weighs around 595 grams which can also be said 5 ounces or 1 lb. the total body measurement stays somewhere near 11.8 inch.

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Seventh Month:

With the time advancing towards the final end, the baby can now hear his or her mother’s heart beat and even her voice. Her surrounding can be judged and sensed by him as he develops light sensitivity. The room in the uterus has now been crowded by him giving him less free space to move freely. The weight at around this time will be about 2 pounds 4 ounces.

Eighth Month:

The final days are slowly counting as the baby’s bone marrows and blood cells start flowing through her body. Her or his iris by now is dilated and proper. Fingernails and hair has grown completely and now the once small bump is huge. The weight then measured is an approx 3 pound 11 ounces.

Ninth Month:

the final month is here. Finally the baby now is ready to leave the mother’s uterus and venture the world outside. The average birth weight around this time is seven and a half pounds maybe with the entire body measurement being 18-22 inches. However babies may weigh a bit more too which is not really a concern.